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  1. If I had to pay 250 dollars to get my account back I'd never play this game again, for real.
  2. Only bug I've ever encountered is on the last sortie my mesa's head was missing. Ambulas is easy, it's just tedious.
  3. At least on phase 4 it isn't. I got some on my first run today.
  4. Also, in all my time playing this game I've never seen an enemy open an inactive door.
  5. Happy now? Does it matter? It's clearly a bug is it not?
  6. How is it not a bug when there's a medallion in there that I literally can't pick up?
  7. Just had a derelict survival for a syndicate mission and encountered 3 doors that were (supposed to be) inactive but had medallions behind them, the enemies can open the door for some reason but I physically cannot go in there.
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