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  1. I meant that it will stay as is, but it has a cool down where you can’t lose stacks too rapidly, and the damage resistance is just a bonus to stay that little bit tankier.
  2. Don’t forget Nyx and Revenant, being very lackluster and just needing improvements.
  3. Revenant is one of those frames that you want to enjoy, and have a good theme, but have bad mechanics or too many negatives. Enthrall- Horde cap should be increased, to at least 15, maybe 20. He’s meant to enslave a horde, not have a small friend group. Thrall cannot be attacked by allies, and the ability has no more duration. Instead, thralls lose health constantly (affected by duration) and will break free after losing 50% of their max health. Also, Enthrall can now be cast on Thralls to release them early. Pillar now Triggers on release, not death. Mesmer Skin- Enemies that can be enthralled will be instantly captured after attacking you, rather than a stun and free Enthrall. Make him less active in this regards, to focus on other tasks. Losing a stack will grant 50% damage resistance for 1 second, while damage will not take away further stacks (not duration based) Reduced number of stacks given, but increases with power strength. Reave- Hitting thralls with Reave will still grant more Mesmer Skin stacks, but can exceed the amount produced by Mesmer skin up to 50% bonus. So if Mesmer Skin creates 6 then you can use Reave to go up to 9 simultaneous stacks. To balance this, make Reave cost less energy. Hitting thralls with Reave will produce small AOE explosions that deal 500 radiation damage with a 50% to proc a status. Edit: Since Thralls can’t be damaged by you, this doesn’t affect them. Danse Macabre- Reduce the energy cost per second from 20 to 15, but increase cast cost to 50. This will make it more accessible. Ability deals less damage, but damage while holding down fire is retained. This make the ability worse, but will provide an greater benefit for the new damage, as well as be more manageable with less drain by default. Movement speed is reduced by 50% while active. Hitting thralls will not kill them, instead making them glow brightly with Revenant’s energy colour. They are healed for 25% of the damage they would take and deal +50% damage that works how Danse Macabre does, matching enemies weakness. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This should make Revenant a better frame in general, however, he will be more balance between his horde and his survivability. Both more thralls and easier enthralling will make it easier to retain Mesmer Skin charges by using Reave, which will be cheaper and have a reason to cast it. Being able to heal thralls as well as not have to worry about keeping the horde under your control will make him more passive, and Danse Macabre will be more efficient but will be more focused on evening out the battlefield rather than just having it on a walking around. Either way, feedback or response would be appreciated.
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