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  1. I will add my vote to this. I reaaaally miss being able to fly upside down, to truely bank and dive and roll. The change to momentum I can deal with. It will feel weird, but that aspect wont be too bad. But being locked into an upright perpendicular plane to the ground makes it feel more lkke running on invisible platforms rather than flying. For me, archwing is almost painful now as my brain is expecting a steep bank and dive roll, and... the ground is not where its supposed to be, which is pilot panick 101 oh S#&$ edition. Its really not very pleasant even for that split second to realize we just cant fly like that anymore. Please bring back the old flight system if even as just optional settings so others can enjoy the new way if they want
  2. Gara, khora, limbo, good frame choices. Also consider your weapon choices/setups, which can be just as important. Gas/magnetic oriented builds will be effective. As for the gameplay itself, what I found worked for me was rather than playing a defensive oriented game, go for the throat. My index loadout is wisp with a gas/magnetic fulmin, relying on her passive and the health and shock motes with maybe using the 2 and 3 for cc/oh sh** moments if Im not nerfed by the financial stress (my wisp build for index is high duration/power with whatever range i could get in and pretty much no efficiency, so... not really spamming abilities anyway) And also, just my personal experience, but after optimizing the loadout and playing an aggressive offense, I would easily carry a pub match on low risk (75%-80% of the kills/point drops playing lazily)... which in turn encouraged the pubs to stick around, especially if Im wrapping up a round in very short order and all they really need to do is follow me around, pick up points, deposit, and not find dumb ways to die. Again though, that is just my personal experience. Your play style may not be like mine (bunnyhopping/parkouring around like a triggerhappy tweaker), so you may find another frame suits you more for this particular objective. I dont, for example, really use my secondary although using a status inflicting mara det in conjunction with a condition overload melee is highly effective... just not my routine for index. It also lends towards why I dont use the amprex, as even with a good build, it slows down my mobility... the primary fire on the fulmin pretty much puts your kill upfront in one, maybe two hits, three if you arent adept at headshots, while the amprex does take that extra fraction of a second to do the same job.
  3. Heat stripping armor actually does not make sense. Yes, heat metal enough and it melts, but as an ex firefighter, I can assure you that the temperature required to even just warp a relatively thin length of metal is going to be extreme and lethal before you hit that warping point, much less melting point. And if you consider the grineer are probably not running around in thin sheets of aluminum or building-grade steel, their fleshy bits would be gone loooong before you actually melt their metal bits. A far more realistic effect, and one that wouldnt simply duplicate another elemental effect already in game (corrosive), would be for fire to do increasing damage over time to armored targets, with increasing debuff to the targets damage output and mobility that does not get removed easily, if at all. A downside to balance out the gameplay aspect would be for the target's screams of pain and agomy would automatically alert unaware allies in earshot... at the very least that would make fire a less than ideal damage type for stealthy gameplay approaches.
  4. I will add my voice to saying there needs to be far more transparency. There is no notice of any shape or form given, the chat just stops as if your internet connection died out, and there is no message about suspension or why. This creates an extremely toxic relationship between the player base and the chat moderators, and in turn DE as a whole. As someone who works in the customer service field, I would not tolerate such behavior from my employees, and I would never suggest such a SOP for any business unless I was trying to get them to tank. And in particular, with the already vile reputation the wf region chat mods have (and I do mean vile, Ive heard nothing good since the very first day I started playing), it honestly is in the best interrests of DE to *inform* their customer base of disciplinary action. Either the bot generates a message to the player informing them that it was an automated chat filter if it was an auto kick, or the moderator manually issuing the ban tells the player why. An indication of the ban length would also be a good idea, especially if the line on support tickets is as backed up as everyone says. This alone would eliminate the tickets of people simply seeking to find out how long the ban is. This is not difficult, it is not unreasonable, and it would be a massive improvement to the customer service experience to have just a bit more transparency and accountability.
  5. They still don't stack as of 7:24PM EST. Each copy has it's own entry in both the inventory screen and the sigil selection screen And honestly I don't care if they stack or not.... could we please be allowed to SELL them please? My sigil list is getting cluttered by G3/Stalker sigils, which makes for a not so fun quality of life downgrade when changing sigils on my frames. There is absolutely NO valid reasoning for why they cannot be sold.
  6. No, my dude, that's with it on, after logging in yesterday post hotfix, no setting changes. Turned it off to show what it looks like with hdr off, and it looks like this:
  7. Rendering problems. Besides the numerous posts from numerous players about the sheer ugliness I and a few players I've talked to have noticed a severe uptake in screen flicker similar to when syndicates/stalker/zanuka/G3 attack. The whole image space will drastically change color just like when they show up. I've also noticed that in menus in particular, the brightness of the entire screen will radically change depending on if certain small elements change and have an overall light or dark appearance to them. For example, if I go to my relics, looking at my lith's, the screen will be somewhat dark. If I switch to the axi's tab, in which I I tend to have a decent stock of radiant relics, the brightness jacks up significantly. And I don't mean from just the portions of the screen displaying the radiant axi's which are brightly textured compared to liths, I mean the entire screen, UI and all, will jump up in brightness by a eye-strain inducing amount. Switching back to a menu screen without any textures of a medium to high "bright" coloring will send the screen back to a darker look. The severe and drastic changing of brightness back in the manner it does gives me eye strain and a nasty migrain. I've been trying all manner of various display setting changes and combos, I've been trying to tweak the graphics via overriding the game's settings with my nvidia card's control panel... nothing is working to make anythign more than a 15 minute play session bearable. I'm trying to work with these changes, DE, but it's honestly causing me physical pain from the strain on my eyes. I am going to have to quit the game if these issues are not resolved. It's not worth damaging my eyes from the strain or my health from the stress and pain of the migraines. I would like to NOT have to do that since I really love this game.
  8. I've gotten that numerous times as well, and many with no frame powers used at all. I assumed it was from me hitting him so hard the game literally couldn't handle it, on one hand, Regor's supposed to be completely blasted out of existence due to a sudden case of negative 12k HP, on the other he's scripted for a few more stages of the um.... "fight".
  9. Do I need to explain the problem? DE, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE revert the graphic changes in total. I am not joking when I say this is burning my eyes out and making the game completely unplayable.
  10. Seriously, dude? Do you have anything else of utter meaninglessness to contribute? Please take a moment to actually look at the picture and then come back and tell me the color I have selected is anywhere near to the color applied to the floor. If you are going to quibble over if "true black" is RBG XYZ or RBG XYX, I honestly do not care and your nitpicking is completely pointless.
  11. Look link for kavats is slightly borked... My smeeta uses the moonless skin, and here we see both the tails from the moonless skin AND a regular non-skin tail type... which is NOT her actual natural tail. Also... I do not own the smoke color palette.... so, either that's naturally attached to the skin, and it's a deceptive attempt to get others to buy a pallete that is not actually required, or it's a straight up bug Here is her look-link on her B appearance config, no skin, no color changes.... Note the tail. Now here is her actual ingame model.... Her actual natural tail type, which is not what is shown in the look-link. I am also noticing significant errors with kubrows and looklinks. My sunika kubrow is an omega, but in the look-link, he's a skinny. I can see this causing a HUGE headache for breeders who want to show the pets their imprints came from because... well, the look link is not showing their actual pets EDIT: Look link for OTHER people's pets shows YOUR pet's armor/color selections. I just talked with a player in the region chat, he linked his kubrow, and I found it odd that he had the exact same colors/armor as my sunika. He confimed that he had a completely different armor set on and a different color scheme. Broken AF
  12. This is apparently cloudy and raining on PoE now... Looks like a fairly clear day however This is not sunset.... apparently lighting strikes turn everything reddish/orange. Also.... not a fan of the metalics changes either... note the amprex. It's supposed to be black with gold finish. Previously it was just that. Now the gold looks like a yellow spraypaint job. I use the same color for the accents on my gara's fasionframe... same deal, used to be a rich lustrous gold, and now it's a bad spraypaint job. Edit.... the loading screen.... The liset skin I use here is completely broken... I am actually considering contacting support for a complete refund on that particular purchase (tennogen skin) because this is NOT what I purchased. It used to be animated (the window ports on the bow would 'stream' various shades of purple), the gold lines were animated as well, and the engine nacels had light blue checkered lights running across them. Now, it's a light lavender color with zero animation, the gold lines are now pale yellow, and there's no checkered lighting on the nacels what so ever. The non animated portions of the hull (the nacel and the 'edge' where the RCS thrusters are) has gone from dark purple to... depending on the angle of light, a semi dark purple to pale washed out blue. In the orbiter customization screen, I can see the checkered lighting on the nacels, and they look more like pale lavender stickers plastered all over. They are not visible what so ever in the loading screen rendering.
  13. I am sure others have posted about the orbiter image space changes, but I'm honestly not going to read through 5 pages to see if my particular issue has been brought up by someone else yet... I am not a fan of the change. The colors are actually quite broken, and the lighting in general is now excruciatingly washed out. The following images are to demonstrate how broken the colors are outright broken. My orbiter's deck plating (accent) is set to pure black. Prior to the update, the floors were just that, nice shiney black. Now it's a different color depending on what part of the orbiter you are in, from the proper pure black in the personal quarters, to a very light grey/almost white just outside the personal quarters, to a light pink/purple up by navigation. In two of the images, both of the same view, one image has the color selection menu up, and you can see a clear difference in color of the floor even though it's exactly the same color selected... the floor changed color from my simply moving the mouse across the color selections without clicking... just moving the mouse across the screen and the color changed. Please rescind the orbiter image space changes until the colors are not broken beyond absurdity. I can almost live with the lighting being a bright, harsh, hard washed out mess, but the broken colors on top of that just make it ugly. In the above image, you can see that the floor is the correct pure black color inside the personal quarters, and is a light grey/almost white color just outside. In the above screenshot, the pure black floor is now far closer to the purple used in the primary/secondary color slots. In the above screenshot, the pure black floor appears far closer to a pale greyish/green blue. Above image.... sorry, that deck is not black, it's very light grey Above image... my cursor simply passed over the other colors, and it changed the color image space. No click, just the mouse cursor passing over. That is several shades darker than the previous image despite being the exact same color.... and it's still not the proper color it should be The above image was taken a couple weeks ago.... compare to the following image.... In the above image, the only color differences are the operator outfit, and the tertiary (previously a gold/yellow from the twilight palette, changed recently to pure black. The lighting color is vastly different, and the floor reflection is brighter and far uglier. Now for another before and after comparison shot... first, the "before" In the above, the lighting was good, the colors were rich. Don't mind the spacerhoomba trying to hump loki's leg And now the "after" The colors above are washed out under a harsh hard light. It's ugly. As Ordis would say, my eye sensors are bleeeeeding.... but not pleased at all. Please, DE... I want my dark batcave like orbiter ambiance back. I want rich saturated colors back. It looks like the lighting was jacked up by nearly 1k lumens, and it's burning my eyes out. My orbiter used to be a nice dark rest between missions that involve muzzleflashes and warframe abilities shooting off like Mardi Gras on an acid trip.
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