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  1. Which wouldn't be a problem if we could get 1/10th as much information in-game as we can from the wiki. This isn't the first time DE has said things like this are a problem, yet you still refuse to address the core of the issue - your terrible, lacklustre in-game information system and lacking ability descriptions. The rework itself looks good, and I'm looking forward to trying out new Saryn builds. Hopefully others can join me in enjoying it right away, instead of having to rely on playtesting, dataminers, and third-party resources to figure out how the abilities actually work.
  2. Scourge has 60 damage, not 30. And the Javlok has 235 damage, not 185.
  3. Lol, no. Slash is the strongest because it bypasses armour. Imagine that...something that isn't affected by the massive scaling damage reduction. In other words, the only way other than REMOVING THAT DAMAGE REDUCTION, to actually kill high level enemies in a reasonable amount of time. Puncture reduces enemy damage...cool, Slash kills enemies, and dead enemies deal 0 damage. Impact staggers or ragdolls enemies. Which means you won't be able to hit headshots as easily, or may miss entirely if they ragdoll too violently. So Impact procs can literally make you take longer to kill an enemy. In other words, Impact is now even more useless, Puncture is still just as useless, and Slash is getting nerfed. Good to see that Damage 2.5 has managed to make everything worse.
  4. Drathe

    Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.6.1

    Dark Split-Sword is still unable to use skins properly, and has been broken for over a month now.
  5. Drathe

    Chains of Harrow: Hotfix 21.4.2

    Oooh, Hydroid changes!
  6. Drathe

    Warframe Builder

    Despite having no mods at all equipped, Ivara's Prowl shows minimized energy/second, and equipping various mods doesn't change anything.
  7. Drathe

    Warframe Builder

    Playing around with build on lesser used weapons recently, and I noticed the Ether Daggers stats are out of date. In the Builder they show as this: However, in-game (and on the wiki), it shows as this: All the damage amounts and the status chance was apparently buffed a while back. Not surprised it got missed though, since the Ether Daggers are so unused.
  8. Drathe

    Warframe Builder

    There's a couple issues with companions in the builder right now. First, Bite (max rank) gives +330% Crit Chance and 220% Crit damage. Kavats have 20% Crit Chance and 2.0 Crit damage. Kubrows have 10% Crit Chance and 3.0x Crit Damage. With a max rank Bite, they should have 86%, 6.4x and 43%, 9.6x respectively. Instead, they are showing as 64%, 8.6x and 32%, 6.9x - the builder is adding 330% Crit *damage* and 220% Crit *chance*, the opposite of what it should be. Also, Kubrows have 304 slash damage baseline and 3.0x Crit Damage. The builder only gives them 120 slash damage and 1.6x Crit Damage.