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  1. It looks like a golden Mr. Hankey with leg & arm attachments on it.
  2. So there's fishes swimming around without a spine? I have yet to try the new update since people are complaining about bugs and I don't want to get annoyed if I encounter them. hehe
  3. I would make my whole ship a walking aquarium if that was the case. Hell even my operator would be staring at the walls full of fish swimming around.
  4. It's always a race;) Some people just don't realize it lol.
  5. Xatu felt too slow for me and didn't like him so much. The 3rd move I had no clue what the skill were for a while. Had to read the abilities to get an inkling of what they were used for. The 4th move does seem more like a percentage to dodge instead of 75% dmg reduction. Overall I hope they QOL like right now to fix his issues since the concept is pretty cool but at the moment I can't stand playing him.
  6. This is why it should be optional since not everybody likes all the modes in these open worlds. I personally hate hunting animals in the game so this is going to be a hurdle for me if I want to progress in the game. However, doing mining, fishing or killing mobs I can tolerate. Different strokes for different folks as the old saying goes. So lets not bash each other in the forums and get along;)
  7. I would like to be able to put at least one of every fish from the 3 open worlds in my ship's aquarium. Sadly this is not possible due to limitations I assume on DE's part. What if DE makes the fish smaller in scale but allow us to put 60 fishes shared between the 2 aquariums we have. So 30 in one and 30 in the other. That would make it a cooler past time just staring at your aquarium looking at all the hard work you did to catch them all.
  8. Amen fellow tenno. I hate both of those 2 systems with a passion. More rivens since that threw off the balance of the game completely. The relic system is more annoying than anything else since RNG sucks. If these two systems disappear one day I wouldn't shed a tear. Though the new power transfer that's coming in the next big patch will be extremely messy if DE doesn't do it right.
  9. Just let Xaku void energy affect eidolons. I see it as another method of killing these giants. Warframe has always been a fast pace letting us cut lose and kill everything in our path. Why limit or nerf the frames or tennos?
  10. So lore wise if the heart of Deimos dies do we lose our Tenno powers? Or did they mean that our Tenno powers came from all the hard work this family of scientists did with the void? So they had an understanding if the ship with all the Tennos went into the void that we would be imbued with powers?
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