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  1. Just cheese em with a terry build chroma on vex armor 😂🤣 1hitter he works really well for the flydolon btw 😉😉 7min42s
  2. Reload the game go dashboard and close the application (press start then select quit) and relaunch
  3. Stay cool [DE]Taylor keep up the good work capture those pesky fugitives
  4. #roguesaturnsixfugitiveshavefirebombedtheserver #spymissionfailedserverpurging
  5. Totally gutted had just pressed Y on a rnd 30 hydron
  6. Our whole clans locked out the game at the moment. ever since the eidolon plains remaster came out the servers have been soo laggy and full of dc's never had this before the update we dont care about fashion right now we want server stability and current bug fixes plzz
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