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  1. So necramechs doesn't get the buff from your pet Animal Instinct. Is this suppose to be the case and we're forced to give up a slot on our necramech for Necramech Enemy Sense? Since on my warframe I don't run around with Enemy sense due to my cat using primal Animal Instinct. Why can't Necramechs do the same?
  2. Here's 2 pictures proving my point. Took them earlier today. Picture one Picture two
  3. Was doing RJ missions trying to level my necramech. I was able to get lvl 26 and max out the exalted weapon. However, when I got back to my ship I lost 6 levels on my mech and 1 level on my exalted weapon. Here's the picture proving my point. Here and Here
  4. So I go with my lvl 20 necramech and do a RJ defense mission. We stay in the group and eventually when I hit tab the UI tells me I'm level 30 (max out - no formas yet). So I'm like cool lets finish the wave and leave. We go to the dojo then I decide to leave the dojo and go to my ship. When I run to the middle of the ship to add a forma. My necramech is now stating he's lvl 27. So is this a UI bugged during the mission giving me more lvls then what I really collected? I attempted this a couple of times after I added a forma to the necramech and always the same issue.
  5. Remove the reputation cap on all the open world maps. This way if a new open world map comes out and you want to grind all day to max out rep from level 1 to 5 then you can do so. Never understood these gating mechanics that are put into these games. It tends to piss off the people that don't want to wait everyday to get their 32k rep cap then wait the next day for another. Or you can always auto loot everything on the map you forgot to pick up when leaving the mission. The way Outriders do it. This way nothing is missed and you can focus on the genocide of whatever is in front of
  6. I would so love the ghostly interior. I would actually do RJ missions if we get it. hehe
  7. Oh you sweet summer child;) Enjoy the little nibbles they give us and wait patiently for the meal. Maybe we'll get lucky and one of those 3 comes out this year.
  8. I was on Earth killing things and when I finish my bounty. I went to Cetus and the affinity for my mech was 0 but everything else increased. Even though I was killing everything with my necramech. So is this a bug or is there a trick to level this silly mech.
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