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  1. My two cents worth... I like that we now have a bit of diversity in the Railjack missions, or at least more to do than just the old Skirmish. However... The Defense missions take way too long. There's enough to do just getting in to the Defense itself, then we have 5+ rounds in the slowest Defense map. Don't get me wrong, I like the look of the map, the problem is that it's just too big. Sitting on the Defense target and waiting for the enemy to come to you takes ages. Roam around the map and you're liable to end up miles away fro where the enemy actually is. For the record, I don't par
  2. I like the Plexus, though I'm still figuring out optimal mod configurations. I am slightly disappointed that this is being used as yet another Forma sink. My only other feedback so far is that Railjack armaments still feel weaker than I think they should. Even with max rank Hyperstrike, Predator and Section Density, MKIII Zekti or Vidar Apoc/Carcinnox, I can still do more damage to fighters and cannon emplacements with my Mausolon in archwing than I can using the Railjack turrets. Somehow this doesn't seem right to me.
  3. A quick skim through shows that most of these have been added here already, I'm repeating only for emphasis... Pilot role AI - would be really helpful if they would line up on targets (according to the current objectives) when you jump into the Artillery. As a few people have pointed out, they won't line up on Crewships or the Reactor weakpoints when needed. Manually lining them up and jumping into the Artillery is fine as long as you remember to switch the pilot to another role first, otherwise they'll jump back in the pilot seat and fly away. I've missed multiple shots because of this..
  4. I've tried this on console (PS4) and it seems to have no effect. Square is the normal reload button for Primary/Secondary weapons. No matter what heat level the turret/pilot gun is at, pressing Square doesn't seem to do anything. Heat recovery looks to be about the same.
  5. Looks like I'm a bit late to the party here, but will add my own experience. I've been playing WF for just on two years now, last check was somewhere around 1500 hrs. I joined a friends Ghost clan back when I started but for the last year I have been the only active member (of a full 10 members). At the time I joined, clan research was probably about 50% done, the Hema being one that had been ignored due to the cost. I've worked my way through the remaining research and have done everything except the Hema, the Gravimag and biggest of the Bio Lab pizzas (can't remember which one it is off the
  6. That bounty has been broken for months now. As soon as you've done the terminal once, it won't reset until you enter Fortuna. I'm not sure about whether tripping the alarms makes a difference as I always seem to trip them no matter how stealthy I try to be.
  7. I think I'm going to have to test this out. I wasn't aware that this worked on the Sentinel as well.
  8. @Authoritycat I'm with you on this one. My max rank, decently modded Oxylus died the other day due to an elec proc from a Lvl 7 Terra Trencher. Four ticks, dead. Revived through Prime Regen, hit again, dead. From a low level enemy! As the Sentinels don't produce much of a threat level, unless they have a decent weapon equipped, it seems to me that it is AoE damage and/or procs that do the majority of the damage. I'd like to have some way to at least add some status resistance to sentinels - currently AFAIK this isn't possible.
  9. It's not often that I use a Sentinel these days, given that Kavats, Vulpaphylas and even MOAs are far more useful, but I was running around today with my maxed rank Oxylus equipped. With my current mod setup, the sentinel had 600 health (1 rank off max), 300 shield (3 ranks off max) and 50 armor (standard). I headed into OV to do the bounties for this week's nightwave. On the lowest level bounty I was attacked by a level 7 Terra Trencher using his electric pulse slam attack. While it did nothing to my Valkyr Prime, I watched as it did four ticks of what I presume was Elec Proc damage to
  10. Try using the console just inside the door to rename the Helminth, then try accessing the chair again. I know that has worked for a few people.
  11. Thank you! Based on the specs, that's an amazingly fast SSD. No wonder it's making a huge difference!
  12. A simple client only setting would solve this. We can already do it for Railjack, so why not for the rest of Warframe?
  13. I logged on an hour and a half ago expecting to do the daily sortie, only to find that it was showing 41mins remaining until the changeover. Strange, but ok whatever. I also had a forma building in the foundry that had 31 minutes remaining. I go and do a couple of waves of Hydron to pass the time (10, 10 and 20) and notice that periodically I'm getting "Network is not responding" messages, although the game is playing fine and there is no lag in the public matchups. I come back to do the sortie again... 41 mins remaining. I check my foundry... forma is still showing 31 minutes remaining. I log
  14. I've used an SSD as the PS4 internal drive for some time now and while Warframe does load faster it wasn't significantly so (in some games it made a massive difference, others not so much). Surely the external USB couldn't be faster? Out of curiosity, what brand and size of SSD are you using?
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