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  1. Hello, I was unable to drop coolant canister into therm. fractures; the blue canister symbol was visible but there was no button prompt 2 place the canister. I've allready closed fractures a while ago - so I know how 2 Do it the right way. But lately i cannot do a thing with cool. canisters, trying diff.canisters on diff. fractures didn't work - still no button prompt. Looks like a bug 2 Me!? Any advise? Ty
  2. Hello, i'm kinda buged on therm. fractures, orb valis cause I can't place the canister (cooling liq.) onto fractures. The blue canister symbol has no button prompt! I've allready closed a fracture once, weeks ago - therefore I know how to do this the right way. But now the canister are pretty much useless'cause I cannot do a thing. 2me it looks like a bug!? Any advise? TY
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