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  1. Hello, since a couple of days there is a %80 we get host migrations ( even on invite only ), Disconnects, suddenly i ( or some member ) is alone, lots of "failed to join" when trying to accept a party invite, desync, etc etc... simply a lot of weird stuff. I believe since last patch or so, so i was wondering what is wrong with the game. Doesn't happen much on missions, but on POE it's just very molesting. Any1 has experienced something like this? ( constantly )
  2. Thanks for the update, but... where is the [Nitain Extract]?
  3. Did somebody even tested the upgrade? I still miss my lost MR exp
  4. Just found out i have no trades, and i have 2fa enabled. I didn't trade anything in the last 2 days. Lost exp, still loose items due to host migration, will something else bad happen to me after the update?
  5. My mr exp is also lower, wtf have these guys done with the game
  6. Thanks for breaking the game, cant get out index, new boss mission extremly bugged.
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