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  1. He need a Rework, you only playing him for his "loot ability" right? fine, i am nekros main and dont only use his 3.
  2. Vauban's Speed Pad, should be Speed Buff, like the damage buff, just pick it up and go.
  3. ok wow a second effect is even better than a augment slot well done DE 😄
  4. Nyx rework is awesome but her augment Mind Freak should get a rework too, maybe % goes double so fast or something else. And her 2 Psychic Bolts should get a Visual Rework, Enemys who gets hit should have a Marker above their Head to see better which enemy got hit.
  5. Watched 3 hours and got nothing, the first and last time i did this... and yes i've linked my accs
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