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  1. It hits only the previewing of skins inside your arsenal. I farmed some platin yesterday, bought my Harrow the Reliquary skin and the preview inside the arsenal normalized for this skin. I also mentioned inside the starting post that skins already bought are not affected by this bug. I tested it on my Octavia and Limbo before as they have their special skins already bought/unlocked (Octavia her Diva TennoGen skin and Limbo his Sentient Deluxe pack to be precise). You can breath easy on that point at least 😉 Once bought the skins work as they should be. Only previewing them before you bought them sucks.
  2. Seems that the Saint of Altra Update had a somewhat strange bug in it's sleeves, hitting the Warframes and their wardrobes. The issue in question lets certain parts of skins (TennoGen as Deluxe alike) clip through or disappear in the preview option on most Warframe. An example for missing features is the new Harrow Reliquary Skin where most of the parts are inside the standard Harrow, and only those Parts that lay outside Harrow's standard lineouts are visible as the should be. If you want to costumize your Umbralibur with a new skin his body shows only the standard Excal's body and only changing the helmets. Other Frames like Chroma Prima have the issue that their TennoGen and Deluxe Skins clip through their bodies. Parts of Chroma's custom plating pierce his regular bodie, but mostly you see his standard bodie, not that of the TennoGen or Deluxe Skin. And last, all Frames suffer from the issue that their standard helmets clip through the custom ones. Excluded are helmets that are made by DE, like Excalibur's choices of helmets. Every Deluxe or TennoGen: Poof! The helmet clips through. It's also weird that: - If you preview the helmets the bodies get propperly changed while previewing - In Return, if you prefiew the bodies the helmets get shown propperly. None of my actual Warframes are free from that issue, unless it's a Skin already bought i want to preview. In that case, TennoGen or Deluxe work as intended. It also doesn't seem to affect the skin once applied.
  3. @ (NSW)ChtulhuAzathoth Guess we have a small case of different meanings here. Allow me to give some extra info. I think you know which node the TO means. It's the new Emissary Derelict Mobile Defense node on Europa. That perticular node on Europa is impossible to solve because there's a bug that shuts the door closest to the target console completely down, preventing players from reaching it. It also completely kills all icons on it indicating it is unlocked. And it's also the derelict tileset, not Corpus. This bug is not cured by simply aborting and reentering the mission. I ran into same issue and i can tell you: this bug will drive you nuts. because it hits you every time you start the mission. I had NO exception so far. Not in puplic, not in solo. Started the node round about 20 times. In all of that 20 times i were unable to complete the mission because the door wasn't opening. Don't be fooled if the first target console occasionally is reachable btw. The second wont. Whatever you'll try. And yeah.... Relogging the game wont solve it either.
  4. Can tell the same tale as all others here 😞 My Saryn Prime searched for any kind of gap she could squeeze her little Napellus rear through... Nothing. Only thing i could try to do is using Ivara, placing a noise arrow near the bugged door and hope that the infested behind will open it because they want to have a sniff on said arrow, passing through the door. Edit: Tested it. -The infested did.... Zero. Not a single went even near the door. Even worse: The bug hits not only the high reaching cylindric ones, it seems it hits EVERY type of doors on Europa. The wide ones resembling the Lotus' icon as well as the medium ones.
  5. As the title says are some doors of the new Emissary Derelict mission not opening. This actually hits the node at Europa, mostly right at the first target console. If you're "lucky" it hits the second. Mars works fine.The doors in question miss all marks indicating the door is unlocked and passable, and whatever you try.... It doesn't change 😕 Even shutting down and restarting the game doesn't solve the issue. But the target marker still says "Tenno! DAAAAT way you go!" What i tried to do so far: -killing every single infested puppy, flower and Grineer i come across -luring out the Juggy and kill it -as mentioned, closing the game entirely and relogg -searched for any gap or tiny hole my Saryn Prime could squeeze her pretty little rear through. So hopefully it get's fixed via hotfix. If this needs a fully grown patch like the molten faces and dissapearing haircuts of the Operators.... Nighty night, sleep tight Nightwave 😮 Edit: If you fellow Tenno had the idea to try the following.... You better scratch that idea. What i mean is: Taking your Ivara out for a spin on this node and trying to lure the infested through the door with her noise arrows. Doesn't let them move anywhere. It also hits every type of doors that may spawn in the path. Only the Dragon key vaults are spared. But yeah... They're a seperate thing entirely 😕
  6. Well, some time has passed since the last reply. The bad news: The issue still exists. And it seems to effect any exalted weapon you summon in order to wield it. Wukong's iron staff is also effected by this bug. The good news: As far as i tested the only way to fix this is to reactivate your exalted weapon and exit it again. Sonetimes the bug doesn't even allow you to switch weapons properly to clear the bug. And for Transference i need some more testing if that clears the bug. Anyways. It's a enoying bug which screwed me over sometimes, even killed my Frames in heavier missions like Sorties and Arbitration, where movement and constant attacking is key. One break inside that and you're done for. And it hurts me to hear that this is an older one, not a recently slipped in one.
  7. At least we're not alone with this issue 😕 My Ops suffers the same issue. Luckily for me i could at least fix the molten face by maxing the face blend. But i have to add there that it is only because i have luck with picking the right faces so that the first looks molten, but as soon as the secondary fully blends in it smoothes again. Tried quite a lot Combos out, male body and female alike, and so far only 1 single set-up (which gives your Operator the female body) worked out to enable this fixing method. Any other looks like molten pixel wax 😞 And yes: My Ops looks like a freshly shaved sheep as well. The ONLY haircut that works completely normal is the Rasta-Pony where the rest of the head is shavef bold. Everything else: GONE! So pls, Pls DE: Fix it!
  8. Hello fellow Tenno, I experienced a strange bug right now. I was leveling some gear on Sedna, Hydron, using my Valkyr Warframe, Stalker's Dread bow, a Catchmoon Kitgun and the Zenistar. Up until Wave 10 everything went without any issues whatsoever. But as soon as my squad reached said wave 10 and i activated Valkyr's Hysteria, killed some Grineer and went out manually, my Valkyr got stuck inside her Hysteria. Still invulnearble, but also incapable of doing anything :0 Her arms didn't move, weapons didn't switch nor was i able to use my abilities at all. The only thing i could do was moving the Frame herself and jump.
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