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  1. In Terms of online status i can say that i was marked as online while watching and, as stated before, was watching for 30 minutes without any interruption. For the Drops: Well, i watched all streams over the Desktop version of Twitch. Last Prime Time was the first time i've tested out the mobile version. No Drop received 😕 so in other words: i'm true and proper fu up since my PC broke down last month and i need some time to replace it. No more Twitch drops for me -,-
  2. Well, as the title says: I am actually missing some drops from the Twitch Livestreams. The issue has hit me since the reroll of the Emphyrean Twitch drops, so that i haven't received the Exploration Poster Twitch Drop and some other goodies like today's Prime Time drop of a Relic Pack. I checked my account status before seeking help here and i can ensure that my Warframe Account is linked with my Twitch account properly. And since i'm actually not owning a working PC i'm watching the Streams from my smartphone. The watching of the Warframe Streams also kinda ends in some trouble right at the starting of it 😕 Twitch for whatever reason they had removed the option to switch from the mobile homepage layout to the desktop layout if you access Twitch from the smartphone browser, and if you enter the Twitch homepage via the desktop layout web adress of it the Stream doesn't get started 😕 Twitch chat goes crazy as it normally does, but the Stream itself stays black. From the mobile version's side the Stream starts and runs smoothly, but yeah... Still no Drops from the skies 😮 I had my Nintendo Switch running beside me today with Warframe playing on it, and i normally get Teshin's typical inbox info as soon as i hit the point of getting the drop from watching the Stream. But now.... He stood silent. And that for quite a while now. And yes: I also tried the Twitch App on my smartphone. I watched the last Dev Stream on it, and well.... No Drop delivered from it 😞 And i watched it for 30 mins without interruption. So i'm rather worried about missing the upcoming Dev Stream's Twitch Drop without any chance or hope to do something about it.
  3. Totally agree here 😮 It's ennoying as hell to chat with others with the auto-complete active. It distracts me a lot and since you can't disable it on your Nintendo Switch settings itself..... Yeah. Those who don't wanna use auto-complete in chat are proper screwed over. And to be honest: Did someone somewhere at some pointvin time ask to have this "feature" inside Warframe? I have not really seen any complaints that Warframe needed auto-complete dictionary. That being said: Pls DE, make auto-complete at least possible to be disabled. A on/off inside the chat settings would be enough so those who want auto-complete can still have it and we who don't want it and have more trouble than utility from it can simply deactivate it.
  4. Well, i have already read that topic 🙂 My concern i made this topic from was rather due to a maybe silent disappearence of the Lanka since the more experienced players and guide makers started less and less mentioning it. So the simple thought was "Hm.... Something seems to let the Lanka fall out of the weapon's choices for Tridolon more and more. But... Why? The only change to Tridolon DE made was adjusting the dmg Eidolons take to a level that's closer to their vision of Eidolons being a challenge for experienced players or Endgame-Tenno." No change on the weapons themselves, and in terms of riven dispo the Lanka and Rubico also weren't touched as far as i know. And yeah..... Keeping all that in mind made me wondering quite a lot. I see not that much of a problem with that. Sniper rifles are a strong choice, no questions asked. But if you have a well coordinated squad (like 3 other clanmates you can voicechat with).... Do you need 4 Sniper rifles? You can split up the tasks: 2 squadmates (Mostly Chroma and Volt) can focus on dealing dmg to the Eidolons. The other 2 can take a more supportive set of weaponry to keep the DDs rear nice and clean from enemie units like the Vomvalysts or any Grineer patrol stupid enough to pop up. It then takes longer since you have only 2 snipers firing. But if your goal is rather putting the Eidolons down 100% safe instead of rushing through like a Gauss with a nitro injection build in.... Then why not switching 1 or to snipers with more croudclearing capabilities? My adventures with Eidolons may have been not that good and rewarding as they've could been, but it looks to me that you can do it that way. It also works perfectly for Profit Taker and Exploiter Orb. The only thing to watch for is that you have 3x corrosive projection inside the Squad to have almost all armor removed. Maybe one brings also a Sarpa with him to strip the remaining armor.
  5. Hm.... Well, looks like i got a little bit overpanicing on that special topic The question of the Lanka being less ideal for Eidolon hunt came by the fact that i saw less and less people recommending it and more starting recommending and talking about the Rubico Prime or the new Kuva Chakkhurr for at least Terralyst hunting. So i though that the Lanka somehow fell from the grace of the community rather heavily. To sum it up: I can chill my pants as the Lanka still is viable for hunting Eidolons and maybe, in distant times, seeing an Eidolon finally shattering into shards to craft the Paracesis.
  6. As the title asks i'm struggling about the Lanka and it's Utility for Eidolon hunts. In many other forums, on YouTube and here inside the Warframe forum i find topics about the Lanka being no longer a viable choice for Eidolon hunts or at least the recommendation to take a rivened Rubico Prime are starting to pop up more. So my question is: Has the Lanka reslly lost it's useage for Eidolon hunts? I started with Warframe almost a year ago now and to that time the Lanka Sniper Rifle was a highly recommended weapon for even Tridolon hunts and still be able to wreck havoc upon the Hydrolysts. I know that DE patched the Eidolons to take much less dmg. But was that the change needed to break the Lanka? Whatever it is..... I fear that i have to sell my trusty, 5 times forma'd and catalyst boosted Lanka now as it has no longer a place amongst Eidolon hunters 😞 And i don't wanna make my bad luck with Eidolon hunts even worse by weakening my utility inside the squad. It's hard enough that i seem to atract most of the time squads that either don't know what to do, die like crazy, do the first Terralyst limb perfectly and then forget everything next needed to do and fall into chaos or even me being the weakpoint despite following all guides, Eidolon specific builds or textbook instructions i can get my little Tenno paws on with my Chroma P or Trinity to run a hunt and still get sniffed out in an instand which leads to utter chaos among my squadmates and failing the hunt. Entering the hunt with a now useless Lanka would be the last thing it needs to turn an already highly unfunny thing i god damn avoid doing whereever i can into an utter apokalypse since i need to hunt Eidolons simply to later progress in story as, no spoilers for console, you have to own the Paracesis greatsword to progress. And i need Eidolon shards to build it. And those pieces are the ONLY thing i have to get before building said blade -,-
  7. Hm... So many interesting choices of weapons. If you don't mind me i'd like to add my personal weaponry i hunt Kuva Liches with. For Primary i go with the Exergis. A for me solid choice as i use it almost everywhere up to Lv.100-110, no matter if sortie or Lich hunt. Most of the small enemies die in one shot, heavy units are sometimes left standing but are blown away with the second hit. It is also modded without a riven, although i used 2 Formas to fit the followimg mods into it: -Primed Point Blank -Hell's Chamber -Toxic Barrage -Shell Shock -Amalgam Shottgun Spazz -Tactical Pump -Chilling Reload -Shotgun Savvy Not the best build, i know. But for me it works. Main focus lies on overall firepower and a good reload since the Exergis is a shotgun with only 1 round inside the clip that unmodded takes it's time to reload. Time you truely not wanna spend defenseless. So reloading it in a decent to fast speed is key for it in my eyes. Also gaining corrosive and decent slash damage for most Grineer and still keep the chance to mod on increasing rad damage (It's standard elemental damage type) if you fight against Bombards and other enemies weak to radiation. Could throw in the arsenal numbers i get with my Exergis here but yeah... I'm here to help. Not to kick of tides of unnessecary discussions. So i'll keep the numbers out. For a secondary well... That's a thing i can't tell much 😮 I would go with the Pyrana Prime if i had to. The secondaries are the only point i would copy the build from this topic for my own use. Other secondaries like Cyanex and Catchmoon are already mentioned here, so i'll not touch that topic until i found a weapon worth mentioning. And for closed quarters combat... Yeah. For that i use mostly the Gram Prime with the Tempo Royale stance or a polearm Zaw made of the Cyath strike, Shtung grip and the Vargeet II Jai link. The Zaw is modded for slash-viral damage supported by Berserker for increased atk speed and uses the Shimmering Blight stance. They're also without rivens or things like Maiming Strike or Weeping Wounds, so they should be working well as Lich hunters.
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