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  1. Actual world changing activities that we participate in wrapped with a good story/lore that make the game feel more alive and continuously changing, like the Division 2 did some time ago, and what Destiny 2 is currently doing. That's what I thought DE was going for with The New War, but alas what we got was just an event.
  2. Spot on. I would add to that that some people that want a sense of challenge ( me included ) also suffer from the "I'm all dressed up and no where to go" syndrome. That is to say, we grind our way to get top notch gear, optimize, min max, but then there's nothing really to do with any of that. Pretty much all content in game can be done with below average loadouts, strategy, and not much player skill even required.
  3. What part of what I wrote was wrong? I said "require you to have top level gear and actually think and strategize". Well, "adequate" gear would be more accurate I guess. Those things, along with player skill, are usually important for challenging content. Raids, Dungeons, you name it. Anyways, my point was that Destiny has that *optional* content, while at the same time providing a wide variety of casual obliterate-mobs-in-seconds style. You don't take 15 minutes to clear a "room" in Destiny unless you chose to do so.
  4. This is really not true. The difference is that Destiny provides a wide enough variety of content, where you can chose to chill, turn of your brain and obliterate "rooms" in seconds, or pick more challenging activities that require you to have top level gear and actually think and strategize. Warframe has no such option, challenge hasn't been a thing for years.
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