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  1. I can confirm that I have seen this on the PS4 version, not consistently but enough to be noticeable. It does seem to be limited to the Crossfire Exterminate mission on Plato. I've only been playing since Jovian Concord came out so I can't comment on anything prior to that.
  2. It looks like your image hasn't loaded but if it's the one I think it is... Very tall room, elevator at one end, sometimes both. Between the two ends is a sort of ditch with a couple of doors in it. You scale the wall on the side next to the elevator to find a narrow ledge with row of four vents, one of which is open. Through there will be a few lockers and containers and a door which sometimes is yellow in color making it look like it can be unlocked somehow (I've never figured out how). If that's the one it also appears in the Derelict tile set. I've been meaning to post on here for ages to see if anyone hows if/how the yellow door can be opened but I can't be bothered signing up to an image site just so that I can post the screenshot.
  3. What? No forever alone glyph? And before the trolls start, yes I'm talking about for myself...
  4. Yes, when you put it like that I'd have to agree - unveiling should be easier than obtaining given the limits. I'd still like to have a way to reroll veiled rivens but that's just my personal preference. I think I'm missing something here - what do you mean by 4:1?. I don't trade many rivens, mainly just veiled ones that I can't be bothered doing, and only for 15-20 plat which seems to be the going rate on PS4. Edit: I just realised that maybe you meant the Riven Transmute that converts four unveiled rivens in to a new veiled one?
  5. I'm not sure how I feel about this. One the one hand there are Riven unlock requirements that are highly frustrating (headshot kills in aim glide I think is just the worst) and on the other hand you don't want it to be too easy to unlock Rivens. We already have other ways around this. Trading Rivens to get one with a different unlock requirement or getting someone you trust to unlock them for you. Now this I could get behind as long as it was limited to say once a week.
  6. I had someone the other day say "damn leechers" after a successful tridolon hunt. I expect that I was included in that statement even after I had a panicked rush to get more lures and charge them after we somehow got down to having just one on the last stage (something they didn't even seem to be aware of). You can learn in public (I did with the help of some of the guides) but chances are someone will take exception to it and start calling you various things, especially if/when you make a mistake. As you say, solo just won't work for learning these sorts of things. Totally agree with your sentiments about Little Duck. Still Rank 1 with Vox Solaris because like OP I can't get the Atmo/gyromag/repeller systems without doing the Orbs and I've failed the Profit-Taker mission (public) more times than I care to count, usually due to being one-shotted and running out of revives. I'd even be happy if the Atmo/gyro/repeller systems could be bought for plat - as long as the price isn't too ridiculous - as that would at least give a way to progress without getting frustrated.
  7. I've skimmed through this thread and as far as I can see no one has asked the simple question of why? Why would a player drop out of an endless mission at the first round? I'm sure there are many, many possible reasons. A few cases were I have done exactly this: In a void relic mission when players don't wait/work to get reactant before finishing the mission goals (usually Excavation type missions) AND don't respond to polite reminders to collect reactant first. Because I've realised that I have completely the wrong loadout and I don't want to just hide in a corner and leech Because something has happened offline that means I'm about to be AFK for longer than expected (phone call, arrival of unexpected guests etc) Because the host has for whatever reason decided to leave and I'm not about to risk losing rewards due to a host migration Because a player has in some other way been toxic and I'd rather not have my experience ruined How do we overcome this? Well for some instances you simply can't. Players are going to come and go as they please and everyone will have their own reasons for that. Plenty of people have already suggested recruitment chat or playing with your clan. I've never tried the former so I have no idea if it works or not. The latter is only good if you have a clan with active members. I do like kapn655321's suggestions of an algorithm to rate experiences with other players, I'm just not sure how that would be implemented. Short of that, it's simply playing solo. And I agree with OP that doing fissures solo just isn't effective when farming for parts.
  8. Love the idea! Makes sense given the ghoul bounties on PoE.
  9. Have you maxed out Ivara Prime herself yet? Keep in mind that the Artemis Bow is still an ability and it won't hit maximum capability until Ivara Prime is rank 30. It's the same with other frames that have Exalted Weapons. Valkyr's Talons for example seem pathetically weak until she hits rank 30, the the damage suddenly skyrockets. The damage of the Artemis Box also depends on whether you are charging the shot or not. Scratch that, all it does is reorient the arrow spread from vertical to horizontal. I haven't tried a status build myself. Status chance is split between the arrows so you'd need to get multiple hits to maximise your chances of a proc.
  10. Thanks for this. I'll have to have another go at this and see how it works out. I think the lack of Vigilante mods and a warframe that can buff has been part of the issue. BTW - how much plat do you need? 🤑
  11. Sounds like a loss of connectivity to the host. Bad internet or wifi connection maybe?
  12. I've got to be doing something wrong. Ignis Wraith used to be my go to weapon for everything using a corrosive/blast build (knock em off their feet and strip their armor while they're down) but lately it just seems to be... under-powered, particularly in Saturn/Void railjack. I started trying builds with Amprex (only 2 forma so far) but that seemed even worse. Acceltra on the other hand just decimates everything. I don't have a riven for either the Ignis or the Amprex, only just got one for Acceltra that has a small amount of Multishot but it was doing good damage prior to adding that. Are you both using Riven based builds? Back to OP, I agree that the standard auto rifles seem under-powered at high levels. Of the ones I've tried so far my favorite has been the Zenith, purely because I can change it in to semi mode and fire through walls.
  13. So looking forward to getting this update!
  14. I've only had a little experience myself with trading rivens. I know I got ripped off for the first one I bought for the Arca Plasmor. I haven't bought one since. I've sold a couple and learned later that they were much more valuable than I had priced them. Mostly I just transmute or dissolve unwanted ones now. Or give them away to my clan. Watching the trade chat I can tell that the riven trading could get quite toxic as people argue over what something is worth. Worse maybe are those looking for "trash rivens" for well known weapons and offering only a token amount of plat in exchange.
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