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  1. thats sad hope de fix it and give you the kuva you deserved
  2. holy S#&$ where do you get so much kuva at once? Oo
  3. i got Motus Setup today and maxed it... i love this mod after a bullet jump or a double jump 100% Crit Chance and Status Chance for 4 sec. I mean i dont care if i need to jump because i do it all the time in Warframe xD. With my Boar Prime i dont even need 4sec to kill a 145 corrupted heavy gunner. Do you guys use it?
  4. Since we have Second Energy on our Warframe and Weapons it will be nice to have a choice to see Black, Grey etc. Energy. I mean it should just be a Setting if you want to see it or not. Many People use Darker Energy for unvisible Skills and thats ok but some of us want to see Dark Energy. I mean its just another good point for Fashion Frame and like i said for people who use it just for unvisible skills they can Disable the see Dark Energy Setting.
  5. Nyx rework is awesome but her augment Mind Freak should get a rework too, maybe % goes double so fast or something else. And her 2 Psychic Bolts should get a Visual Rework, Enemys who gets hit should have a Marker above their Head to see better which enemy got hit.
  6. Watched 3 hours and got nothing, the first and last time i did this... and yes i've linked my accs
  7. i hate it... why we rewarded for login and not for time? i just have 343 days but played almost 4k hours
  8. warding halo is a bad decision, i mean it will work on low lvl enemys and in the star chart but in the "endgame" you can cast warding halo all 3-5 seconds because youre limited with the hp of warding halo. Why not like Splinter Storm or like mesa's 3?
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