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  1. I want to sell a dual toxicyst riven i got the stats are Dual Toxocyst Visi-gelides +114.8 cold damage +292.9 damage +117.5 status duration -74.1 fire rate (which doesn't matter because of the frenzy format ) Reply if your interested or tell me how much do you think its worth
  2. How do I achieve or delete my posts from warframe forums?
  3. No I mean she’s not bad for better tanks existing, just there is literally nothing she can do that another frame cannot do better
  4. My criteria was that does the frame offer that other frames can’t . If your talking useless frames then idk cuz every frame can atleast do something good or ok. The closest thing to it would be nyx as she’s doesn’t really cc enemies and assimilate can be used for tanking but your slowed down to a snails pace Again is love to hear what frame you think is the worst , it’s a discussion and there are just my points
  5. I was talking about worst as in nothing to offer over any other frame . But if you me talking about not very useful in much of the content or offers little to mission completion or team play . Then yeah I agree with you on Atlas and also Titania as she’s doest have much to offer to a mission . Also yeah dunno why Octavia is getting so much hate , she really good
  6. It’s a good tanking ability and imo her best ability just two problems 1- Mesa’s shatter shield does practically the same thing as her 3 but better cuz it’s blocks all enemy attacks not just most enemy attacks. And it requires more investment, you need range or else the block will be directional and duration to well, increase the duration of turbulence. While Mesa only needs duration and a little strength . 2 - there are better tanks in warframe , not sayings it’s bad just there are better options
  7. It does really good damage but it’s just seizure simulator 2019
  8. Yeah sry, bad wording on my part , just meant it’s been good for wukong lately with DE dropping all this for wukong
  9. 2 months ( or so ) ago I would say wukong but now with the rework,prime and deluxe he’s pretty good . Just want to get some general opinions in . I would say zephyr is the worst IMO because there’s nothing she can do that any other frame can’t , and no , tailwind and divebomb don’t count as there mostly just gimmicks. I know she’s fun but these are just my points. Moving around in the open worlds? - We have archwing for that CC -Plenty of better frames for that like , frost, Loki, rhino , Vauban( yes Vauban) Tanking - We got plenty of tanks that do a much better job like Inaros, Rhino and even some non tanks like Mesa Overall just no reason to use her aside from , of course being fun , in which case live your life , have fun Anyways just open open for discussion, feel free to point out if I missed anything, and also tell me who you think is the worst frame in the game. I know this end part is generic , but it is what it is Edit : yeah ember is bad , she’s only really good for low to mid level content ( 20 and under) just at least she’s got accelerant
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