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  1. The latest round of translations have been integrated, and should be making their way into the next build.

    157 German updates from Clemonde, philversprechend, Sh3pp4rd, Tillomaticus

    51 Spanish updates from RareApo

    148 French updates from Kreylan

    57 Italian updates from kreel

    282 Japanese updates from Gashin, HanbunDake, k1sEy, lunarian,

    59 Korean updates from Cushion, Luminol

    106 Polish updates from barrakketh, Flugcojt, iffyJinx, mkot, SabreUr, Troold, Wac3

    438 Portuguese updates from AbnerFreitas, Goggles, Orphen, ruivoml, Vethis

    195 Russian updates from B1ind, Dyshes, FedorHooch, Grayscarr, Moloxix, n7snk, NGRazeR

    53 Ukrainian updates from dantistnfs

    139 Chinese updates from AlexLee, Keinez, Krisstina, nicwu

    Props to the Portuguese, Japanese and Russian teams for the huge amount of updates from them, and a big thank you to all of our Tenno Translators for the efforts they have put in. We really appreciated what you guys are doing for us!



    This weekend I am gonna dive deep in the files, there are some stuff to be fixed.


  2. This is also my favorite rifle, and yes, there are problems with the zoom and the head of your warframe, and I also think it makes a lilttle damage compared with the Lex Hand Gun, I mean the bullets of the hand guns aren't as big and fast as a rifle bullet, so IMO, Latron should make more damage per bullet.

  3. Same speed, Higher damage, more accurate. Imagine the lex, only shooting two bullets, where the second one lands above.

    So is not that good for long range head shots, you will be wasting 1 bullet, so probably is better a LEX with multiple shots right?

  4. I've never been stunned while using the Scindo, I don't use charge attacks. I think you're wrong, you may want to check it out.

    When fighthing infecteds with Scindo, you dont get staggered too much, when the blow animation starts you are like a rock untill the animation finish, only leapers can get you down. Only when the animation stops is when you can be staggered, but if you keep spaming "E" you will keep hiting multiple enemies without being staggered.

  5. Infected maps are not easy, but not that hard... you just need skills and good equipment, due to the natural melee atacks of infected is easier to take them with your melee weapons, and you can take them easier if you are using a heavy melee weapon, they hit multiple enemies, like scrindo + frezze mod, you will slow down and hit many enemies in one blow, figthing ancients, you just jump-attack on them to knock them down, and you will have a ~5 seconds windows to hit them witouth getting hit (with melee weapon+freeze mod). I solo pacific many times to farm rubedo and only use my melee weapon

    One last thing, Infected are resistant to Electricity damage, and Ancients are inmune to it.

    So Volt is not the best frame to fight Infected

  6. I'm sure everyone have their own opinion on what's the best sword etc, but personally I'm loving the Jaw Sword. The attacks are as powerful as Chronus, it's fast enough like any other sword and more importantly the jump attack has a very decent range. While it takes a couple of hits with other swords, you can destroy a reactor with a single jump attack using the Jaw Sword.

    I also do that with skana/chronus/scindo...

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