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  1. Except its not the same, as my argument for such was laid out. In the two examples I noted, one is nova, or to be specific, a "slowva" build, which requires negative power strength. On that instance, not is intensify not mandatory, it is actually counter productive. Vacuum is not the same as intensify as it doesnt boost nor detract from any stat of any item... So, if you actually read my original post, you might see I never claimed intensify/streamline were mandatory mods, and in fact, as you are apparently in complete agreement with, noted they are not mandatory mods.
  2. The thing is, mods like streamline and intensify are NOT mandatory. I can think of two frames right off the top of my head where the builds go for negatives in those stats. Thise stats also affect a warframes effectiveness at doing what they do. Vacuum does not boost stats, it doesnt kill enemies. And while 3m might seem like a lot, almost, if not all tilesets have at least one massive open tile where 3m would still mean a lot of time wasted covering ground to pick up stuff while going back and forth. Many players would rather not play space-roomba simulator. As for even if we did lump vacuum in with mods like serration... yeah, perhaps given that serration goes on everything, perhaps a simplification is needed. Its not an outlandish notion either. With everything taking serration for example, the mod is reduced to "click for the sake of clicking", which is a bad game design element. Click to add the mod to each weapon, to each config, no challenge element, just clicking for the sake of clicking. And it eats up a mod slot. With that noted, a fix could be even "just own the mod". Seriously... just have possession of the mod, and will apply. You still would have to dump endo into it, shell out ducats for the prime version of a given mod, but you wouldnt have to manually add it into every single config, and you habe a mod slot on the item to do something with.
  3. So... for anyonenelse having the launcher fail to connect on update, try verifying your update cache. Click on the gear icon tonget into settings, then click verify under download cache options. After it ran, update kicked right off for the launcher itself, and thennthe game was good to go as if I had downloaded the game update. Quite possibly it was and just something got snafu'd... either way... give it a try if you're having this issue
  4. I am hetting the same issue. The first attempt at update, the launcher actually didnupdate, and I was somewhere around 39% on the gamenupdate when the first update failure hit, and then every subsequent attempt does that fast skip to 99% on launcher update amd then crash. Why the launcher itself isnyrying to update again given it updated that first run is curious. Looks like nonwarframe for me... and dammit, its my day off... 😞
  5. No, its not, and YOU know it. Read my post in its entirety, do not cherry pick and then accuse me of being the disingenuous one pleasethanksbyebye.
  6. The way Im reading that is, rivens encourage investment (in farming kuva and riven slot availability, not gonna touch the plat market with Ten-foot-pole-prime)... and it can be highly discouraging to be pointed towards developing a riven to have that investment to regularly lose or gain value due to means outside ones own control. But yeah, I agree... i wont buy a riven for more than 100 plat at absolute max, nor do I even feel comfortable selling them for amythimg more than that. We all know that the next round of dispo changes those multi thousand plat rivens will get boned. And beleive me, I was sooo tempted to pass off my corinth riven for the 1k someone was asking to buy one for just a few days before corinth prime came.out. buyer beware, sure, but its just redonkulous!
  7. "As a general rule, weapon dispositions within a certain family are still adjusted partially in relation to one another. Otherwise, most base weapons would skyrocket to 1.5, and we’d have a very strange meta on our hands!" That seems counter intuitive to rivens if a part of their purpose is to make less used weaps more desirable. Any other considerations aside... having one weapon's disposition determined by another weapon's disposition just doesnt make sense, even if they're in the same "family". Thats like nerfing hydroid because khora exists and they are both in the "farming" family of frames. if weapons get a separate disposition, those dispositions should be considered independant of "related" weapons. another aspect of the (relatively) constant disposition changing... it doesnt solve a "one gun to rule them all" meta dispositions are supposedly supposed to discourage... it simply dictates what the current meta will be... this round, the meta will shift to xyz weapons, nerf those weapons next round, the meta crowd will simply switch to the new meta born out of the next round of tweaks, rinse repeat, rinse repeat. if players not using a given set of weapons is a concern, rather than the riven bandaid... why not talk with the community and find out why they arent using those weapons, why we consider them "garbage mr fodder, rank it, trash it, get this weapon instead its better in every single way"
  8. I am not enjoying this event I must say. Heres a few points as to why Yes, warframe is a grind game, but really? There is such a thing as too much grind, and this is way beyond that line. Even at 4 weeks long, I doubt I would be able to get enough spear creds for the three items I want unless I devote all my free time to grinding... all of it. Wake, work, come straight home, play, sleep, rinse repeat. Not something I want to do, mainly because... *This event is boring.* The condrix side of the event is just flat out boring. I am sorry but this is not in anyway challenging, interresting, or fun. You shoot a huge cannot be missed target that doesnt move, one-tap a few weak sentients when the big target blinks, and then defend uplinks... well, you sit by them just in case the grineer spawn in huge numbers, but otherwise a 1 star specter can babysit them while you... i dunno, admire the earth tileset? Boring, not challenging. And the point of this? To give kill codes to the space squads... Doesnt feel like it. I do not perceive *any* interactivity btween my ground team and the railjack teams. There is no communication going on, mainly because there is literally NO coordination or communication needed. What my squad is doing actually has no impact on any other squad and vice versa. Those auto "i received your kill code, thanks" messages could have a rando npc rather than some rando players portrait in it for as much interacting as I actually do with them... Seriously, if this the multi-squad cooperation model, it fails, and fails hard. The railjack teams dont need to inform ground teams that they need kill codes... the ground team is getting them anyway. Seriously... that is the **only** thing ground teams are doing. Its not like we chilling in a defense mission, the rj crew calls and and we scramble to a new objective or something... we are literally already running the mission of "kill crondix's" I cannot stress what a dissapointment it is to have the multi-squad coordination aspect hyped up as much as it was and it actually being completely absent from the final product. This was a problem with the liches and railjack releases as well... we were shown promotional trailers showing one thing and the final product bears little resemblance to those promotions. Railjack side... I cant comment much on this simply because there seems to be real shoddy squad making mechanics, if any at all, and I am forced into a solo run on my own railjack almost every single time And when you DO get a squad going, ground or railjack... and you settle in for that long, long, long, boring, boring grind... Time gated mobile game bullocks. Why is there a time gate after the 100th murex chased away? Why is there a time gate PERIOD? Get a flow going just to have it broken for... what? What purpose is served here? I am sorry, DE, but this is FAR from your best showing. And notice too please, there is NOTHING in here about bugs. This is 100% a critique of the design of the event itself. Its not good, and its not fun, its actually very bad. I really wish it wasnt.
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