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  1. I love DE devs but I hate twitch. No drop is worth that amount of nonsense. I'll be catching the streams on Youtube & earning/farming the what-have-you-now my self.
  2. ALLS FORGIVEN Now that glitches have been fixed I'm levelling quite nicely and really enjoying Deimos. it really is a whole other world not just the Plains or Valis with a Geiger makeover. Even better, playing Deimos is making me a better player over all. I'm really controlling that Tenno Bloodlust because the hunting targets will run at you right along with the Chargers and Bitey Scatchykins to try and kill you. I'm taking my load outs seriously too, both for frames and weapons. I even take my arching into the larger caves only slightly tighter confines than most Shar
  3. DISSAPOINTED! I fell in love withh the writing and erie beauty of this new world. I played several hours mining fishing, hunting as well as a few bounties. I understand RNG not giving frame parts ,but when I obtain the rare fish and see the spinal core i my cut inventory screen, only to have it disappear in my inventory , which means I can not not rise above neutral, not obtain standing, after a great day of experience, it sours the whole event day.
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