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  1. No excuses anymore boys, recent Prime time shows the Kuva kohm with 30% status chance say goodbye to your rivens.
  2. Funny, coming from the guy with over 4.6k posts on a video game forum.
  3. And so this brings me back to: Tell me again why the Kohm is deserving of such a powerful riven? Is it under performing like the aforementioned weapons? Or is this just simply a case of greed?
  4. Throughout this thread, ppl have said that without the 100% status chance the Kohm is "useless" "mr fodder" "trash" And so I asked them to compare the Kohm's popularity and performance to weapons with similar riven dispo and yet none of you can give me a straight answer What exactly is your argument again? What reason is there that the Kohm should deserve rivens with such a high dispo? Why should the kohm not have trash rivens like you said? Is the Kohm struggling anywhere close to the Hind, twin vipers, Tetra, Furis and its variants to warrant needing such a high dispo? Its clear from these responses you guys are a dishonest bunch with vested interests. Clearly I'm the triggered one... Clearly my thread has upset you enough that you had to stalk my post history as some sort of argument. lol gj
  5. Funny the only downside of the Kohm you're able to argue is its ammo economy which of this week will no longer be an issue as you'll be able to completely rectify that issue by slotting in a primed ammo mutation without losing any dmg whatsoever. Then you are a liar, simple. Stop trying to BS people, the Hind or Tetra are no where as good as the Kohm. It's shocking the mental gymnastics ppl go thru to protect their precious little rivens
  6. @Xydeth @Troposphere6 @Wyrmius_Prime @Jujuwa @kevoisvevo @Diavoros @Crasharr @(XB1)Kuljack
  7. Mind sharing what weapons those are? You seem quite proud of them.
  8. Amusing the amount of creative BS people will spew to protect their blatantly op riven. Are you all seriously trying to convince me that the Kohm is anywhere near unpopular and under-performing like the Hind, twin vipers, Tetra, Furis and its variants? Get a grip, all of these weapons have more less the same dispo yet perform nowhere near as well or are as popular as the Kohm. We'll see who's mad when DE finally takes notice of the severe imbalance with riven dispos
  9. Yet guns like Corinth, Drakgoon, Hek/vaykor do just fine without 100% status. The kohm doesn't "need" 100 sc. Ppl just wanna cling on to their clearly broken rivens. A gun with high dmg, innate punch thru and with ammo economy no longer being an issue due to the upcoming exilus slots should not deserve a riven dispo anywhere near 1.4
  10. There are plenty of powerful weapons that have strong dispos despite being strong enough on their own: gram prime, synapse, boar prime, strun wraith to name a few. Those are all long due for riven nerfs just like the Kohm. Status immune enemies is not a valid justification for the kohm considering the vast majority of enemies you encounter in the game are vulnerable to status. Only weak weapons should have high dispo. THe kohm is no where near to be considered "weak"
  11. Ppl are dishing out 1000s for these rivens its quite clear they're way over popular. Very nice hyperbole, but the gun will be fine even with a 0.5 dispo. You guys just want op guns that trivialize the game.
  12. no it doesn't "need" 120% status you just want it to. The kohm is perfectly fine without a riven. The way it is now the dispo has to be nerfed into the ground
  13. This should have been done a long time ago. The Kohm has no business running around with a 1.4 riven dispo. Its ridiculous how such a powerful weapon, has avoided dispo nerfs for so long. With the upcoming exilus slots allowing you to slot ammo mutation mods on the Kohm, its only real disadvantage is gone. I would say 0.5 or 0.4 dispo should be fairly balanced considering its strength and popularity. If you all think otherwise, try to convince me that the Kohm is anywhere near unpopular and under-performing like the Hind, twin vipers, Tetra, Furis and its variants. Those all have more less the same riven dispo. You all really think the Kohm is anywhere near those aforementioned weapons in performance and popularity?
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