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  1. This is what you get when DE makes a dodgy deal with Epic to siphon players off Steam.
  2. I second that! Also very annoying when you can’t transport to the very top or bottom railjack locations because they are cut off.
  3. This bug was already present when I started playing almost 2 years ago. Generally in any endless mission the extraction marker disappears when I don’t extract after a few minutes, forcing me to maximise the map when I want to find my way out. I always thought this was intentional lol.
  4. I suppose the kind of people who really enjoy doing therapeutic repetitive activities. Knitting, vacuuming, treadmill walking, grinding WF, ... :-)
  5. Sadly, we all know by now that DE only ever ‘improve’ something if they can implement an even worse nerf to balance it out. “That’ll teach you Tenno to criticise our game!”
  6. Sorry dude - the way this test run is looking, the mech’s future obviously lies in platforming through gas city tilesets all day long XD. But seriously, the only real benefit I can think of to using a mech is for Profit Taker.
  7. Yeh - only about 6 hours of event grind to max out a single white arcane. Yum.
  8. Indeedy. People used Limbo, as he was always designed to be used, in one single badly designed event, so they decided to nerf his basic raison d‘être for everyone for ever.
  9. Thanks for posting the links. These are well made posts showing you how to cheese Endurance runs using meta builds of multiply forma'd mechs + weapons. Many people do not have these yet (maybe they decided to concentrate on other aspects of WF, besides Deimos), so the unmodded trash-mechs + Mausolon are OK to support for the first few runs in Endurance, but beyond this they become pointless due to their general ineffectiveness. But it is a nice gesture from DE to include them, especially since it shows us players how important it is to grind for all those cool parts and mods that can turn
  10. I assume with damage frame he means damage necramech in this case. To make this event worth it in any way you have to play Endurance and aim to finish the max 36 rounds to get the max number of phasic cells - this will take you 54 minutes, and can net you around 2000 cells if you manage to get to each spawn spot immediately. For this you need at least 2 fully maxed out mechs, ideally 3, in the squad to be able to dish out the constant fire power you need. If you choose to go in only with the operator to deal with resonators, he/she will need an advanced focus loadout to be able to survive
  11. Had this bug yesterday. Was out with my fishing spear, speared one of those hanging bulbous resources, after which I was stuck in place with no way to get out of it but quit.
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