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  1. PLATFORM: Nintendo switch CONTROLER: both joycon and nintendo switch procontroller STEPS TO PERFORM BUG: Whenever you try to enter the piloting mode or forward artillary and leave you might be ejected back into the pilot or forward artillary wasting alot of time. SPECIFICS: It is very random, i tried holding the controller button and tried to not insert any imput and it happens randomly anyway, about 33-50% of the time.
  2. Alright i didn't have acces to the closed server but i have seen bronzimes stream and his psa video so im going to grab some points from him and add a few extra notes in that i think are needed. 1]Enemies[ For the most part well recieved except that damage avionic for railjack is currently still a bit too weak. Current stat gives a 120% damage boost, increasing it to 200% would be sufficient for veil proxima. 2] Movement[ Feels much better but boosting is not worth it. Change it to -50% original boost instead of -75% and boost boosting regeneration. Automatically deactivating the boost when stamina is fully depleted would be a good QoL change that could come 3]Parts transferring[ Currently costs too many resources a 50% refund when fusing would be a good comprimise 4]Weapons [ Changes are overall an improvement but there are still some key points that needs to be adressed. - Falloff damage reduction is too high (90%) reducing it to 50% would be better -Range of weapons is on some weapons too low. -Cryophon in general, it needs to generate less heat and needs to get some of its range back. Currently also has issues with distroying barrier from crewships as it hits an invunerable hitbox first before it hits a node which eliminates the shot. 5]Avionics [ Arguably the worst part of the update, most changes especially on nerf side are bad. Battle avionics are now in a worse spot. - Revert changes on munitions vortex - Particle ram can stay as is but damage needs an improvement. - Void hole needs more duration but less than it used to have, 16-20 seconds is a middlepoint. - For other avionics they are still not worth using due to two key points. a) lack of substantial damage. They need good scaling damage, especially ones focussed on damage. b) Severe lack of range, most avionics need at least 300m+ range for them to work appropriatly. - Lastly there is a lack of avionic space to put in all slots. To change that reactor avionic boosts need to increased, on averige by 30. Zekti: 110 avionic space. Lavan: 120 avionic space. Vidar: 130 avionic space. Zetki having 110 space allows it at least to have all mandatory slots in and actually compete and maybe considered by for example its greater flux pool. - Lastly some high costing avionic needs a (very little) adjustment. Main offenders being Hullweave, Bulkhead and ripload having 17 cost. Needs to be ajusted to 15. These are the changes i heard from others, bronzime and some of my own.
  3. Abillity one: Curling finger Discription: An cyclable abillity like titania profiding three diffrent buffs each giving a powerfull buff but it comes at a big cost Energy cost: 25 Duration: 30 seconds Buff one: boosts your primary and secondary damage output by 250% base but reduces your remaining projectile speed by -75% Buff two: boosts melee damage output by 500% however cuts status chance, crit chance and crit damage in half. Buff three: Boosts parkour velocity by 50% by however cuts speed in half Clauses: a.)Only one buff can be active at the same time, selecting a new one will overwrite the last one. b.)Buffs scale with power strenght, debuffs do not scale. c.) Parkour velocity scales with parkour velocity mods and speed boosting mods ironically. d.) Animation time is minimal or none, instant buffs and instant change in your playstyle.
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