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  1. It's not just PC... I note that the countdown timer shows that there will be new offerings in just over 4hrs so lets hope that changes things.
  2. The same thing applies to the MR19 test. It seems that the enemy detection range has been significantly increased with the recent update. I remember doing the MR9 test using Ivara for her innate enemy sense and absolutely breezed through it first time. I've done several practice runs on MR19 today and only managed it twice using Skiajati. Sadly I failed the actual qualify. I also tried it using Redeemer Prime which seemed promising, until one of the Grineer enemies spotted me on the starting post from the other side of the map (had to be 50m+ away). I also suspect that mods weren't taking effect as I had Enemy Sense, Stealth Drift and Vigilante Pursuit equipped and I could see an enemy on a platform just below me yet they were not showing up on the radar. The MR tests should be difficult, but shouldn't require you to have a certain frame or certain weapons just to make them possible.
  3. I have to agree. "Liberate the camp" is my most hated bounty on PoE. I can't remember how many times I've failed it because I couldn't find any enemies to kill. Increasing enemy count when solo, or decreasing the size of the area to defend I think would help. Not having the areas spawn around deep tunnels, or keeping enemy spawns to the surface just for that mission (or solely underground if the start point is underground) would also help. I'm not fond of the Armored Vault bounty either but at least that one is generally doable solo... well as long as you don't have gunships and/or thumpers spawning on top of you as well, like I did today. Defend the drone can be very boring or full on crazy depending on the path the drone takes. I know I've had at least one of these where I saw zero enemies from start to finish. But by the same token I've had others where the drone paths right through an enemy base, complete with turrets and all and I had to work my butt of to keep the thing alive. I'm not sure how that one could be made more consistent. Having the drone get stuck is a pain. It would be nice to be able to trigger the drone to follow you, like you can do with the specters, so that you can move it away from where it gets stuck, then release it to resume a path to the target. OV Defend the Coildrive is the single reason that I don't run solo bounties on OV any more. Even with a decent defense frame like Frost or Gara and a specter to assist I've struggled to keep the Coildrive safe. If I absolutely must do bounties on OV, I'll run them until this mission comes up and then abandon the bounty. I agree with 5pp33y_01, the coildrive is Corpus and should have less overall health than say the Grineer drone or vault, but right now I think the health/shield values are far too low. Slowing down the enemy spawn rates when playing solo might also help as it could give the Coildrive shields a chance to recharge.
  4. No, I was playing solo at the time. Normally I'm careful about which way the wind is blowing, but there's every chance that I got it wrong that time.
  5. Oh good, it's not just me... My Raplak Prism amp used to one shot the Vormalysts to ghost, second shot to kill. Now I'm having to unload multiple shots to take them down, even low rank (Lv 20?) ones. I can't tell if this has changed for any other enemy as I seldom use operator mode outside of hunting Vormalysts.
  6. I had noticed this with the Sawgaws but had thought that I must have been hitting the fungus. Ditto with being detected while invisible (Ivara's Prowl active, Pobbers bolted when close). I don't know if this is a bug or not, but I'm sure that previously only poop/call spots for animals that you owned a lure for would appear. I've started seeing poop/call spots for all animals now, even the ones I don't own the lure for.
  7. I'm starting to feel like all I do is complain about this game now, which sucks because apart from the bugs I really enjoy it. This one has happened to me a few times now and it leaves me scratching my head... I start a new public mission, no squads are found so the countdown timer starts for a new mission with me being the host. I pause the countdown to wait for other players. Other players join the squad and the countdown restarts. As soon as the countdown reaches zero, before the mission even begins to load I get a "host migration in progress" message. Now keep in mind that in theory I should be the host at this point. When the game does load, I often end up as player 2 or 3 so definitely no longer the host. WTH is going on? Like the last few bugs I have reported, this one isn't consistent. Additional info: I am playing in the North America region even though my home region would be Oceania, which makes me wonder if the game is automatically selecting a new host based on better latency for other players. If anyone can confirm this, that would be great. This only started happening after the Wukong Prime update.
  8. And had this again just now. Capture Invasion mission on Saturn. Public match but only me present. Captured the target and the green marker appears over 400m away. It doesn't show up on the mini-map at all which means that I now have to explore the whole map just to find the extraction point. Not what I need when I'm running a weak frame and just want to get the mission done quickly. I'd post screenshots but I quit the game in frustration.
  9. Three times in the last three days I've had stuck doors in Void Relic missions. In all cases a security lockdown was triggered turning the door yellow (locked) but when the lockdown is released even though the door turns green again it won't open and no one in the party can get through the door. In one mission I was lucky enough that two players were on the other side of the door when it locked down and they were able to extract. In the other two cases the only option was to abort the mission. Even triggering the Air Support Security Override didn't allow for the door to be opened. I think all three have been on Corpus tilesets but I'm not 100% certain on that. On the most recent occurrence I was the host of a public match. I don't recall if I was hosting on the earlier ones. I love playing Warframe but the recent array of bugs are starting to become frustrating to the point that I don't want to play any more.
  10. Hmm I hadn't considered Slash procs, I suspect that you may be right. It's a shame we can't see what procs (if any) are affecting the operative.
  11. Bumping this thread because I noticed this again in the rescue mission of today's Sortie. The hostage was taking damage to their health while they still had 80%+ shield remaining. Rescue mission, Eximus Stronghold, no Nox or other toxin damage enemies (that I could see) nearby. Am I the only one who has noticed this?
  12. I noticed the other day while doing a Sortie Defense mission that the Operative the team was defending was taking damage to health even though they still had over half their shield remaining. At first I assumed that the mission was under an Enemy Elemental Enhancement and that they were being dealt toxin damage. But when I rechecked the mission afterwards that modifier wasn't applying. I think the enemy faction was Grineer and there were no Nox in sight. I saw the same thing again the following day with Corrupted enemies and again no Elemental Enhancement. Is this a bug or does the Operative's shield work differently to every other shield in the game?
  13. I've seen this a few times lately. It always seems to be in Void tileset missions and is always when the extraction marker appears. For some reason rather than identifying the path via the closest door or tile edge, the marker comes up on a door several tiles away. At times this can be very frustrating to find, especially when you're trying to rush the mission. For me this isn't happening consistently, but frequently enough to be annoying. DE I'd love this to be fixed!
  14. I've been experiencing a similar bug on PS4 for a couple of weeks now. Only twice has Valkyr become completely stuck, immune to damage but unable to fight, change weapons or even reactivate skills. I did manage to open a locker but I couldn't assist in a revive. So far this has only happened in public matches and not when i have been playing solo. More regularly, when exiting Hysteria Valkyr gets stuck in the animation and won't fire the Primary or Secondary weapons unless I first attack with melee or force a weapon swap. Have you been seeing this as well? I also note that there is someone who has posted a similar issue on the Xbox One bugs area.
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