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  1. Unless they are doing something spectacular, I'd be surprised if that is the reason. If it's anything inline with the other Nightwaves, it's no where that complex. Likely the delay is because they are working on other stuff and not because of how Glassmaker is hard to execute. That would be my guess. In any case, and back to my point, it's all about expectations. I don't know about you, but when something is labeled "intermission", I don't expect it to take twice as long as the real thing ( or whatever it has been ). I mean, imagine going to the movies, watch 10 minutes and then waiting around 1 hour while the "intermission" goes, then watch 10 minutes more .. rinse and repeat ..
  2. They said we would get plenty of early warning before intermission ends, so I'm guessing at least a couple weeks.
  3. It's been 112 days since this current Nightwave Intermission started. That's not very far from 4 months. Is the "intermission" really an intermission, or more like it's the normal Nightwaves and the other story ones are in fact the real "intermission"? How long did previous Nightwaves last, does anyone know?
  4. I think the upcoming changes are great for the game overall. On a more personal aspect, I already grinded all that and don't think I'll be bothering much aside from checking out the new weapons. My hope that liches would eventually be inline with the initial vision are pretty much gone by now. It seems clear at this point that DE isn't going beyond QoL changes. I am, however, still curious about what role converted Liches can eventually play as side kicks for our Tenno.
  5. When and what to expect coming next with the continuation of Empyrean?
  6. Sure, but that wasn't the point I was trying to make. Here, let me quote myself: I said this in this context of high level content ( railjack enemies are a good example as pointed out by others on this thread ), where almost always I'm better off using melee to handle enemies efficiently due to melee being OP currently. It's not about being a trade off.
  7. I may have exaggerated a bit, would have to double check that. Probably just melting all duplicate mods and selling all statues would net quite a bit. Certainly not enough to max everything thou. I have 1.5k hours, and I don't really go specifically farm Endo. Haven't done that in quite a while, so what I get is just from passively playing. In any case, my own situation is irrelevant for the discussion. What matters is the bulk of the player base. What I was saying is that Endo is probably a wanted resource for the majority of players ( that we know are mostly casuals ), and that you can unlock arbitrations early enough for them to become a very good Endo source for those players. Edit: I just double checked. After selling mods and statues, I have ~90k Endo. Would need 543k to max all the big mods I have ( including primed etc. ).
  8. So if you would replace Endo on the drop tables for something that isn't a one off and will keep you coming back for more over and over and over.. what would you replace it with? Also, going from "you" to "them the players" what do you think in terms of resources like that that would keep the majority of players playing ( knowing that most are casual players )?
  9. Several of us did exactly that. It's not easy to pull it out solo, does require quite a bit of patience and research, as well as time to grind for stuff. And failure is part of that process, as is what you learn from it. You haven't posted anything about how your Railjack is currently built, what you have access to, what are your intrinsics, which areas are you trying to solo, etc. Hard to be more helpful not knowing any of that.
  10. Unless you've been playing for years, I'd say this is incorrect. The amount of Endo you need to max all your relevant staple and Prime mods ( not to mention the non-essencial stuff ) is staggering. Reaching arbies stage isn't that hard to do, a few weeks, couple months tops depending on how active you are. Personally, I'm MR27 and arbies have been available to me long time ago, and if I wanted to max all my Primed mods, I would still need to go get a few hundreds of thousands of Endo. Thankfully I don't really "need" to do that, and I don't bother with farming Endo specifically to max stuff that isn't really going to make that much of a difference.
  11. I think this sort of falls into a larger topic that goes beyond arbitrations, which is: should "one time" rewards even be on drop tables? IMHO it could be more beneficial to the game if DE moved more towards "token" style of acquiring rewards, as they have been doing with several systems in the recent times ( Vitus Essence is a good example, so are the recent Anomaly Shards ). Drop tables should focus more on resources of which most people always need to farm for ( like Endo, Kuva, Relics, etc ), and not point in time items that we usually only need one or just a few and then we're done with it. Those one time reward items make a lot more sense to be on a store. That allows us to pick them as we need, as well as it allows DE to keep populating the stores with new stuff without polluting the drop tables. I could be wrong, but I think DE is trying to move ( albeit slowly ) in this direction. Edit: Tokens/stores do have a problem. They can easily lead to hoarding, which means that when some new reward is added, players don't have to do anything and can just go buy it.. I think one possible solution to this would be to have tokens behave similar to Argon Crystals. If you don't use them, they expire after a while. Or limit how many tokens we can hold at the same time. Either way, there needs to be some sort of mechanism to avoid hoarding ..
  12. No, I have pretty much all guns available. I think you missed the point. I'm not saying primaries/secondaries are bad, not at all. I'm saying that melee is, at last for me, usually a better choice if I want to do things efficiently. Or rather, the default choice.
  13. In recent times, I've been increasingly depending more and more on melee for pretty much everything that is high level content. That isn't to say that primaries/secondaries aren't able to do the job, but rather that melee is so OP currently, that ends up being the logical choice as primary means for dealing with most enemies. I'm sure I'm not alone here, is this the general feeling around the community as well? If so, do you think DE should consider buffing primaries/secondaries to balance things out?
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