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  1. frequently crash when a new teammate just about to get into the map usually meet this problem in eidolon ,but sometimes same in other match
  2. Count me in-I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
  3. Always can be found in mid of Disruption mission with Exodia Contagion and NARAMON focus but seems only happen while using Exodia Contagion
  4. Was trying to level up sentinel weapon with MOA in Elite Santucary Onslaught But last second i saw TAB borad they r all MAXed but the next second(TAB again) sentinel weapon EXP all gone like before i do thisElite Santucary Onslaught It happen times that i can't level up sentinel weapon at all Then i have to level up sentinel weapon with other sentinel
  5. Space creatures have been knocking my windshield😆
  6. After U28 it start to steal my plats and formas My pocket now empty How do u guys deal with this hand?
  7. Game freezed when reset CREMATA SYANDANA energy color
  8. warframe note: today i feel so sad,i just killed lots of fish for nothing instead of fishing
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