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  1. [Edit: When typing this, I had not found out that The Wolf would not be leaving at the end of Saturn Six. This fact changes...almost everything, really. The issues with the wolf? Almost all caused by him being a short-time thing. If he becomes a permanent part of the game, Wolf's issues are ALL fixed. The time-limited rewards? Most of the rewards that could disappear could very easily become part of the Wolf's drop-table at some point in the future. Those that couldn't could be obtained through other ways (except the umbra forma, but that's probably coming). I still cannot stand the structure of Nightwave and love how parameters can be messed with in an alert to give players some unique experiences. Also, the cred marketplace is just giving the game another currency (which disappears at some point). It's also really annoying that this whole tale never involved any player interaction (through the syndicates?). Overall, I'm still not happy with Nightwave, but I will still occasionally check my radio...but, it still needs to be removed.] So, now that Nightwave is winding down, here are my final thoughts about this whole...thing. As far as my gaming habits are concerned, Nightwave does not exist. The "story" of this whole even barely existed, the replacements for Alerts were structured like a really bad mobile phone game and FELT LIKE IT, and DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON THE WOLF! I cannot think of a single positive element of Nightwave, other than the end of season 1 being a perfect time to remove it from the game. In the interest of not feeling bullied into playing a game, I'm pretending that Nightwave was a figment of my imagination and never interacting with the ship radio. I fixed your game for you. You're welcome, DE. [Edit, with what I now know about how things will work going forward, I'm really sorry I said this. I still have issues with this update, but, with my new understanding of how the wolf would be part of the game going forward, my final comment became very inappropriate, and I apologize.]
  2. Look, I appreciate what you're trying to do here, but grind will always be a difficult pill for people to swallow. Time-restricted grind? Even harder...but time-restricted grind with rewards that may never be available again? ...I've been grinding my backside off for series one, and you know what? I'm done. Not just with the event, with Warframe...for at least a week, maybe several, maybe into the months. I was trying to have fun with this process, and I just...can't anymore. I still want the drops from the wolf and the rewards I haven't gotten up to, but...I need to STOP. Nightwave seems like it's trying to get people to cram as much playtime into a short period of time as possible, and for a FTP game that needs people to be invested, that's a TERRIBLE idea. My advice? Turn the Saturn 6 escapees into a sub-faction of Greneer. Either have them show up as alerts or invasions (or as a version of the sorties) with rewards gained that way. I do appreciate you giving out slots for weapons and frames for free. That is a kind gesture.
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