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    Ordis Disappeared

    For at least a few days now Ordis has completely stopped talking. No random comments, or announcements when things are done in the foundry. I believe he disappeared after I switched my active quest from the Jordas Precept back to the Sands of Inaros. I haven't heard a word from him since then and the only way I can get him to talk again is if I don't have any active quests, which means until I finish the four I have left I can't hear Ordis. I never changed the settings before, and tried turning his volume to 100% instead of the 50% it is usually at but that did nothing. I'm not sure what is the issue but I miss Ordis and his chatter.
  2. Windows 10, Xbox One controller I can no longer pull up my map or melee. I can strike once and then melee no longer works. Makes it pretty much impossible to effectively play Valkyr. I have tried restarting my computer, my game, steam, loading from big picture mode, and resetting the keybindings for my controller. None of it has helped.
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