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  1. Thanks for the reply. Hopefully DE can clarify and make sense of the situation soon.
  2. So why were all TennoGen syandanas removed from sale? We were told from the get go that these items weren’t supposed to be on sale, including Due Volpi and Repala. DE also stated the refunds would be allocated and sales rolled back over the next few weeks, everyone who purchased a TennoGen Syandana and certain skins were made to believe that their purchased item would be removed. This is a really confusing siutuation. Why were our items not taken back, platinum refunded and free bundle distributed?
  3. Strange that some people who purchased TennoGen items get their platinum back AND free items, while some of us get nothing even though we too purchased those same TennoGen items. Has the bundle just not fully rolled out yet or is this intended?
  4. Looks like the free items are for those that had TennoGen items removed only? They mustn’t have got around to removing my Due Volpi Syandana in time for me to qualify for the free items? Seems a little unfair, I’ve been annoyed about this issue for the last few days, as I was under the assumption that the Syandana would be taken from me. I’d appreciate clairification from DE on this matter, if at all possible?
  5. I purchased the Due Volpi Syandana, but still have access to it. Also, I have not received the bundle unlike many others that I am hearing about. Does this mean that I don’t qualify for the bundle because the Syandana was never taken from me?
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