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  1. Is the fix for decorating also a part of this update? I just didn't see it mentioned in the notes.
  2. On closer inspection, once you hover over an item it reverts back to string text in the dojo, so this solution did not work.
  3. Thank you for addressing this. Just for feedback, resetting my defaults did not fix this problem. EDIT: This worked for the dojo but not the orbiter
  4. Switch Players still cant use decorate feature after weeks of waiting. When will this be fixed? Will we get a separate contest to give us a fair chance to enter?
  5. The graphics are also super glitchy everywhere. I was running POE and random color bursts and glitching graphics on landscape terrain was everywhere. This isn't the only place of course as I have also noticed the glitching in the void on my capture missions as well. But the decorating options are really annoying as I cant change anything anywhere.
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