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    Warframe Builder

    Great job with the site and can you please add Kuva weapons and archwing weapons to the site. thanks again.
  2. Can we pretty please not have the prompt to attack your lich if you don't have any requiem mods installed! I know it's my fault but when fighting mobs I go in a beserker mode and whenever I see the press X button to kill your victim. Muscle memory kicks in and I'm hitting the button faster than I can think it's a bad idea. So it ends up being a throw away level for the lich and he'll become level 5 eventually due to my luck of not finding the correct combo. Another thing that would be cool in your lich encyclopedia for your dead liches put a red slash over their face. So this way you can tell between your converted ones and your dead ones.
  3. They can make it so that if you have all 3 mods installed on the parazon. When it comes time to kill the lich there's a QTE scene. Your parazon would be on the right with your 3 mod symbols greyed out. Doing the QTE (Quick Time Event) correctly, you see the mods lighting up on the parazon until you have all 3 then kill the lich. If you fail in the QTE then go with the scene of him/her breaking your back and you die. This will remove the RNG in trying to figure out the order the way we have it now and give a reason to why we die with the lich even though we won but lost the rock, paper, scissors rng. Doing something like this I can forgive getting the requiem mods to RNG pray that I get the correct mod when unlocking the requiem mods. It would also set up a cool ending to the lich event doing the QTE since it comes down to the player skill.
  4. For us solo players, when DE decides to give us the commander ship to recruit NPCs and liches. A cool idea would be to allow us to use our unused frames and their powers for our rail jack. The operator can be in the tactical part of the ship sending out commands to our warframes. It would make us a one man army, lol.
  5. So I was farming murmurs to have all 3 of them unlocked then I can try my luck in killing my dumb lich. To my surprised, after my mission ended the lich didn't steal anything instead it leveled up. I had no clue these things do that and the frustration of seeing that almost made me just stop caring about this new lich system. My master plan was get all 3 complete murmurs then try my luck in figured out the pattern with the lich. If I do it right or get lucky it never gets to level 5. This auto level feature throws my plan out the window sadly. My suggestion to make this new system tolerable is: Stop the auto leveling of the lich. This is annoying and very frustrating to say the least. If De doesn't want to do this then have the murmurs go in the right order. This way it's a race between the lich and the warframe to see which one wins. This would alleviate some of the headache of playing the RNG game in finding the correct sequence. More of a suggestion but it would be nice if the liches spawn with a different weapon until you get all of them. Once that happens if you want to spawn another lich for higher % in status then it's RNG on what you get. Would be nice if the lich gives you some murmur points if you fight it and make it run away. Lastly, have converted liches become part of your crew for the next railjack update. This way even solo players can do the content if they don't want to group up with others.
  6. Once you completed your railjack does it transfer with you when switching to another guild with a drydock in it?
  7. They can make kuva blood the way to refill them. Hopefully nothing to ludicrous like 100k kuva per charge. A simple 10k kuva should be fine.
  8. Making the parazon mods permanent would be a lot more fun than what we have right now. Reducing the number of thralls we need to kill to avoid the boredom of killing them to finish 1 word would be amazing. What they could do for the parazon mod is make it like a mini boss you need to kill in that requiem fissure. Or better yet when fighting a lich the thralls he summons will drop runes with the words needed to kill the lich. Your job would be to kill enough thralls in that fight to get all the runes. Then let us fight the lich and try out the words in the order we believe. Would feel more interactive that way.
  9. Can you please make the parazon mods permanent. Since it's a grind to get the relics for a chance to get the parazon mod you need. Especially due to all the RNG, grind, RNG, grind to get what we need to kill a lich. I'm not even going to get into all the grinding we need to do killing these dam thralls. Please lower the thrall kills to 9 per word. I would recommend to increase the percentage to get the new relics. Would be pretty cool to allow us to change the sequence of our mods when fighting the lich. Or have 3 orders that's saved in your parazon that you can swap on the fly. So the 3 times you need to hurt the lich his/her word sequence changes. So you would need to keep messing with your 3 word order to kill it. The fight would draw out a bit but sounds a lot more fun than what we have now. Or at least that's what I believe because the RNG/grind is way too much.
  10. I'm probably just going to brute force the key words needed to kill the lich. Don't care if they get to lvl 5 since it's faster than doing the dumb thralls.
  11. Yeah I feel the same way and I find it funny you can buy them from the market place, lol.
  12. I wouldn't want charges on mods since I don't want to continuously farm for these requiem mods. Just make the permanent since we need to do some detective work to find the correct code to kill the lich. Why waste my time doing a detour to find a requiem mod that I had previously but my charges ran out. That will make me not hunt these liches at all.
  13. True @Stonehenge but it would be cool to see. Though, if you had an army they can just be RNG on which one will help you. So it could still be 1 that would help but different every time.
  14. Did DE state how many of them you can have converted to your side? Would be funny to have a whole army of them. Also, did they state if the kuva liches will be both male and female version? I need a female harem of kuva liches protecting me, lol.
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