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  1. It is a toggle. Press and hold 1 again and the clone goes away.
  2. That's not what I'm talking about thou. I mean actually interacting with the game. What BL3 does with Twitch, is that it allows you ( as a viewer ) to interact with the streamers game, and the reverse too - actions taken by the streamer can result in cool gifts you get as a player. For example, just last night the streamer was fighting a mob group and a "badass" enemy showed up. That triggered an event that basically allows viewers to help the "badass" enemy ( and make it harder for the streamer ) by voting on things like giving the enemy more health, leveling up that enemy, etc. Was pretty funny to watch actually, as the streamer struggled to kill that "badass" that essentially the viewers had buffed up.
  3. It's not entirely p2p thou. DE servers do maintain session state for several stuff I assume. Viewers could just connect to a DE server and not hammer the host. In fact, DE already did something similar not long a go with a "drop monster" or whatever it was called.
  4. I apologize is this way too off topic or well known, not a "hard core" twitch user myself. I've been watching some Twitch streamers playing Borderlands 3, and I thought it was really interesting the way that BL3 allows viewers to actually interact with the game that the streamer is playing. Of course, my Tenno self was thinking ... wouldn't it be awesome if we could do this with Warframe as well? I have no idea what is involved here or the kind of effort, but the features they have are kinda cool. You can inspect the streamer player profile/loadout, checkout their inventory etc.. If they happen to get a chest reward, it triggers an event that viewers can join to get the same rewards the streamer got. There's also events you can join etc. Maybe there's more stuff, this is just what I've seen so far. Would be awesome if Warframe streamers could do this as well. Not only it makes it a hell lot more fun to watch the streams, but it's also engaging, ultimately resulting on more viewers I assume, and that can only be positive for the game.
  5. Pretty cool ideas there. Can we DE?.. pretty please with a cherry on top? :))))))))))))))
  6. Is this all going to be on the rotations drop tables?.. isn't that going to further dilute everything else? Can't you just add this stuff to the store? This way people that want to farm for the other stuff won't be impacted. We have to grind for Vitus Essence anyways, and at least that gives us a choice of what to get on the store instead of pollution the tables with once-and-forget rewards ...
  7. I've been thinking about this, and tbh I'm not sure if this is the right way to look at it anymore. The thing is, it doesn't take into consideration if Warframe is the kind of game that the person is into. Since it's f2p, there's zero investment to download and install it. I wouldn't be surprised if lots of people install it and just don't like what it is. On those cases, it's not necessarily the games fault, but rather it's just not the right game for that person. If the numbers were restricted to the universe of players that actually are into PvE grindy games and looter shooters, that would make a lot more sense IMO. I don't think it's possible to restrict to that universe, but would be very curious to see that if it was possible. Maybe there's an achievement/trophy that could serve as a metric to split the user base and weed out the players for whom Warframe isn't their cup of tea.
  8. It's a little weird that only 57% of the Steam players got the "Secrets of the Orokin" achievement, considering the only thing you have to do is find one mod ... Not sure what to think about that. Maybe just people that checked the game out quickly and wrote it off without even trying?.. idk
  9. Best guess is to go by what the trophies/achievements say IMO. If you look at the available data, which, let's assume, is statistically relevant, we can see that 70% quit before even having 10 hours logged in. That says a lot I think. I opened a thread about that some time ago:
  10. That's awesome, thanks for sharing. I've done similar in MOT as well, but only 20 minutes a couple months back ( and without all the way bounds at the time ). One thing I could point out, and this is in reference to your previous post where you were bragging about the damage your operator does, is that what you are doing on those videos doesn't really scale unless you go with Lockdown IMO. Simply put, I don't think you would be able to easily take down, say a level 200 heavy gunner, in a couple of seconds with that setup unless you rely on Lockdown. ( to be fair, I haven't given much thought to it, but IIRC, considering the available Archanes and focus school nodes, I don't think there's anything there that can do high debufs and/oir strip armor ) Here's a suggestion for a fun test: Do Kuva Disruption with operator only and see how many rounds you can do ;-)
  11. There is no timestamp. But there is a timeline. We know Empyrean is before New War, and we know New War was given timestamp of end of this year ( initially they mentioned by Christmas ). We also know that New War has Railjack mechanics into it, and therefore depends on it, so at least some form of Railjack/Empyrean mechanics will need to be out first. Ofc, all that could get DElayed for all we know, but considering the information we have available .. it's the best we can guess IMO.
  12. I'm sure they will be releasing some form of Empyrean in October. DE did mention they aren't going to be releasing it all at once, so that gives them a bit more flexibility with dates. New War is harder to tell, since it needs to go all at once, having a quest associated with it. I'd say by the end of the year, or somewhere in January.
  13. Not sure if this intended behavior ( doesn't make much sense ). As title says, my Wukong clone decided to kill off the Simaris synthesis target that I was trying to scan him. Close thread if this is intended .. thanks!
  14. Not to take away any merit of your "experiment", which I think is cool ( I also play with operator often ), but: 1) Not dying isn't really a good measure when it comes to operator mode, since you can't really "die" in operator, especially if you're dashing with Lockdown 2) Magus Lockdown scales and does a stupid amount of damage. Up to 8 enemies a pop, 60% of their health in damage is no joke, specially at high levels. 3) Since this was excavation arby, my guess is that your team mates were more focused on protecting and feeding excavators rather than try to do the most damage. I wouldn't really measure team mate efficiency on excavation missions based on how much damage they did.. hora and frost are awesome at this, not because of killing enemies but because of locking down and CCing the area. As for the Umbra "effect", I've seen contraditory reports with my Wukong ( which I assume is the same thing ). Some times it counts, some times it doesn't.. may be related to who is hosting, but not sure.
  15. They also become alerted if you use your melee close to them while invisible, even if you don't hit anyone. I'm not sure if this is new behavior, don't recall seeing it before thou.
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