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  1. I'd like to join Syndicate Syngergy I'm currently MR 14 I have over 400+ hours of gameplay I enjoy learning new things :0
  2. I'm a beta player, playing from a long time ago. I'm currently looking to join a clan! IGN: Heavenus MR:14 I'd like to continue the legacy of veteran players nad help new players carry the torch
  3. Mastery Rank : 14 Country: USA IGN: Heavenus I'm currently looking for a clan to grow and play with for quite some time. I'm 4 years strong, since the beginning and would like to create a bonding experience with a guild, thank you!
  4. Sincerely speaking, I hope to join your clan. I've been playing this game since the beginning (4 years) and watched it grown. Thank you so much! IGN: Heavenus
  5. I'm sorry to be a bother but if you can reinvite me? For some reason, I accepted the guild invite but I wasn't able to get in. I'm completely sorry for the inconvenience
  6. In-Game Name: HeavenusMastery Rank: 14Country: USAPreferred clan: This onePrevious clan: I was in noobleDo you have Discord?:NoAnything we should know about you?: I've been playing the game for over 4 years. I'm extremely excited to this clan and really wish to get involved within it.
  7. Can I get an invite :D? I know I may seem new but I'm not, I'm starting a separate account :D IGN: PureHearts and this is for my second account IGN: Heavenus (main account)
  8. Nickname (if you carry another outside of the game or want to be called a certain way): Heavenus Steam Userpage (Or PM me your steamname for an alternate way to contact you!): http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198128342737/home Age (Since the game is mature, I have to ask this): 18 What are your goals in Warframe? (Fun, Getting all the cool Stuff, etc...) : It's to actually have fun and help as many people as possible :D Do you have a Headset/Microphone and would you hang out on Teamspeak with us? (not required, but helpful) : Not really, I only do chat texting Why do you want to join Warfurs? It's amazing how the cat was mixed into the Lotus :D I have a kitten and it makes me crazy to join this CLAN XDDDD Were you brought here by another Warfurs member? (And if so, what is their Name?) None, I found this during my search for a clan
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