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  1. Same here... but if you buy a zaw for plat with Hok, it will count and show in the porofile... lol
  2. Hi! Yesterday i was leveling up things i left on my forge. and i noticed, after leveling to 30, gild and leveled again that the Zaws are not showing as mastered on my profile. I got the Exp tho... but i tested, something, i bought one by plat on Hok (cetus zaw guy) and the one i bought appeared as mastered on my profile. Can it be fixed? i'm in a quest to MR30 lol... almost there the topic is somehow not letting me link imagur links to show what is going on
  3. Why does the companions that are not sentinels seems so wild after the update? They run away like crazy after enemies, mess with spawn points... just suiciding. i think this crew update messed with companions AI as well considering not using them till they behave more
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