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  1. like always, this garbage brings me no better rewards. And this is MY problem for the endgame, you have the chance to get one "good" thing in the sorties, then you can play arbitrations but when you have all of these mods, you can play elite sanctuary which gives you still the same relics and no new reward table every week. This is the real problem timewalls...
  2. http:// EXERGIS RIVEN IS SOLD Kulstar Croni-zetipha: +10.2% Heat +9.6% Firerate -11.1% Recoil -4.4% Dmg to Grineer 20p Sweeper Visinak: +111.5% Projectile Flightspeed +216% Damage -41.7% Crit Chance 300p Zarr Pura-visidex: +49.6% Damage to Infested +89% Statuschance +169.8% Damage -41.3% Reload Speed 75p Fusilai Crita-gelitio: +17% Crit Chance +9% Electricity +9.4% Cold 75p Vasto Sciata: +313.7% Damage +173.1% Slash 125p Hystrix Acri-hexamag: +7.6% Statuschance +8.6% Crit Damage -7.4% Recoil 110p Lato Igni-argides: +13.8% Status Duration +14.1% Heat +6.3% Damage to Grineer -10.9% Maximum Munition 175p Hikou Vexi-fevaata: +7.7% Electricity +16.1% Damage +4.3% Reload Speed -5.3% Statuschance 100p
  3. Nyx rework is awesome but her augment Mind Freak should get a rework too, maybe % goes double so fast or something else. And her 2 Psychic Bolts should get a Visual Rework, Enemys who gets hit should have a Marker above their Head to see better which enemy got hit.
  4. Watched 3 hours and got nothing, the first and last time i did this... and yes i've linked my accs
  5. i hate it... why we rewarded for login and not for time? i just have 343 days but played almost 4k hours
  6. warding halo is a bad decision, i mean it will work on low lvl enemys and in the star chart but in the "endgame" you can cast warding halo all 3-5 seconds because youre limited with the hp of warding halo. Why not like Splinter Storm or like mesa's 3?
  7. 200 at start... okay but it dont scale, so not worth it. i get more and faster kuva from siphons and flood missions.
  8. AAAHHHH KUVA IN KUVA FORTRESS why we need to wait so long
  9. Again no Kuva in Kuva Fortress? pls dont forget again we want to farm in the fortress
  10. But i wont waste a another Slot on the companions, maybe all of them has Vacuum as passive skill And what is bad about fly by? Not everyone want to collect piece by piece, if you wont vacuum dont use it easy,
  11. Remove Vacuum and give all Warframe a Magnetic Effect which sucks all items to you
  12. yay now you can fix Nekros Desecrate back to 90% :p
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