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  1. Update 5 is coming. It’ll be our largest update yet. It’s been almost two months since the Warframe Closed Beta began, and I think it’s fair to say our small yet awesome group of Beta testers plus a dedicated forum group have already made a huge difference to development on Warframe.

    Most of us lived through the great account reset of October, and continued on with guns and swords blazing. It’s been wild so far, and this is just the beginning!

    Our next Update, (#5), is going to be huge. We have locked down the build this week to do some internal testing before we unleash it to you but here’s what you can expect:

    • New mission structure
    • New card system
    • Platinum purchasing
    • More players
    • More everything!

    TL;DR: Update 5 is coming and lots of things are changing.


    How big will be the Donwload? so we can take our precautions :)

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