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  1. Ah, I was wondering if it was only the trickster, as it's more of a blur effect, where other ephemeras add stuff. Guess it's more than that.
  2. Yeah, this is strange. Somehow the Kavat Genetic Code now looks like a Genetic Imprint. It doesn't look like genetic code anymore.
  3. Well I guess that idea is toast. I really wish something would've happened. Although I do see the Lich-controlled areas now have little icons, so that's nice.
  4. This is the retired Greater Hall. The lighting resets as if you've entered a new tile if you look down while your head is at the ceiling. It also happens if you crouch and look up.
  5. I'm so glad ephemeras are being added to sentinels/pets, but it would be nice if they worked.
  6. It's definitely worth it. I've never gotten less than perfect using Equinox. I got Equinox Prime just for animal catching, because I still need to farm the basic Equinox... hmm.
  7. I've always had V-sync on, so it never goes above my monitor's refresh rate. That said, I'm getting drops to maybe 5 or 10fps. GTX 970, I5-3570k, 16GB RAM, Win 7 Ultimate... And like I said, this has only been since The Old Blood.
  8. You can literally sleep the sawgaw. It doesn't matter if you aren't invisible. It works even better for them because the hitbox issue is completely dissolved.
  9. Equinox's sleep works on animals, and is pretty much a guaranteed perfect capture. It's 10x easier than trying to stealth Ivara the thing. Also makes it easy to catch multiple animals like Pobbers.
  10. What, it was supposed to do that from the beginning?
  11. I'm not really interested in previous star charts. I'm only interested in improvements to the current one. Even if they don't have a specific icon for each type of mission, they should at least expand and show each available mode. Thank you for the support! Hopefully something will come of the discussion.
  12. Yeah, I've noticed when first joining missions it'll drop frames, the same as my orbiter, but not as consistently.
  13. This a a bit obnoxious. These lights, man. Why do they need to flicker?
  14. You can press Tab while hovering over a relic to see where it drops, and it'll say if it's vaulted. Although, a vaulted icon on the relic would be really nice!
  15. The current map node design is getting increasingly confusing with so many variable missions. Simple dots for a mission require a mouse hover to find specific types, such as Capture. An icon for each type of mission would be much appreciated! It would be nice if nodes show an icon for the type of mission they are, but still be overwritten like they are now if there's an invasion, fissure, etc. On top of that, the "click-to-see-what-missions-are-available" system is quite outdated. The node should expand on hover, showing all available types for the user to then select their preferred mission. You can see my concept image for the idea:
  16. I've been getting really bad frame rate every time I enter my orbiter ever since The Old Blood update dropped. It's as if the game is stuck for a minute trying to load something, after which I have fantastic frame rate again. It may have to do with the many decorations I have, but they haven't caused any performance issues until The Old Blood was released. Also, for crying out loud, why do I still have to go up to - and nearly touch - my glyph displays for them to load and show their selected glyphs?
  17. Here's a concept I just made on Photoshop for how Nodes could expand to show all types of missions:
  18. This sounds like a fantastic idea! As far as nodes with multiple missions, I would suggest it show the "rarest" type of mission. For example, (low to high priority): Base Node, Nightmare, Fissure, Syndicate, Kuva Lich. I would also suggest it pop-out all the different icons on hover, showing each available type. The player could then hover over each icon to see the mission details, and click to start whichever they want.
  19. And please, for the love of God, don't put it behind a "Prime Accessories" pack.
  20. Thanks! What's with the change to the Wolf Salute? Also, how does one trade a Kuva Lich?
  21. You can color his pretty well. I personally think the Rubedo plating should stay how it is. The energy pulses can even be changed already. Scratch that bit, different color Rubedo plating would look sweet!
  22. Well like the title says, there's a layering issue with Emblems being behind the mod screen when the Warframe isn't also there.
  23. Ever since double Energy/Emissive colors were added, the Asa Phased Syandana has been colorable via Energy Color #1, which is fantastic, but it has an odd green hue that I can't get around. Think maybe it can be tweaked to allow for better customization? I would also love it if Vauban's Phased skin could change color. It would also makes sense for the Phased skins to use the Emissive colors, rather than Energy. P.S. I didn't bring this up sooner in fear of losing the current customizability. Please don't remove it. Reds and Oranges still work decently.
  24. This is a widespread issue since The Old Blood update. It's buggy, and animations are broken. (i.e. I was holding the spear in the wrong hand despite it tracking the right hand, meaning the spear was just flying around)
  25. So I was using my Wolf Salute, but I noticed he now waves his hand like if he's trying to play a Jedi mind trick. I don't care for this change. Can it be reverted? I like to stand with crossed arms, like how sitting and meditating are endless emotes. If the emote "levels up", and it's doing that now because I've earned the emote twice, would you please have the wave before the crossed arms, and make his crossed arms endless? Thanks for your consideration!
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