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  1. The acapella was really good. Surprised such a low view count.
  2. I just wanted to add a bit more feedback after doing lots of Void Storm missions on Corpus proximas. All I wrote above still very much applies on some missions, especially the one where we have to find and kill the disruption drones. But plain Corpus exterminate missions that do not have this secondary objective, have actually been quite enjoyable in a team and OK in terms of rewards. A team can complete this in less than 5 minutes, including the bonus objective, and the rewards IMHO are worth the extra minutes - credits, endo, traces, and radiant relics does make a big differ
  3. Did @AltheusVI had max void traces? If so, I believe what happens is that if you have max traces the reward gets re-rolled, which basically gives you a second chance at the Sevagoth parts. Someone from DE mentioned that. If this is the case, it would be better to do those missions while having max traces, so you always have that second chance.
  4. The problem with your question is that it starts with the ( wrong ) assumption that the Warframe player base would even be interested in such content loop. In reality, the player base is mostly casual players that play for the chill relaxing press-4-to-win farming power fantasy and doll dress up, and aggressively lash back to DE every time something remotely challenging is added to the game. And this is not just the player base, content creators and influencers do the same exact thing. DE knows this very well, and for them there's just no business case to invest on content aimed
  5. I don't think "content island" means what you think it means. Btw, polluted drop tables are everywhere, this has always been the case in most things you do in the game, not really specific to Void Storms.
  6. Quest was .. OK, serviceable.. fine, I guess. I have to be honest thou, I expected something better considering you guys said "short but with a punch". I didn't feel that punch. Short quests are fine, but they should leave a mark. This quest just didn't "click". It didn't hit the feels, didn't reveal anything particularly interesting, didn't introduce anything new. I guess I expected too much, I hoped it would be something like The Sacrifice, Chains of Harrow, etc. Not in its length, but in its "punch". On the bright side, the sound work and the song is fantastic as usual,
  7. My feedback: - Void Storms are plagued with way too much visual clutter and screen shaking. That would be fine for a one and done type of thing, but for something intended to be repeated over and over, it's not nice. I generally avoid disabling anything that contributes to immersion, but for the first time in years I had to disable screen shaking and tweak graphics settings to try to mitigate the overwhelming visual noise. - Void Storms are not a interesting alternative to regular fissures. On a farming game, people will always take whatever gives best rewards in the least time possi
  8. Same reason why we can't force host on traditional Warframe modes. I mean, imagine for a minute that there are a total of 10 people that want to play Railjack and most of them want to use their own Railjack. How do you think this would translate in terms of how many active squads would be and how many people on each squad? Yeah .. it's kind of an issue, isn't it? Maybe one day there will be RJ missions where we each bring our own Railjack ( like we do with our Frames ), and then this isn't a problem anymore.
  9. I just watched this one, pretty good. There's one thing that he mentioned that I think is a bit incorrect, when he mentions the content "island" with Eidolons, and that you have to kill Eidolons in order to be able to .. kill Eidolons. Since when is this a thing? Did something change recently? I did that solo and don't remember any of that circular dependency. I remember killing vombalysts to get the resources to rank up the Quills, which is what we need to get a decent Amp. My first Teralyst was killed solo with a 1-1-1 amp.
  10. You haven't yet reached the tipping point of 500+ hours, when a lot of tennos from night to day become bitter angry gamers with an constant insatiable hunger for content that appeases them, specifically, and that is devoured before it even has time to settle down. Give it time .. :P
  11. I don't see it that way. I think that wanting more Railjack doesn't have anything to do with content islands. People just want their Railjack to be relevant. Why bother building the thing, grinding, optimizing, if it has little to no use. It's the "I'm all dressed up and no where to go" syndrome all over again.
  12. I think I understand what you mean. I got side tracked by the word "struggling" there, which for me comes across as something different. It sounds like what you're looking for is the co-op coordinated effort, not driven by the challenges the game presents to you, but rather driven by the motivation to do things efficiently, faster. Farm more, farm better. Did I get this right? If that is the case, I think for your scenario what is really missing is a reward structure that supports that. If the rewards are there and the gameplay is fun, people will do precisely that - optimize, c
  13. That is exactly the purpose of a challenge. It motivates you to build up, progress, improve your player skills, coordinate. Once you did that, you have beaten the challenge. If there's no challenge, there is little to no motivation to even bother with any of that, as is the case now. And yes, RJ on its initial release was exactly that. You said "Now imagine a defense mission where the ground team of your squad actually struggles to defend the sleeping beauty". The scenario you described seems to call for *coordinated* challenging co-op, if you do mean struggling.
  14. That is what they did when Railjack was first released. And the reason they mentioned was the same that is being discussed here, to keep the AI at manageable levels and yet keep some sense of challenge, they decided to make the enemies stronger as a way to balance things out. Less enemies, but stronger. Lots of people complained, and eventually enemies got nerfed to the ground on the first revisit pass.
  15. So you want challenge and coordinated co-op. That would be great, but outside of possible future raids and the semi co-op that already exists for optimized farming, it's just not DE's focus I don't think. They are clearly catering for the 90% casual, not the 10% that want that. Or whatever is the ratio.
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