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  1. I realise many "Killjoy" mechanism are to curtail exploitive For Profit syndicates and Farming, but Mastery Rank is Bull*hit and the Test AI is Cheating B*h
  2. I am hooked on those 10 hour loop Jazz Cafe channel, Also the Various Synthwave Mix channels - I subscribe to several of them my fave Bands/Projects so far: Scandoid and Sunset Neon
  3. MAG - Pull or Fracturing - Cus then I'd be 'Vader 2.0
  4. When I'll guild it, I'll name it the "reMOTEly useful AMP". that right there- out doesTactical "Big Feckin Weebstick" Potato
  5. Equinox was part of my "Training" A real mindbender, but being able to keep Ocilating transitions between Night Day Operator made it that much easier to vacilate Operator Frame. All it really takes is a little patience and a willingness to learn through adversity. with the Mote amp maxed, unguilded, my Operator can take down a Thumper Solo - not the Frame, just the operator and her amp. like my other Marvel Hero says - Study and Practice - LoL If you really love Equinox, Meta be damned and put a Umbra forma on it. My Mag has both. ya total nerd Quote here but like Virginia Vadora in Altered Carbon says - You are the weapon. good luck and keep those eyes open
  6. In case it is realevant I have compleated all major lore quests so far... I was a Massive She-Hulk fan growing up. The big secret behind She-Hulk is the higher the physically limit of Jen Flowers, the higher the physical limit of She-Hulk. So, when I unlocked my Void Child I "trained" with her to make her as much of a bada55 as she could be - Think that great bit in Ant Man where he has to jump through the Key hole. I can easily flow between Operator and Frame not just aginst Sentiants, but in fairly much all endeavours. So, I started noticing my operator peeking through the frame around holiday season. A face here, a hand there. The first few times I thought I imagined it. But it happened more often, and friends watching me play noticed too, as well as on their own frames. What's creepy is my frame is starting to act on her own. AT first I thought it was specific to the UmbraX missions, then a trick of the mind, or last instance a lag during defence missions where I Void Dash often. But during a recent Eidolon hunt I specifically clad my Mag Prime in Alta Skin in white accents and Eqipped my tatsu with the Soul Calibre skin (call it what is) so that she would be highly visible in the dark. AND as my operator I saw my Mag not just going through an animation or parying, but actively attacking vombulst and Vamp Kavats.I looked at the one other player's Frame- also high Visibility while the operator was right in front of me and it to was reacting more like a Spectre/Companion set to Hold Position than just a frame cycling through its animations. Has any one else noticed such things?
  7. well, Damn. Will sticking to premade/ Invite squads help me avoid this problem? Tell the Devs sorting it out to have one on me bonne chance!
  8. Ideas for Broken Frame Passive- Health & Energy Orbs absorbed by frame shared by Companions & Squad at a prcentage 1) Feel my Pain! -targeted attack: enimies instantaniously stunned for 3 seconds and then suffer reduction in ability to aim , and damage by mele and aimed weapons reduced for 7 seconds 2) Compound Fracture! - Area of affect: enemies in affected area greatly reduced speed, agilitiy, strength, targeting, mele 3) That'll Do Ya!'- Self and Squad : Armour, Shield, Health and Energy Maxed out and stay so for 5 seconds BUT after time limit reduced to pre-cast levels and can not br recast using boosted enegy 4) Melt Down- area of affect: aflicted enemies instanataniously dissolve in to slurry for 10 seconds causing any enemies which manouver across or over to become mired and recieve toxin damage (by aflicted organics) or Magnetic damage (aflicted robotics)
  9. Glad to hear issues getting noticed and being addressed. Still putting on the Old School Electronica thoigh, I love it it when things glitch out in time to the beats. Ge-ge-ge Get Buzy Chil'!
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