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  1. This was what came out when I started playing less than a year ago: its back ALREADY? AND the weapons and accessories are unchanged? Well that sucks.
  2. It is? I didn't even notice.I've always thought it was just a Tenno-styled skin that lean more on the organic than mechanical side.
  3. Head seems a little big but otherwise I'm quite happy to see more people getting on the project of making Infested-themed skins. Especially for a frame I play who lack such a thing.
  4. Pretty sure the recent Warframes lack popularity because they can be a bit annoying to get. Hyldrin, Baruuk, Garuda and Revenant are all frames which require, nay forces you to play and farm the Open World areas. Granted its neither here nor there to discuss if its 'too hard' or not but it doesn't change the fact recent Frames, as cool as their designs might be, have less usage and popularity so older more accesible Warframes are more likely to get Tennogen content. There is also the fact they aren't added to the Tennogen tool right away and lack a wider pool of pre-existing helmets and skins to see what they do have and don't have which fit their theme. So overall not surprising poor manbun Baruuk isn't a high priority in the eyes of the people working on Tennogen content.
  5. Well going back to old alerts ain't exactly a good idea either....
  6. Having been playing with friends who are a bit more casual and newer to the game (as in 2-3 months rather than my own rather meager....seven months, I think? Eight? Can't remember) the absolute damn worst thing about Nightwave is that its really harsh on the new guys. A sizeable portion of the missions are impossible to do for brand new players: for example, those lacking all element mods on specific weapon type, so no combined element damage to complete what are among the easiest missions or those involving Nightmare mission and similar level of 'endgame' (if there even is such a thing!). And even when they complete a few missions and ranks and finally get some Wolf Creds? They pretty much need to spend it on Nitain, a resource impossible to obtain elsewhere. Now I was lucky, there wasn't much I needed in Nightwave at the time so I spent my first few creds on just getting as much Nitain for later but for a new guy badly wanting to craft a new frame? This is hell. Nightwave should make Nitain cheaper. Or make creds cheaper and easier to obtain (by putting them earlier in the order you get rewards) OR...or hear me out: give out a shot of a few Nitain in the first few reward ranks so a guy who start playing in the middle of a Nightwave season can obtain this critical resource.
  7. The palette is permanent at least, right?
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