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  1. Network failure of host will cause relic missions to stuck permanently on reward selection screen. The thing is that this problem didn't happen in the past, before the grand UI change. I hope this gets fixed. Thank you for all your hard work! For details: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1119541-relic-missions-stuck-on-reward-selection-screen/
  2. This problem existed since the new relic UI applied. It works in this way: if the host's network fails during the 5s countdown before reward selection screen, the screen would pop up after host's connection to server is back up again, but it will get the whole team stuck there permanently, without any countdown or auto-closing. Only host migration can solve this, but the host may be left to his own reward(instead of the selected one) after shutting down the game. I know this is network issue, BUT it didn't happen in the past, before the new UIs. In the past, the countdown for reward selection would always be there as long as the host successfully reconnected. I hope this gets fixed, since network issues are really hard to avoid in regions too far away from servers.
  3. The four non-set new rare mods(Kavat's Grace, Gale Kick, Anti-Grav Array, Odomedic) are unobtainable in game. This thread shows it clearly, a mod on the ground is unmarkable, and gives nothing upon being picked up.
  4. One fact everyone should know is that new players join CONTINUOUSLY. Simply decreasing the difficulty or amount of time required does no help for a player joining during the last few weeks of nightwave, and more frustrating feelings would come along. Just two points, I don't know if the devs already come out with any of these(would be grateful): 1.Since a catch-up function will be added, why not just stretch it further and make awards from previous series accessible(after reaching lv30 in the present series)? This would send a good message to all new players - as long as you try hard enough to catch up you'll eventually get all nightwave awards everyone else already own. 2.PLEASE DO bring the old alert system back during the downtime. It would be great if downtimes keep exisitng between future series and bring the old alert system back shortly. There's one particular reason: the alert weapons. 8 out of 9 can't even be purchased from store, and each one costs 50 nightwave credits, meaning you have to give up 16.67 Nitain Extracts or 2.5 Aura mods for each. It would be good if you already gain, like, 70% or 80% of them, and don't feel like sitting in front of the screen waiting for alerts all the time, but for new players that's definitly horrible. Gaining 50 credits costs merely a week, and I don't think you won't come into any of these weapon alerts during time cost doing nightwave weeklies, not to say you won't be able to get nitains, helms, auras, anything, just a weapon. But with a downtime giving easier access to players not owning any expensive nightwave shop items, The whole nightwave system would be friendly and helpful.
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