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  1. I've been using DS4Windows to use my PS4 controller when I play Warframe on PC. It looks like it works for the PS5 controllers as well. It 'emulates' an Xbox 360 controller to Windows, so you may need to change some of the button assignments, but I find that it works well for Warframe. For some reason the native support doesn't work well for Warframe on Steam and yet it works fine on other games.
  2. Just some bad RNG luck I'm afraid. I've taken down 5 sisters so far and have seen all of the model blueprints, but only 2 each of the cores, legs and tails. Oh and the first three sisters had identical hounds - as in all four parts identical!
  3. I noticed this too after the last lot of updates. I had just put it down to there being more and more blueprints in the foundry, but now I'm wondering if there isn't something else going on.
  4. I looked at the grind for the Ambassador and came to the forums to see what others think. Found this thread and I'm almost sorry I did... There are worse grinds out there - Braton Vandal and Lato Vandal for example - but at least in the case of those two finding a public team to go the distance isn't normally an issue. Even grinding for the Hema happens naturally over time as you do other missions in Deimos and Eris (extractors help too!) The biggest problem I see with the Ambassador grind is that no one seems to want to stay in Railjack Survival for more than one round, even in Void Storm missions. On top of that you have four different locations to grind, all with Round C drops. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think that's a first for Warframe. Protea/Stahlta/Stropha probably come close, but you don't have to spend 20 minutes in the Granum Void per drop roll. Sadly, this will join the ranks of the few weapons that I've purchased for plat alongside the Braton Vandal, Lato Vandal and Hema. Come on 75% off coupon!!
  5. Thanks for posting this. I've watched through it and unfortunately it is as I stated... Although in this case it looks more like a glitch than an intentional cancel and it was another player that forced the start, not you as host. Play by play... At 8:12, you start the mission by selecting the relic. The mission countdown starts then you get a "Please wait..." and the timer stops. This looks to me like a glitch, rather than you hitting triangle to cancel the mission. At this point, the mission has effectively been cancelled and the relic unequipped. At 9:00 player driven2b starts the mission and at 9:05 forces the start. This is what prevents you from selecting a relic. If you had had the opportunity to push square to agree with the mission selection, you would have been taken back to the relic select screen. Because the mission start was forced, you don't get the choice and the mission starts without a relic equipped. You'll notice just after this that the other player leaves the squad and two more join through public matchmaking as the mission loads. Because they join through public matchmaking, they will have had the chance to equip relics - a chance you weren't given. I totally understand your frustration and I hope that my explanation will help you to avoid a similar situation in the future. As a side note to this, some people do join relic missions intentionally without selecting a relic. You still get the void traces from the mission, even if you don't get a relic drop.
  6. I read this and scratched my head because when Railjack first came out the Lavan weapons were junk (at least I was sure they were). Then I went and had a look at the wiki... have I been interpreting the stats wrong or did DE bump the damage on the Lavan variants at some point?
  7. With the introduction of the Sisters of Parvos, DE changed up the way the Lich system works. Instead of your Lich/Sister spawning on a random planet, the controlled planet is instead directly related to the level of the Lich or Sister. As I understand it, part of the reason for this was to give people a greater chance to find a squad to hunt for murmers etc. As the final stage, the Lich or Sister will retreat to one of the Railjack Proxima nodes - Saturn for a Lich, Neptune for a Sister I think. I believe this has more to do with the lore for the Sisters than the Lich (I could be wrong though). Again, it's a fixed node and allows for much greater chance to find a squad. As a side note, defeating a Sister now drops a random Hound part blueprint. So if you can find a full squad doing the final mission, that's four random BPs, plus the actual Hound that spawned with your Sister.
  8. I'd be interested to see the video if you can either post it here or link to it. I've only seen this happen when either you didn't equip a relic at the start, or very occasionally if there is a glitch during a host migration during the round. Not equipping a relic can happen if the host cancels the mission before the countdown timer finishes, then forces a restart before anyone has a chance to pick. FWIW, if you open the menu during the mission you can see what relic (if any) everyone has equipped under their name at the top of the screen.
  9. I have to agree that the current Orphix missions are overly difficult for a solo player. When the Orphix Venom event was on, there were three difficulty levels. With a fully kitted out Nechramech and Archgun (I use Mausolon), I could fight solo right through to the end of the first two difficulty levels - 24 each rounds from memory. It was a decent fight but doable. Using the same setup in the Railjack missions, I can barely take out five of the Orphix solo before the percentage is too high. It seems like the spawn rate for new Orphix is higher than it was during the event. My guess is that the game isn't adjusting for the actual number of players and is just spawning enemies at the full squad rate. Either that or I've gotten really bad at Warframe during the two month break I took...
  10. Yeah, they can be a little bit slow at times. Hopefully you get a reply from them soon!
  11. I've seen that happen before with my Kavat during a Railjack mission - he was more than twice the size of my warframe. It's just a graphics glitch that seems to happen occasionally.
  12. Have you logged a ticket with the Support Desk (link at the top of the forums)? They are likely to be the only ones who can help.
  13. My two cents worth... I like that we now have a bit of diversity in the Railjack missions, or at least more to do than just the old Skirmish. However... The Defense missions take way too long. There's enough to do just getting in to the Defense itself, then we have 5+ rounds in the slowest Defense map. Don't get me wrong, I like the look of the map, the problem is that it's just too big. Sitting on the Defense target and waiting for the enemy to come to you takes ages. Roam around the map and you're liable to end up miles away fro where the enemy actually is. For the record, I don't particularly like this map for normal missions either for the same reason. The worst case I've had was when the Corpus units decided to hide instead of coming for the target. 5 rounds took just over 20 minutes with a full squad of 4 trying to hunt everyone down. Orphix missions. I played Orphix Venom when it was out, but only enough to get Lavos and Cedo. In OV I could do them solo and could clear all but the Endurance level. In Railjack (solo), I'm out after 3 Orphix as the Sentient control is already above 75%. Same loadout (Bonewidow and Mausolon) that I used in OV. I haven't tried Voidrig yet - I prefer Bonewidow for the healing capability of her 1. In addition to this the Orphix missions don't make sense to me. If the Orphix are invading, shouldn't there be Sentient ships in the Railjack side? Or at least a Murex or something? Lastly, I'd like to see stealth being added to Railjack somehow. Maybe you have to secretly infiltrate an enemy ship and run a Spy mission inside? That would mean entering by archwing (slingshot?) without getting to close to patrolling fighters. Triggering the alarm changes the mission type. Just a random idea. Thanks for all your hard work on this DE. What you do is most appreciated!
  14. I like the Plexus, though I'm still figuring out optimal mod configurations. I am slightly disappointed that this is being used as yet another Forma sink. My only other feedback so far is that Railjack armaments still feel weaker than I think they should. Even with max rank Hyperstrike, Predator and Section Density, MKIII Zekti or Vidar Apoc/Carcinnox, I can still do more damage to fighters and cannon emplacements with my Mausolon in archwing than I can using the Railjack turrets. Somehow this doesn't seem right to me.
  15. A quick skim through shows that most of these have been added here already, I'm repeating only for emphasis... Pilot role AI - would be really helpful if they would line up on targets (according to the current objectives) when you jump into the Artillery. As a few people have pointed out, they won't line up on Crewships or the Reactor weakpoints when needed. Manually lining them up and jumping into the Artillery is fine as long as you remember to switch the pilot to another role first, otherwise they'll jump back in the pilot seat and fly away. I've missed multiple shots because of this... Gunner role AI - even at rank 4 these guys well outdo me for accuracy. Not complaining, just an observation! Engineer role AI - I had expected the Engineer to keep manufacturing items in the forge. Boy was I wrong! Keeping Omni topped up when handling repairs - good. Manufacturing repairs when hull is damaged - good. Completely ignoring you when you run out of Dome Charges or Missiles - not cool dude!! Overall I like the Command Intrinsic. I like the diversity of the crew members that you can hire. I like that i can now do Railjack solo without having to park the Railjack in an asteroid to stop it being totaled. Outside of what I've said above, I'd like to see crew members gain affinity over time allowing for further training. Not sure how that would work but maybe a slow progression similar to intrinsics (ie each new level doubles the cost of the previous). Or possibly even crew member specific perks based on their syndicate affiliation?
  16. I've tried this on console (PS4) and it seems to have no effect. Square is the normal reload button for Primary/Secondary weapons. No matter what heat level the turret/pilot gun is at, pressing Square doesn't seem to do anything. Heat recovery looks to be about the same.
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