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  1. I can't swap Sevagoth's Shadow's default polarities to different locations. Please fix. I just really like to organize my mods just right
  2. I like the sound of "PERMANENTLY ADDING" I hope other frames get this treatment in the near future
  3. "You mentioned Necramechs in all missions, why just Railjack missions in this update? We have Railjack missions set up in such a way that Necramechs are compatible in virtually all environments (hence Orphix coming back, etc). We still aim to deliver on our goal of game-wide Necramechs in a future update. In order to make sure this new feature doesn’t cause major issues, we need more time to test Father’s Old War toys before we fully let them loose! " Now wait a moment... the upgrade says "ALL MISSIONS" so what do you mean "In a future update"? You continue to hurt me, DE...
  4. I STILL haven't gotten my Octavia noggle from this weeks twitch drop. I also have not received the Umbra Forma yet, though the stream only recently ended so it might just be delayed. However, the Octavia Noggle was days ago and I still haven't gotten it in-game yet. I perfectly linked up and even re-linked when you guys said we needed to. I would very much appreciate a fix on this.
  5. Can we finally use necramechs in regular missions now?
  6. Better be Octavia Prime or I ain't playin'! Also, it'd be dope if we could make much longer songs with Octavia Prime
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