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  1. Yep, still do them most days. Mostly in the hope of free boosters cause I'm too lazy to trade right now. The only ones I tend to avoid are Spy missions with Toxin element or the Ambulas or Lephantis assassinations just cause they take too long.
  2. I can't say I've seen this before and it sounds like you've already deleted and re-downloaded the game. The only thing I can think of to try would be a database rebuild. You can see how to do it here: https://www.androidcentral.com/how-make-your-playstation-4-faster-database-rebuild Be prepared that it might take some time depending on how big your hard drive is and how much you have installed.
  3. Wait, what?!? I had to read that twice to make sure I'd read it right. Honestly, I think that's pure gold right there. I've been floating around 15 mil credits for some time now. Unfortunately there's still things I need to buy and still mods to finish maxing out. That said, I did trade with someone the other day that had over 200 mil credits. It's the first time I've seen that much on another player, outside of the Dev build streams.
  4. Any luck with this? I notice that it's still happening.
  5. I agree with you on the fishing. As stupid as it sounds, fishing away from the hotspots in Deimos seems far more likely to spawn fish. The only exception I've found is the cave with three entrances at the bottom of the map. It often has a hotspot and fish seem to spawn there regularly. I also agree on the mining balance, particularly gems. I always seem to have a lack of Heciphron, which should be common.
  6. What frame are you using? Someone else posted a bug yesterday that this was happening in Deimos while using Excalibur Umbra. Several people have been able to replicate it on all platforms. I just wonder if your bug is related.
  7. I was doing low level sabotage missions today for the Nightwave task and decided to look up the reward table in the exceedingly small hope that I might be able to get a Xiphos part, and the rewards table has me scratching my head. For the 2nd cache, there are 6 rewards listed as 400 Endo (all with different percentages, totaling over 62%) and yet for the 3rd cache there are three possible Endo reward of 80, 150 and 160 (15%, 15% and 5% respectively) . Shouldn't the rewards get bigger the more caches you find? Judging by the tables, a whole lot of rewards got moved out of this table a
  8. I've noticed recently that sometimes the Corpus Security cameras, even on a low level mission, survive being hit by a high powered non-hitscan weapon. For example, I was doing a solo mission on Ishtar, Venus today with a fully modded Arca Plasmor and a Catchmoon kitgun. Both weapons, while completely decimating Corpus units in a single shot, occasionally removed only the shields from the security cameras. In one case, I fired the catchmoon at the camera while directly underneath it. The damage indicator showed a blue 37,000 impact damage and yet the camera continued to stare at me from th
  9. I just tried this out on both PC and PS4. While I couldn't replicate it consistently, on both platforms I fell through the floor when transferring back in to Excal Umbra while in a tunnel. In both cases I was solo, so definitely not lag related. Interesting side note: on PC I was eventually set back in the tunnel and could carry on without doing anything further. On PS4, I kept being "reset" below the tunnel and continued falling on into infinity. Using /unstuck did bring be back on PS4 but wasn't needed on PC.
  10. I've noticed that there isn't a notification on PS4 like there is on PC. For me, if I leave the relay it appears at the top of the main window, just like a normal booster does. Does it show there at all for you?
  11. Pretty sure that was one of the changes in the patch notes of a recent update. I can't recall why they did it, but AFAIK it's intentional. Update: Found the patch note in here: Interestingly, it was only supposed to be for the Orokin Defense mission. I could be wrong, but I think it's happening for all Defense missions.
  12. This issue has been around for at least as long as I've been playing (2 years), but seems to be happening far more frequently of late. AFAIK DE has never formally acknowledged it, despite many, many bug report posts. I imagine that it's quite difficult to replicate, let alone isolate a fix. I still hold out hope that it might be addressed in a future update.
  13. I've had this with Wukong Prime in Cambion Drift. Starting from the Necralisk, if you try to activate any abilities before you've passed under the gap that the Necramech is holding up, the abilities become stuck. I don't know why this is. I always make sure I'm clear of that and heading down that first hill before I summon my twin!
  14. Were the other players a member/supporter of the syndicate you were doing the mission for? I had this with a clanmate once. He was doing a mission for New Loka, for which I was an enemy (Steel Meridian/New Veil positive standing, New Loka/Perrin Sequence Negative standing), and the medallions didn't appear for me at all. We tried it the other way around where I started a Steel Meridian mission and the same happened for him. That was over a year ago.
  15. Pass or fail, there is always a 24 hour wait time between Mastery Rank tests. I think this was implemented in the early days of Warframe to stop people maxing out their MR too quickly. Just to be clear, you can practice a test as many times as you like and as often as you like. But as soon as you attempt to qualify... 24 hour wait until you can try again or do the next one.
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