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  1. Yay! I can finally finish Zephyr, Rubico, Gram, and Tiberon Primes lol I've only needed one part for each of them for at least a year :) Thanks DE!
  2. You don't get the loot if you fail, but you do get the experience. So take that experience and learn from your mistakes. 😛 *This message is not directed at any individual in particular and is intended to be sarcasm. Have a nice day! 🙃
  3. This bug was fixed with the latest hot fix.
  4. You're right. SG-1 was unpopular. That's why it went 10 seasons and spawned 2 spin off series 😛 /sarcasm lol Actually they are. A screenplay/script and all it's contents, including character names fall under Literary Works copyright laws. A tv show/movie and it's contents fall under Motion Picture copyrights. Just like any original musical soundtracks fall under Sound Recording copyrights. Believe it or not, there is actually a Likeness Copyright to protect an actor/performer's likeness so their image or likeness can't be used without permission. Silly huh lol
  5. Didn't she voice a character in Destiny 2? One of the vendors. That was my first thought.
  6. Thanks for this....2 days AFTER I completed Rising Tide quest and built a railjack to have access to the Plexus....😒
  7. My operator is not well geared and I just completed this mission. What sucks is this is the mission you have to do to get the Valkyr and Nyx Prime relics. Drop table says the relics are in caches. To me this seems like too much work to only have a 4.35% chance of getting the relics.
  8. Is there a prerequisite to have access to the plexus? Because I don't have the console on my orbiter.
  9. Same thing here. I didn't see anything in the patch notes/announcement about any requirements to have access to the plexus. I don't own a railjack and never did the rising tide quest. I had no plans to build my own railjack. I'm a one man clan lol The plexus is not on my orbiter either. So there has to be some prerequisite to access it.
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