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  1. SPOILERS FROM THE SACRFICE AHEAD* When you finish the sacrifice you see the TRUE form of the lotus, a sentient, what she is, she NEVER loved us, she just use the tenno as mere weapons, with the only purpose to rule over the sistem, we didn't attack the grineer/corpus for justice/peace in the sistem, we did it because SHE told us to do it. Lotus is just a mere sentient, a mini-hunhow, someone who changed the plans of hunhow, to make them without even needing to travel to the sistem and attack it. We trusted in the lotus, or, should i say Natah. She Was not margulis, and is never going to be her, she just copy her apearence (somewhat) and start saying "I'm margulis, tenno, trust me" and we trusted her, a false margulis, her disguise. We have never been traitors, or heroes, we have always been a weapon, a tenno, a child who had the bad luck to be in the zariman. And now that we know the true lotus, we need to eliminate the enemy, Death to the lotus, death, to Natah
  2. With the end of NW 1, they say that is going to come season 2 pretty soon, do you think is going to be worse or better?
  3. 1. there is people who prefers farming kuva in sup kuva and others in siphon/flood kuva missions, so why not to be 2 hours doing tedious tasks if you like it 2. ok being serious everything is tedious in the game in some level 3. is not the same if you are using mag that if you are using chroma, it's easier if you use the right warframe/weapon but still it takes time. 4. k
  4. 1. 15 wolf creds per level in prestige, cost of a potato: 75 wolf creds do your maths homework and it gives 5 levels to get 1 potato, so you could get 4 potatoes in total, i prefer farming pl than farming 50k standing for a potato 2. a BIG part of the game, but is not obligatory (kinda) 3. Rivens are broken or are trash, if you have luck then everything in the game is easy to kill 4. of nitain yes but for potatoes is explained in conclusion, nightwave still sucks
  5. 1. almost everyone have already completed nightwave 2. it's challenges are tedious af and Ultra time consuming 3. the wolf is also annoying and needs to be removed 4. the things that can be buy with wolf creds aren't very attractive how to do prestige In conclusion, everyone (except you and a few others) want it to end
  6. except for fishing, what else is endgame for you? (No, being platinumaire is not endgame)
  7. i somewhat hate aerial combat, it's slow, hard to strike and you need to be in a very short range depending in what weapon are you using.
  8. Do you think is going to be a long battle? or that is going to have it's own ¨quest¨ or some relationship with *SPOILER* ----> the new ¨sentient¨ ballas o with the sentients in general? leave below what you think.
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