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  1. 8 hours ago, SHArK-FiN said:

    put aside MR19, I am sure not many MR9 have atmosphere archgun

    I'd agree. I don't think I got atmosphere archgun until I was about MR13-15. In spite of all the posts complaining about it, MR9 is still doable with stealth play, you just need to be very patient and watch the patrol patterns before diving in. Having enemy sense and speed boosts helps immensely.

  2. 12 hours ago, AngelWednesday said:

    It's how I did it. (Evil Laugh)

    I've just tried this because I said I would and... OMG how did I not know about this before!!!!  My first attempt was a failure but I used Banshee on my second go, deployed the Archgun (fully ranked and potatoed Imperator) and just crouched on the starting platform and picked them all off one by one.

    I don't know how many forum posts I've read on this test and not one suggested this. This would have saved me a week of frustration had I known about it earlier. You have just made my day!

  3. I too spent ages doing this test and nearly gave up in frustration. My chosen combination was Ivara (for speed and enemy sense) and Skiajati (for the 5 second invisibility on finishers). I found that in practice I could do it semi regularly but I kept failing the actual test. Speed/sprint boost mods definitely help for this one as does accuracy with performing stealth finishers. In the end it took me over a week, a lot of cursing and a bit of luck.

    I don't have a video, but the path I took was something like this...

    Activate sprint, slide down and stealth finish the enemy right in front of you. Head to the left and take out the two enemies on the lower platform there, being careful that they don't see the other being taken down. Up the ramp to deal with the enemy there, watch for the one doing the rounds overhead and jump up when his back is turned. Quickly across to the one directly in front of the prisoner, making sure the one walking around behind can't see what is happening. Pick of the remaining two up the top. Carefully make you way back down the right hand side of the map, making sure to be careful of which direction enemies are facing and drop down behind them. The last enemy I think was the one that goes up and down the very bottom ramp and it took me a few minutes to work out his patrol path. Once all enemies are down go and locate the orbs and free the prisoner.

    Yes it is frustrating, but it is possible. And for the records, the MR tests beyond this are by comparison really simple.

    8 hours ago, AngelWednesday said:

    Use your arch gun to take out the guards in the right pattern so they don't see the bodies and then just slash the orbs in your own time.

    I'd love to think that this would work but I'm pretty sure this is a melee only test and all your gear and skills are locked out. That said, I'm going to have to go and try this the next time I log on.

  4. It does seem that the number III relic is a rarer drop compared to the others. I got really lucky and managed to do a straight trade for RIS with one of my other mods. I'm not sure what it is like on PC, but on console people seem to be asking for 5p for most of the parazon mods, except for RIS and FASS where the asking price was 15-20p.


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  5. I'd like to see a way for us to take the fight to those syndicates that are our enemies. I find it frustrating that New Loka can send their death squads after me and there is simply nothing that I can do about it in return.

    So, I propose that we be able to raid the syndicates who are our enemies. I'd make it so that the mission only appears after the syndicate has sent a squad after you, and you successfully defeat the squad in mission. The raid would only be available for 24 hours (or a similar limited time period) after that and could only be completed once (until they send another squad). The rewards for the raid could be chosen from the items that are unique to that syndicate. I wouldn't have any warframe augments simply because that would create a monster drop table and could become a huge RNG grind, but things like the archwing weapon components or maybe blueprints for that syndicates specific weapons.

  6. 14 hours ago, TARINunit9 said:

    I had this happen as well, and I think I know what's going on, or at least how to tell it will happen

    (This was all yesterday BTW, so I've got bad news @.Unreality but this is still going on in the PC version)

    So first my Lich took over the Moon. And I clicked on Pavlov and it asked "Kuva Lich Exterminate, or the regular Spy mission?" So I clicked Kuva Lich Exterminate... and I got a Kuva Lich Spy. I manage to ace all three Lua Spy vaults because apparently I'm some kind of freak, and the game TELLS me I have I've earned the unidentified items from each one, yet when I finish the mission I have gained no extra Spy rewards

    Later my Lich takes Jupiter, and the game asks me "Kuva Lich Exterminate, or regular Sabotage?" Again, I click Exterminate. And this time it actually is Exterminate, but the Sabotage caches still spawn for some reason. I find them all, I open them all, the game tells me "unidentified item", but at the mission results screen I have no cache rewards

    Interestingly, when my Lich leveled up he took over Mars and I got to do the spy mission there. All three vaults opened, all three rewards showed up in the mission end screen, one of which he stole.

    As a side note, I've noticed that a lot of the missions give you the option of selecting "Kuva Lich Exterminate" when in actual fact they are a Sabotage or Spy or Rescue I think was the other one, so I think there might be a labeling bug as well.

  7. 5 hours ago, Fatedson said:

    your ACTIVE lich will steal a portion of  mission rewards on nodes that they have influence on (red mist ) there are some rewards they won't take ( rare /requiem mods n such ) . When you defeat or convert them you get all the stuff they took back . Hope this helps .

    Yes I am aware of the lich stealing rewards on their nodes, but shouldn't the rewards still show up and be marked as stolen - as was the case with the credits and rubedo - so that at least I can see what was missing?

  8. I have a question about the rewards within a Kuva Lich mission. My lich spawned on Lua and I've been working my way through the nodes. I completed the spy node using Ivara and successfully unlocked all three vaults, but when I extracted I didn't get any of the vault drops - all I got was a few credits and a bit of rubedo which my lich stole some of. Nothing else appeared in the extraction window.

    Is this expected behavior for the lich missions or have I stumbled across a bug?

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  9. 4 minutes ago, LeviathanMusic said:

    I have an HDD. Which now that I think about it, it does tend to use 100% of my disk whenever I'm opening or closing programs. Don't know if that's normal or not though.

    It's been a while since I used a machine with "spinning rust", but yes that can be normal.

    5 minutes ago, LeviathanMusic said:

    So after 4 hours of playing the game it didn't even end up lagging that much this time (of course it wouldn't do it once I'm actually monitoring it). The temperature seemed fine. It never got any higher than 75°C and it usually stayed within the 60 to 70 range. The RAM usage did seem to increase over time though. Once I first opened the game my PC was using about 60% and by the end of it it was using about 75%. But like I said, I'm not super good with computers so I don't really know what to do with this info. There were a few stutters by the end but it was nothing compared to how it normally is.

    Ah, Murphys Law - when you're actually watching to see what goes wrong nothing will. RAM usage is a bit more interesting in Windows 10 as it preloads whatever it thinks will be necessary which artificially inflates usage. You might be better to use Resource Monitor (Resmon) to view memory usage. You're looking for the "In Use" total on the Memory tab. If that is approaching your total RAM (in this case 8GB) then you may have an issue. Note that both "Standby" and "Free" values are considered available, even though "Standby" memory is technically in use (hard to explain here but there are some good articles on Win 10 Memory management available).

    Aha!!  A quick google of your CPU shows that it has a max rated temp of 72.6°C - it could be starting to clock down at that temp. I note that's a pretty old CPU (I run a laptop of the same generation) so I'd be checking to see how much dust is in the heatsink. A quick blast with some compressed air may just do the trick.

  10. Not a PC player, but ex-IT. It sounds to me like it could be an overheating problem with either the CPU or the graphics card. I'd suggest running some monitoring software like OpenHardwareMonitor to keep an eye on the temperatures and see if they are getting towards limits.

    Failing that, are you running an SSD or HDD? If you have an HDD there could be something else tying up the disk, although with 8GB RAM I wouldn't expect this to be an issue.

  11. 18 hours ago, (PS4)andrewdoesgames said:

    I know this is a known thing but I played Elite Sanctuary Onslaught for 15 - 20 mins, the host left and the match finished by the time I'd logged back in. All the relics (and possibly affinity/focus) we'd been rewarded were gone. I've had this before and it really puts a damper on your play session.  

    Ah the dreaded host migration! Yep, been there, had that and not just with ESO. I lost 30 minutes worth of Arbitration rewards the other day because the host decided to leave and the game decided during the host migration that the rest of the squad had somehow failed the mission. I've also seen it with other endless missions, including relics, so now I keep a close eye on who the host is and what they are doing before I decide to continue - for ESO this means waiting until the host has gone through the conduit at the risk of missing it myself.

    I know that DE are looking at another issue with ESO where the timer stops and you stop getting end of round rewards. With a bit of luck, the two issues might be somehow related. Hey a guy can hope can't he?


  12. Chin up my friend. The forums can be a nasty place but not everyone is like that. I'm sure that there are many more people who have asked questions without doing any research first, it's a human thing to do. It doesn't give others a right to shame or abuse you.

    I'm sorry to hear that you have low self esteem. I know what that's like as I hated myself for many years. Believe me when I say that things do get better, but it is a journey and it can take some time. Unfortunately I'm not part of the "PC master race" 😁, but if you ever log in to your PS4 account again, look me up and we'll have a game.

  13. I had something similar happen the other day where enemies stopped spawning after the first box was destroyed. Timer countdown still caused the mission to fail though. Was this a one off or has it happened repeatedly?

  14. AFAIK there is no decay rate on the debt bonds. In fact I've just checked my account where I haven't acquired debt bonds in some weeks and they're still all in my inventory. It sounds to me like your account isn't updating correctly after you rank up or trade the bonds.

    The best thing I can suggest is that you log a support ticked with DE.

  15. Spotted this on the PC Bugs forum and it has been changed there to an Exterminate mission. DE can we please have the same on console?

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  16. This test is most definitely possible on PS4 as I did it just the other day using Ivara/Skiajati (repeated test just to try it as I am MR20, and I failed first attempt). Yes it is a whole lot more difficult than it used to be due to some sort of increase in the detection range of enemies. The MR19 test IMO is even worse - it took me over a week to pass that one and I put that solely down to luck, rather than good management.

    That said, this is foremost a stealth test. Yes, the enemies shouldn't be able to detect you from behind a pillar. They do however spot the fallen bodies of their comrades and that can be enough to trigger them. Yes in theory it should be able to be done using any frame/weapon combination, but part of the game is using each frame/weapon to its strength. And yes it is frustrating when you fail it over and over again (I nearly put my controller through my TV, so been there!), especially with the 24 hour delay between attempts. But no I don't believe the test is broken or buggy, just way more difficult than it should be at that level.

    If someone hasn't done so already, it would probably be worth creating a megathread on this topic as there are heaps of posts regarding it and the difficulty may well need to be addressed.

  17. My go to weapon for Disruption missions is the Ignis Wraith, built for Blast/Corrosive and Status. At lower levels I can just about do Disruption solo, but TBH for higher levels it's only good for stripping armor, then switch to a high damage Catchmoon to finish them off (or have another party member with a high damage rifle like Rubico Prime).

  18. I've seen so many threads about this and I had my own difficulties doing MR19 which is a similar stealth test so I thought I'd give this one another go today. Using Ivara and Skiajati I managed to complete it on my first run through with only one failed attempt.

    It is doable, take your time, keep practicing and trying out different loadouts until you find one that works for you. Plenty of suggestions already in this thread which should work.

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  19. 12 hours ago, ExcaliburUmbra said:

    Harrow Chassis Blueprint Ephemera. 

    Takes 5,000 Harrow Chassis Blueprints to craft.

    Harrow Chassis Blueprints (fake, not actual item drops) just flop out of your Warframe/Operator every time you do something, making a slight jingling sound when they land on the ground or an object. Picking up a Harrow Chassis Blueprint item drop with the ephemera equipped will spawn a burst of fake Harrow Chassis Blueprints accompanied by a short triumphant musical cue and background applause.

    Somehow I can actually imagine this. Love it!

    12 hours ago, Oreades said:

    I dunno I'm still waiting on the Orokin man to come fumigate my orbiter to deal with the last breeding pair of Oberon parts that I tracked in from a mission some months back. 

    Yep, last I checked I could build 36 complete Oberon Frames and tbh I didn't find him all that great the first time.

    8 hours ago, Aesthier said:

    Step 1. Craft the chassis.

    Step 2. Lay it on the floor out of the way in your orbiter someplace such as a cubby or corner.

    Step 3. Place old umbra scarfs or other such soft material inside it.

    Now your Floofs (or other small living critters) have somewhere to bed down.

    Now this is something that I could actually get behind. Come on DE, make this happen!

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