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  1. It's been a while since I used a machine with "spinning rust", but yes that can be normal. Ah, Murphys Law - when you're actually watching to see what goes wrong nothing will. RAM usage is a bit more interesting in Windows 10 as it preloads whatever it thinks will be necessary which artificially inflates usage. You might be better to use Resource Monitor (Resmon) to view memory usage. You're looking for the "In Use" total on the Memory tab. If that is approaching your total RAM (in this case 8GB) then you may have an issue. Note that both "Standby" and "Free" values are considered available, even though "Standby" memory is technically in use (hard to explain here but there are some good articles on Win 10 Memory management available). Aha!! A quick google of your CPU shows that it has a max rated temp of 72.6°C - it could be starting to clock down at that temp. I note that's a pretty old CPU (I run a laptop of the same generation) so I'd be checking to see how much dust is in the heatsink. A quick blast with some compressed air may just do the trick.
  2. Not a PC player, but ex-IT. It sounds to me like it could be an overheating problem with either the CPU or the graphics card. I'd suggest running some monitoring software like OpenHardwareMonitor to keep an eye on the temperatures and see if they are getting towards limits. Failing that, are you running an SSD or HDD? If you have an HDD there could be something else tying up the disk, although with 8GB RAM I wouldn't expect this to be an issue.
  3. Ah the dreaded host migration! Yep, been there, had that and not just with ESO. I lost 30 minutes worth of Arbitration rewards the other day because the host decided to leave and the game decided during the host migration that the rest of the squad had somehow failed the mission. I've also seen it with other endless missions, including relics, so now I keep a close eye on who the host is and what they are doing before I decide to continue - for ESO this means waiting until the host has gone through the conduit at the risk of missing it myself. I know that DE are looking at another issue with ESO where the timer stops and you stop getting end of round rewards. With a bit of luck, the two issues might be somehow related. Hey a guy can hope can't he?
  4. Chin up my friend. The forums can be a nasty place but not everyone is like that. I'm sure that there are many more people who have asked questions without doing any research first, it's a human thing to do. It doesn't give others a right to shame or abuse you. I'm sorry to hear that you have low self esteem. I know what that's like as I hated myself for many years. Believe me when I say that things do get better, but it is a journey and it can take some time. Unfortunately I'm not part of the "PC master race" 😁, but if you ever log in to your PS4 account again, look me up and we'll have a game.
  5. I had something similar happen the other day where enemies stopped spawning after the first box was destroyed. Timer countdown still caused the mission to fail though. Was this a one off or has it happened repeatedly?
  6. AFAIK there is no decay rate on the debt bonds. In fact I've just checked my account where I haven't acquired debt bonds in some weeks and they're still all in my inventory. It sounds to me like your account isn't updating correctly after you rank up or trade the bonds. The best thing I can suggest is that you log a support ticked with DE.
  7. Fixed now - thank you DE!
  8. Spotted this on the PC Bugs forum and it has been changed there to an Exterminate mission. DE can we please have the same on console?
  9. This test is most definitely possible on PS4 as I did it just the other day using Ivara/Skiajati (repeated test just to try it as I am MR20, and I failed first attempt). Yes it is a whole lot more difficult than it used to be due to some sort of increase in the detection range of enemies. The MR19 test IMO is even worse - it took me over a week to pass that one and I put that solely down to luck, rather than good management. That said, this is foremost a stealth test. Yes, the enemies shouldn't be able to detect you from behind a pillar. They do however spot the fallen bodies of their comrades and that can be enough to trigger them. Yes in theory it should be able to be done using any frame/weapon combination, but part of the game is using each frame/weapon to its strength. And yes it is frustrating when you fail it over and over again (I nearly put my controller through my TV, so been there!), especially with the 24 hour delay between attempts. But no I don't believe the test is broken or buggy, just way more difficult than it should be at that level. If someone hasn't done so already, it would probably be worth creating a megathread on this topic as there are heaps of posts regarding it and the difficulty may well need to be addressed.
  10. My go to weapon for Disruption missions is the Ignis Wraith, built for Blast/Corrosive and Status. At lower levels I can just about do Disruption solo, but TBH for higher levels it's only good for stripping armor, then switch to a high damage Catchmoon to finish them off (or have another party member with a high damage rifle like Rubico Prime).
  11. I've seen so many threads about this and I had my own difficulties doing MR19 which is a similar stealth test so I thought I'd give this one another go today. Using Ivara and Skiajati I managed to complete it on my first run through with only one failed attempt. It is doable, take your time, keep practicing and trying out different loadouts until you find one that works for you. Plenty of suggestions already in this thread which should work.
  12. Somehow I can actually imagine this. Love it! Yep, last I checked I could build 36 complete Oberon Frames and tbh I didn't find him all that great the first time. Now this is something that I could actually get behind. Come on DE, make this happen!
  13. Well at least that would make it useful! This just made my day!
  14. So yes this is a joke thread but I'm sure there are some creative types out there who can come up with amusing ideas... For context, I've been playing Warframe for less than 200 days and I had managed to amass over 500 Harrow Chassis Blueprints. I did even build one, although after reading the wiki I decided that it was way too much effort to try to farm the other parts so I bought him for plat. The sheer number of these that drop is just ridiculous compared to everything else, so... what is the best suggestion you can come up with for a fictional alternative use for so many blueprints?
  15. I was discussing this exact idea with a friend just the other day. Rather than just selling a weapon that I will no longer use for a measly sum of credits, why can't we break it down with a chance to return resources? Why not have a chance to return the resources that were used to build the item in the first place, with a higher chance for common loot drops and a very low chance for things like Orokin Cells, Nitain Extract or Tellurium? I agree that Dax weapons should be exempt, not sure about Prime weapons as that might end up creating a whole new market. Agreed. I wouldn't expect to see the Catalyst/Reactor or Forma themselves returning, but having them present increases the chance for rarer drops, similar to how improving relics works. Definitely credits, with the fee increasing for the rarity of the items possibly returned.
  16. The drop rates for the Khora parts are rather low, especially considering the effort required to get to the higher tiers of Sanctuary Onslaught. Take a look in the wiki for the supposed drop rates: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Sanctuary_Onslaught TBH, Khora was one of the few frames that I've bought for plat after giving up trying to get the main blueprint.
  17. Well, I've given up. I've been running Copernicus for over an hour now, long enough to take my Rubico Prime from Unranked to Max Rank (admittedly with an affinity booster) and not a single Speed Challenge. For comparisons sake I currently own 2x Agility Drift (has come up more but I've only managed it twice), 6x Coaction Drift, 2x Endurance Drift (again has come up more but I've had no luck doing it solo, even with the Operator Mode trick), 15x Power Drift and 9x Stealth Drift. And that doesn't include the times that I couldn't be bothered attempting the challenge. I think I'll just have to trade for Speed Drift... Thanks again for everyone's replies and suggestions.
  18. Thanks for all your suggestions. I've done another few runs this morning but still without any luck. I'm starting to wonder if I'm looking for the wrong thing. This is the starting room that I've been keeping an eye out for. Is it the right one? (Image borrowed from the Wiki)
  19. I've been doing Lua missions for a few weeks now and have managed to complete all of the Halls of Ascension except for the Speed Test. To the best of my knowledge, the Speed Test challenge simply hasn't spawned at all in any of the missions that I've done. I vaguely recall the laser plate room when I first got to Lua but I haven't seen it since. So my question - does the Speed Test only spawn in certain Lua missions? Or am I just having really bad RNG luck?
  20. Wow, the cynicism is strong with this one! Agreed, any game with friends can be fun. But how often do you hear of strangers helping strangers with no thought of a return? I think that is more what OP is trying say in this case.
  21. Yes the forums are a place where people tend to complain (myself included). Case in point, the announced nerfing of the Catchmoon last week. I tried to ask what people are going to use instead but the complaining just went on and on. Ouch on the death threats. Limbo can be a right pain in the a... in the hands of the wrong player, but he's still a brilliant defense frame (cue flames from forum posters) 😃 No, the playerbase is great when people help people. Yes it's nice when someone wants to give you something for free, but it's also nice when players are willing to help other players to get a specific drop, unlock waypoints, farm loot etc. Sadly as Avienas pointed out there are some who will just be out to get whatever they can for themselves. A few minutes on trade chat shows that very quickly.
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