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  1. At least for the helminth charger... I think a lot of players would like their charger to fit their Nidus.
  2. Hi, after buying the Helminth Charger Metus skin I noticed that not all the default colors of the skin are currently available. I know that the skin was released a year ago but a color palette with the skins default colors would be amazing! I know that there were fur colors that are currently unavailable. So if there are some veterans with rare fur colors I would love to see them on the Metus skin. 🙂
  3. I think prime appearance should stay limited to the prime warframes. In my opinion it would make them less special if "normal" warframes would be able to use prime appearance. Default regulator skin is so obvious I really thought it's already in the game and I was kinda suprised when I couldn't find it. I think they will sooner or later add it to the game maybe nobody has noticed that it's missing ^^ Until then I will use "normal" Mesa.
  4. Thank you all so much you really helped me! I didn't think of Valkyr because I don't own her prine version yet but thats a good reason to finally get her. So I think I will go for umbral Valkitty ^^
  5. Hi, I would love to hear some veteran players advices on which frame I should use my Umbral Forma on. I'm relative new to the game (MR 12) and did not get the first Umbral Forma so this will be my first one. My current favorite frames are Mesa, Wisp and Khora and I already found umbral builds for all of them but I'm not shure if they will make the best choice. So please share your opinions with me. 🙂
  6. A few weeks ago I reported that the sirocco armors energy color wasn't changing. It seems that bug got fixed but since then my kavats energy color appears purple when it is supposed to be green. I noticed that the energy colors of other players kavats have the same bug. The energy color of any abilities appears in it's usual color. Thanks again in advice for fixing! Edit: Added screenshots of the original energy color (before the armor bug was fixed) and the new energy color bug. Original energy color: Broken energy color:
  7. Does the mentioned energy color fix include kavats energy color?
  8. I'm new to the whole process, how long does an update stay in cert for normal? I'm so excited for the update, thank you DE for your great work!
  9. On PS4 WTB smeeta kavat imprints with leaf tail/tuffed ears/lilac energy. Fur colour doesn't matter!
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