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  1. You have to stay within range of the target. 50 meters I believe.
  2. This is still an issue. Today I supposedly got 150k from zone 8 but I only got 159k total.
  3. Excavation was reported since at least August 2019 mate, it's very obvious that they simply don't care. It has gotten worse with recent updates though.
  4. It also happens on hive sabotage sometimes if you destroy the hive too quickly.
  5. Deevy


    Mods can delete.
  6. Yeah void radiance is extremely dumb, you're sol if you want to use void strike unfortunately.
  7. It happens twice here, no mid air, no water.
  8. It literally was, landing in water does not make you do a backflip. I run profit taker every day, this stagger happens all time.
  9. I staggered into the water mate, that ridiculous backflip was the stagger.
  10. Wrong forum, mate. https://forums.warframe.com/forum/182-playstation-trading-post/
  11. If I had to pay 250 dollars to get my account back I'd never play this game again, for real.
  12. Only bug I've ever encountered is on the last sortie my mesa's head was missing. Ambulas is easy, it's just tedious.
  13. I ran ESO today and host left at zone 4, got host migration and then 2 of us ran til 8. I'd leveled my amp by zone 2 and the other weapons by zone 5 or 6, after the mission it seems I lost all the affinity gained before the migration. I definitely leveled all 3, I had an affinity booster as well.
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