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  1. 1.29% would be "ok", if it took a few seconds to roll. The problem isn't just the low drop rate, but it is that *and* having to find all caches, which can take quite some time. Especially for less experienced players, which of course will typically be the ones that need Nitain in the first place ..
  2. I'm aware, but the drop chances are abysmal. And Ghouls are gone so ..
  3. Now with Nigthwave gone, how the [Hek] do I get Nitain .. I need 4 :/
  4. Already sold everything I could. Still about 750k credits short to get the primed mods I want
  5. I'm aware of the current meta, after doing some research. Problem is, I don't have time nor resources to get anywhere close to that while Baro is here. So have to do with what I have for now.
  6. I'm broke, and Baro is here. Need to get some credits.. I've been trying to join Index squads, but either end up alone and lose my credits, or in a squad with people complaining that I'm bringing my Volt lol. Sadly, my choices of frames/weapons are poor. I have Volt ( which is the one I'm most experienced with ), Frost, Loki and Nova. My weapons are also pretty weak. None of them are potatoe'd, and my strongest one currently is Baza which I have formae'd 3 times. Also have Boltor, Dread and Rubico. I've heard that Frost can play a role by defending the goal so enemies have trouble scoring points. Would this make sense in a squad? I also know that Nova can be interesting because of slowing down enemies and priming them. Unfortunately none of my frames are potatoe'd and in the case of Nova, I can bring her to 145% strength, but lack duration ( only at 149%). Any good advice to share with a new player like me with not many resources nor experience, so that I can at least help somehow and not get yelled at? Thanks in advance!!
  7. Thanks both. I can see the BP in my foundry. Looks like just a buggy email.
  8. Just finished Chains of Harrow, and got this on my email. No idea what is it supposed to be this "offer". Am I supposed to get something? The message seems to indicate so, but then it doesn't show anything. Screenshot:
  9. I queued for Orb Vallis directly from the star chart. Was put into someone's squad, and that person was doing the Vox Solaris quest. I don't think that was supposed to happen. Since I was there already, I tried to help the guy, but game wouldn't even let me place batteries on the excavators. There were 2 additional players there with the same problem. We all left eventually, and the poor guy was left alone trying to feed and protect 4 excavators ..
  10. Well, I just found out that in order to proceed to the next Vox Solaris rank, I need 15 x Gyromag Systems. The Gyromag Systems are only available on the Heist bounties. The Heist bounties are locked for me, as I don't have enough ranking with Solaris United. So .. there you go, I guess I will be forced to wait anyways ;-)
  11. That was actually my initial plan, when I learned how much the big Toroids are worth. But the thing is, I can only do 9k rep per syndicate per day. At that pace it will take a while to max it if I wait, so the sooner I start, the better. That was my rationale, but off course I wasn't expecting such a poor drop rate.
  12. You're saying that my problem is being low mr and having bad weapons/mods? That is true, but I don't see how should it affect in this case. Can you elaborate? I can kill them just fine up to 15-20 minutes. I usually stop when they are reaching level 40. My problem is that they rarely drop toroids.
  13. I'm hoping that someone here could help out with some feedback. I'm currently at mr8, having started 3 weeks ago ( or close to that ). At the moment, I'm trying to make sure I max every syndicate every day, but I'm having issues with Toroid farming for Vox Solaris. All other syndicates are manageable, but this one has been a complete frustration. In order to get the 9 toroids I need per day, I end up spending something like 2-3 hours, which is absolutely ridiculous, especially comparing with the other syndicates. So.. I have to assume I'm doing something wrong. I end up always doing it solo because apparently no one wants or needs Toroids anymore. Which is understandable. From what I've heard, after maxing Vox Solaris this is only needed for cosmetics etc. and people just use Profit Taker for rep. Recruit chat, clan/alliance chat, so far haven't had any luck forming a group. Anyways, here's what I've been doing .. I go to either Labs or Space Port ( they seem to be a little more manageable than Profit Temple ). I pick a spot I can defend[1], deploy my Volt shield and start killing the enemies, letting them place the alert beacons and letting the alert reach level 4. Given my poor choice of frames/weapons, I usually leave at around 15-20 minutes tops, when my DPS starts falling. As far as I can tell, staying longer does not improve drop chances. In fact, since it takes me longer to kill, in theory it should make chances worst? Now, for those 15-20 minutes, I end up with anywhere between 0 ( normal ) or 3 toroids ( my record so far ). I don't know what am I doing wrong. Yes, I'm aware that with specialized loadouts the results would be way better, but is it normal to get such a low drop rate in my case? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated :-) Edit: funny, after posting this, did a 18 minutes run at the Labs that got me 5 toroids, my record so far! Didn't change anything on my method/gear, so I guess just luck. [1] Labs: I go into the bunker at the right side and place shield on the door. Space port: Left room at the entrance, place shield at the door.
  14. EDIT: NVM, I think I bought BP instead .. :( From my arsenal, I bought the Kunai which is available for credits. The credits were removed from my account, but I didn't get the Kunai. I thought it was some UI bug, so repeated the process .. same thing, more credits gone. I think this is because I don't have available slots. The problem, of course, is that we get no warning and the credits are spent anyways. I don't know if this also happens with platinum, but I'd suspect yes?
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