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  1. Hello, there is a bug that causes Infested Tumor Ayatan Stars to be unobtainable, due to their awkward placements in the environment, it's very likely that — if an Ayatan Star is dropped — it will get stuck inside the walls, making it unobtainable. this is a known problem with Hive missions. the location of the Tumor was on the roof and when destroyed, the Ayatan Star was left inside the roof and too far to reach for pickup. i wasted a bit of time just trying to see if i could get it. in some causes i have managed to wall latch and pickup items (this time, even that didnt get me close enough, as you will see from the screenshot link below) https://prnt.sc/o6pgky from my own experience this is an issue with multiple items that require an action to pickup, although most commonly from Infested Tumor Ayatan Stars. the solution i think would be the best initially is, increasing the action pickup range by 1 to 2 meters. as it stands now, you have to be almost on top of the item to pick it up, which has caused problems picking up items
  2. most frames are left alone because its better for them to spend time releasing a new frame than tinker with the old. new frame = more content to brag about to get more players fix old frame = try make current players happy TBH, making a new frame can satisfy about as many people as a fix for the old ones, and more. by this complaint, you could say the same things about weapons. why 1 has base dmg of 600 and another higher rank requirement has base dmg of 140. they would much rather release a variation (new content) than balance the current things.
  3. proposed fix to all your problems.. adjust the anti-afk system to remove points as you remain stationary. new activity bar capped at 300 points 1 point per second up to 10sec 10 points per second up to 20sec 20 points per second up to 30sec 30 points per second up to 40sec etc when the points run out, you die, and when you are revived from afk death, you are revived with 50 points points are gained 1 per 5 meters moved then you will have a reason to move in EVERY mission
  4. ok, i didnt get that from how it was explained. i still dont see why it should take precedence over other modifications. game modes and events need to be looked at before random things like this, when it is something you already have ways to avoid. i am also sure that DE dont need people adding to their plate at the moment. they are not sitting thinking (we have nothing to do) no problem... i guess i could have indicated that it was to do with her passive.
  5. i didnt miss the point. OP wants the self-damage formula changed to be only lethal as a mission progresses. or removed entirely the formula modification may look simple to implement, but nobody can guarantee that there will not be problems that require fixes for the formula to work as intended. and because of this, DE will most likely use the easier option, remove self-damage, leave it as is or just nerf the stats on explosive weapons. to round it up, there will be more disappointment from the modifications that happen, and ends up being almost a complete waste of time that could have been put into something a bit more constructive, like sorting out other problems in the game (like those hit-boxes mentioned below). you can have 20 shield and 80 hp on hildryn and still not die from accidental 10,000 self dmg (as long as your passive is up) (Hildryn becomes invulnerable to all damage for 3 seconds upon her shields being depleted.)
  6. friendly fire wont be in pve area when the game has pvp built in. not so much to do with trolls, thats just a minor addition to the reason.
  7. this is a pointless post. this could be an anti-afk feature. afk for 60sec enables friendly fire on you for the rest of the mission anti-leach, all affinity, drops and reward gains reduced by 90% (mods and items converted to 1k credits each and reduced by 90%) while in pub game with non maxed out gear (im generous, i let them have 10%)
  8. i dont know why people need to argue about this, the answer is simple. if you can not play according to your weapon, you shouldn't be using that weapon. (plays volt, shoots and chases to examine the explosion, then complains on forums about self dmg) the tonkor is an insane damage weapon for its rank MR5 (i can even 1 shot enemies in sorties 80-100) and will be able to carry anyone through to a point where they can get something better (as long as you know it inflicts self damage). play safe and you wont have a problem. with great power, comes great responsibility. if you dont like 1 shotting yourself, play something like hildryn, her 1 has 20k+ dmg and over 5m aoe (over 7.9m if you sacrifice 60% dmg) with no self dmg (again 1 shot enemies in sorties 80-100) (you also can not kill yourself by accident when using tonkor or any other self damaging weapons, unless your dmg manages to bypass shields) maybe you don't like having to gear for a weapon, but nobody likes having to gear for anything. e.g. changing elemental dmg depending on where you're going and who you're fighting. you can not have everything in 1 basket. complaints about logical mechanics lead to some unnecessary nerfs, when that time could have been better spent on something more productive. aim your complaints at the weapons that are under-performing, there is a huge amount of higher ranked weapons that dont even get touched past the rank up to 30 phase (unless someone has nothing better to do, than tinker with a way to make it viable).
  9. not many people know that there is a anti-AFK system. i didnt even know until my test earlier. most defense and survival, people sit in 1 spot, now i know that's a bad idea. you can try report them and maybe something will be done about it, sooner or later. as it stands now, there is something that does penalize people for this behavior in star-chart missions. from what i understand and because of the way it works, everyone can fall into this penalty (remaining stationary and using skills or just shooting down a hallway for too long) you can do all the damage in a mission and still be flagged as AFK and not receive rewards this causes host migrations which could be more of a problem. not to mention that you are losing out because of some else's inconsiderate behavior, by leaving. its the main reason they wont implement kick ability.
  10. there is actually a nice system for AFK'ers, but i dont think it has been optimized properly to account for various missions and stuff. or maybe it applies in every mission, but people havent come across it yet... rest assured, that will be their last AFK mission when they do see that. just to see how well i could afk i just recently did a defense mission where excal umbra did pretty much everything.... i just moved around and stuff i havent tested anywhere else. also dont know if i need/want to. at the end of 5 waves, i was not rewarded it said "due to inactivity" if it applies to index, they shouldnt have received the rewards (if what your saying is true and also if the system applies to index) im not entirely sure how this system works or what missions it applies to. (would be nice to apply it to bounties and set so you dont get rewards if you're out of the objective area by say 200 meters) EDIT: upon further research on this AFK system it looks like the AFK timer kicks in around 30sec to 120sec (various people have their opinion) according to wiki - https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Inactivity_Penalty Player inactivity levels in missions are monitored by the game. Being dead or inactive for more than two minutes disqualifies the player from either the end-of-mission reward or the end-of-rotation reward depending on the mission type. This event is highlighted with the message: “Not eligible due to inactivity”. according to another thread - https://forums.warframe.com/topic/939948-not-eligible-due-to-inactivity-bug-or-intended/?do=findComment&comment=9639096 It stops drops, affinity, and rewards for players who are "afk" seems to apply mainly based on movement (which seems about right from my experience) even if you're shooting stuff or using abilities, you MUST move around at least 5 meters at a time within 30 to 120sec. my experience part i had noticed reduced drop rates when staying in 1 room on survival missions (not stopped as someone else had said, but reduced chances for ANY drops) affinity seems to be a bit glitchy, sometimes it does stop, other times it doesnt. i have come across some survivals where i think i wasnt rewarded for the rotation, but i dont remember clearly (it didnt bother me much, since it was very rare) my advice, run around like a headless chicken in every mission or you'll be flagged and get less or no drops. =============== if someone wants, they could test this on the index (that might be a faster result than getting a reply from a moderator on whether the anti-AFK system works on index)
  11. my pleasure. best of luck to you too. the game plays in solo, just not with multiplayer. intel hd 3000 supports dx10 its a laptop, no changing anything relating to graphics card, without a whole new system. there is a few other things that could be done, its just hard (dont know whats running) and time consuming for me to do a full guide on a total system tweak.
  12. Solo and multiplayer testing with the lowest/off settings and DX10, full screen 1280x720 res plains of eidolon goes up to about 2.1GB on loading and then stays around 1.6GB missions go up to about 1.5GB loading and then stay around 1GB to 1.3GB same results with everything on high/max and DX11, 2k res so there is no way to drop that usage from the game if you're able to drop OS ram usage to about 1-1.5GB, you might manage to load into a game this is dangerous, continue at your own peril. right click "This PC" click "advanced system settings" on the left click "settings" click "adjust for best performance" click start click settings search for "background apps" turn off disable/uninstall any third-party anti-virus and/or firewall download, install and open "windows 10 manager" from Yamicsoft yes to create restore point on the left under optimizer click service manager top left click optimize disable everything and apply close and then open system speed under system tick all options save and close startup manager disable anything you dont need then close on the left under security click system security click components tab disable windows defender diable cortana disable onedrive integration disable cd/dvd burning feature disable problem steps recorder disable file history (unless you use that) restart and check your usage
  13. it is, but it would take a fair amount of tinkering with services and visual effects. you may be able to get the OS down to about 1-1.5GB Enable FPS in-game and tell me your game ram usage in solo plains of eidolon
  14. seems fine, on startup it will use more to load content. that seems about right. ================== from my experience any OS past XP will happily use about 2GB alone, more depending on software and services installed after. once you hit 75% ram usage, your performance starts to take a hit. once you get to 100%, everything tries to use your page file, which runs off your HDD. if you are insistent on trying to get more out of your pc without the bigger amount to replace the whole thing, you can double your ram at least (to start off with) i would recommend 8GB as an absolute minimum in any machine. because the OS can go up to 4GB with various driver software and services then web browsers can go way past 4GB alone, depending on tabs open, extensions and videos on websites. for some extra performance replace your HDD with an SSD (unless you've upgraded your HDD in the past, or got a laptop with an ssd, your current hdd would most likely be 5400rpm, that is actually pretty slow compared to the hybrid drives or ssd's you get now) going from 5400rpm to 7200rpm hybrid drive, is already roughly 33% increase in performance... SSD is 5x more (depending on the ssd spec you get) depending on which country you're in, this could be very cheap, or expensive. but regardless, still cheaper than a whole machine replacement. ================ your problem i would think has to do with running out of ram this is why: because it takes a long time for your system to try load more content, you're kicked out by the game. i could be wrong, but when it comes to 100% ram usage, you will with no doubt have content loading issues.
  15. Ouch!... that graphics card... i had that until this year, i tried playing warframe on it and i just couldnt tolerate the bad performance. i was also running i7-2630qm. that graphics card is a huge factor in your performance. i think if you take too long to load content, the game boots you out, which is why you have problems joining games. even a very cheap desktop could probably do 10x better, just by having a dedicated graphics card. if you can, try check if your HDD, ram or processor usage max out at 100% load for an extended period of time, when you try joining a game that would cause it to freeze. this is just to see if there is anything else that could be done, instead of a whole new machine.
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