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  1. The missiles are definitely slower under laser guiding, but like you I only really started noticing it when Plague Star started. Maybe it becomes more obvious from using it in the Open Worlds?
  2. Leveling up Vox Solaris is a pain. I always found it was the Atmo systems that wouldn't drop. I recall doing Phase 1 and 2 missions over and over again until I got lucky and was able to level them up. All I can suggest is to keep at it and pray to RNGesus! 😁
  3. I read this and I had to go check. I just ran the Nightmare Granum Void with Mesa, solo. Maxed out energy using Energizing Dash or pizza before entering the Void and just used the Regulators. 75 kills done with 15 seconds remaining, and that was after dying once cause I wasn't paying attention. Mesa can still do it fine. I currently have the Regulators modded for Radiation damage, which should have been a negative. Corrosive should do the most damage. I've not had any luck using the Xoris as others have suggested, but your mileage may vary. IIRC you have to use the throw/explode mechanism which I find clunky on PS4 without remapping buttons. Might be easier on PC. Other options... Use Octavia's Mallet. Mod for Strength and Range. With a reasonable setup it wipes out the specters as they enter. You will need to move around a bit to pickup any time crystals - I also agree that the drop rate for these has decreased at some point, possibly when the Spectral Debris drops were added. I also had some success using the Larkspur Archgun as the beam chains between enemies. Mod for corrosive and keep moving. The Cortege would probably work even better as it has a higher damage.
  4. I personally couldn't think of anything worse. Even the crappy chess game on my phone drains the battery like there's no tomorrow, how much more would a full on shooter? Then there's the controls... <shudder> My gut feeling is that this is a push from the new owners of DE to make more money out of their IP. Unfortunately, I can see this changing Warframe from Free-to-Play to Pay-To-Win, and that's the last thing I want to see. Those development resources would put to better use fixing the bugs and making QoL changes in the existing game. Sure, mobile may be an untapped market, but at what cost?
  5. Personally I think there should be severe penalties for a host who leaves a non-endless mission after it has started. I mean fair enough if it's an emergency, but that would only be the rare occasion and not as frequent as it happens now. I like being able to see other players relics simply to see that they have a relic equipped. I don't care what it is, as long as there is a drop opportunity at the end of the mission. It's so annoying playing through an Axi level mission with a full squad only to be given 3 (or sometimes 2) choices because other players haven't equipped a relic - whether by choice or accident. Still I'm not going to quit unless I'm the only relic holder, and even then not as a host.
  6. I remember trying the SP Ropalyst solo and nearly throwing my controller through the screen. IIRC I got lucky in that he came up as a daily SP mission and I managed to find a squad that way.
  7. That... that's some sheer dedication right there. I'm utterly impressed! Just out of curiosity, how long did it take you?
  8. If you complete the bonus objective for all sections of the mission, you get a single extra bonus drop from the table alongside the additional standing.
  9. The news post on warframe.com says to check the in-game market so I'm guessing you'll find the discounted items there.
  10. Yep, I did it because I'm a bit of a completionist. Got my last frame - Trinity - about two weeks ago. Gauss is easy enough. Oberon used to be easy until they changed where he drops. I remember getting two full Oberon sets out of a single Eximus Stronghold Defense Sortie... Grendel is a pain but there are cheese ways to do it. The rest are just grind and luck. I bought Harrow the first time round and got lucky with my second or third attempt at the defection mission when I farmed him for Helminth. Generally I'll have one or two goes at a farming mission, then go do something else so that I don't get too bored. There's no real benefit, but of the ones you have remaining I would say Protea's ability is the most useful.
  11. In three years of playing I think only once or twice was I ever unable to locate the third cache, but there was always at least two. Which map or maps were you playing on? I'm wondering if it might be a bug with a specific map.
  12. Just bad RNG I'm afraid. I farmed her again recently for Helminth. I don't remember the actual number of attempts I made before the systems dropped but it was more than I care to remember. I'm still convinced that the RNG system has changed in the last year and has left some items dropping at rates far lower than the listed chance.
  13. Greetings fellow kiwi Tenno! As many people have pointed out, the daily bonus boosters are intended as a 'free taster' to hopefully get you to spend real money/platinum on the longer boosters. If boosters are an issue for you there are a couple of options. The daily bonus booster doesn't start until you collect it. If possible, don't log on until you know you're going to be spending a decent amount of time in game. The daily bonus boosters do get bigger the more days you log on. I'm up to 620 days (over the past three years) and I think my last daily bonus booster was 22 hours. Keep logging on! If you have a level 30 frame you could try doing the daily Sorties. There's a small chance for a 3-day booster as a reward. I think I had over a week's worth once because they kept dropping and they stack. Spend some plat on a 3 or 7-day booster. If you need plat, farming relics for prime sets and trading them is pretty easy and you can rank up your equipment while doing so. Trading does take a bit of patience, and I recommend switching your region to North America first as there are way more people online there than in Oceania. If you were on Playstation I would offer to help you out. Unfortunately my PC account is nowhere near as far along and my current laptop doesn't really handle Warframe very well. Hopefully you find a suitable answer!
  14. This!! Half the time I can't even see the unit that is shooting at me.
  15. Let me preface this bit of feedback by saying that I know DE have said that they are not interested in reworking older frames. Still, I am hopeful that someone might take some notice of the minor changes I am about to suggest… I’ve gone back to playing Hydroid over the last couple of days and experimenting with a couple of different builds. I love the design and artwork of the frame, but there are a couple of minor tweaks to his abilities that would make him just that much more playable. Hydroid has three reasonably good crowd control/denial of area abilities - Tempest Barrage, Undertow and Tentacle Swarm. But all three of these have issues. The major problem is casting time. There aren’t too many Warframe abilities that require or have the option of a charge up. Hydroid ends up with two of these abilities. Even with both Natural Talent and Speed Drift, both abilities take significant time to charge and cast making Hydroid susceptible to being damaged or worse missing the target. The next problem is Hydroid’s passive. I could be wrong here, but AFAIK no other frame has a passive that has a less than 100% chance to activate. The last problem is Undertow. What could be an excellent crowd control skill is absolutely hampered by energy costs, movement speed and a weird tentacle targeting issue. On to the suggestions… Passive: Make it a 100% chance on melee slam and leave everything else as is. Tempest Barrage: Remove the charge up completely. Damage and duration should be affected by ability rank, not charge up. Increase duration to 4/6/8/10 seconds. Leave everything else as is. Tidal Surge: Leave as is. Hydroid needs one skill to be subsumed/replaced 😊 Undertow: Tentacle grab to be automatic for up to 4/6/8/10 enemies within range. Remove energy cost for movement. Leave everything else as is. Tentacle Swarm: Either remove the charge up or reduce the charge time. Leave everything else as is. Other than Undertow, these should be relatively minor tweaks that allow Hydroid to perform better as a CC/Denial of Area frame. I know others have commented on Hydroid’s survivability, but I just don’t see it. Blessings Tenno!
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