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  1. Whenever i go to mission (any) and use specific parkour it suddenly return to specific location it happen when you try to ledge grab the prop n it doesnt occur but if you do the same thing on next room(in any ledge) you will teleport back to previous room. There also times when you play wukong - mostly. FYI after wukong mist done n you got "jump into the void".... you would be teleport back to spawn location
  2. Ok hear me out...what if the gear wheel ui that we using can be used for octavia song mid-game ( like hold 1st skill to change between song or etc) OR try at least allow 3~4 slot that player can insert song and allow to change using hold key skill etc (similar for chroma element change) no more repetitive song no more mute mandachord Octavia can be truly DJ queen in endless mission AND I can finally be live up the party with meme song mid-game
  3. more like glicthing dropping for few mili second keep repeating pattern from 10~12 fps to 60 fps every damn randoms/solo mission game even in dojo/relay except in Orbiter, fps is fine
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