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  1. Please remove the 30 wreckage restriction. It does not make any sense. Not being able to play railjack becuase you cannot discard items you recently got because you don't know potential use yet feels like punishment for playing railjack.
  2. Liches not holding Kuva Bramma arrow properly in showcase or in battle has been an issue since liches launched. Please fix this. screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/QNshnNt
  3. In general, the eros wings are supposed to be completely gone when aiming and fade (mostly transparent) when I am in combat (i.e. there are enemies in front me). Sometimes, the latter does not happen and the wings are completely there blocking view of the enemies. In-game screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/e41lAmh
  4. Please allow us to reset/reconfigure Lavos's vial combined element incase we made a mistake. Also, is it possible to have an update on the Lavos changes you are considering based on the feedbacks from this forum during the Devstream on 29th?
  5. That is true for the previous bi-weekly schedule. Now it is once every 4 weeks. I like the new schedule btw. Theoretically, they will have twice the info/progress to show off. Now, I'm not saying they won't be able to jam it in the usual 1 hour. But they won't have the time for the usual fun and jokes of devstream. I want them to have fun, make jokes and interact with the community.
  6. Perhaps a bit longer than the one hour then? Considering the amount of info being promised.
  7. Can't really expect to defend level 1 excavators against level 70 enemies/
  8. TYPE: In game playing orphix venom missions, while using voidrig necramech DESCRIPTION: When using the Cryptanaut Helmet with Voidrig, triggerring mech's Strom Shield ability makes the helmet spin 360 continuously as long as the ability is active. REPRODUCTION: Use Cryptanaut Helmet with Void Rig, start a orphix mission and trigger Storm Shield. EXPECTED RESULT: Not spinning constantly. OBERSEVED RESULT: Helmet spins constantly while the ability is active. REPRODUCTION RATE: Always.
  9. TYPE: Orphix Venom missions. DESCRIPTION: A bug disables all the Mech abilities. Get "Ability use prevented" despite having full energy. REPRODUCTION: Using Voidrig mech (maybe will happen with Bonewidow too) EXPECTED RESULT: Able to use all of my abilities. REPRODUCTION RATE: every so often.
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