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  1. Its not dificult, takes a little bit of trying and learning on mistakes and pathing. Simaris, visit him. Nezha makes it really easy with long slides.
  2. If you don't want to fight lich then don't. Not fighting a lich is just a waste thought (unless you know you need a requiem you do not own yet). Free murmurs and you can guess the combination - this way it usually takes me 3-5 fights to kill a lich (beeing arround 10 missions).
  3. @@Skaleek I just spawned fresh Lich with Nyx, previous one was spawned by Nyx aswell but i forgot to take a pic and killed it 😛. Of course on Cassini, because other missions just don't spawn larvling for me even though there is a messege it spawned...
  4. @Skaleek I think my current lich was spawned by Nyx because i wanted this radiation ephemera. Will check and post while I'm at home.
  5. Am I the only one that enjoys Lich system as it is now? Just don't kill Larva if you don't want. Every encounter with Lich gives you some information about requiem combo but he gets stronger. First time a thing that you need to do something else than oneshot boss during vulnerability phase with min maxxed weapon. Please keep it like it is right now. Edit: Yes, it wasn't super cool on launch, but now is fine.
  6. Everyone uses Cassini on Saturn to get Lich. Not for bad reasons. I tried to get my first Lich on Sedna and Uranus for hour. I got couple of messages that Larvling should have actually spawned (the same i got later on on Cassini) but there was no marker and no larvling anywhere, some time later message about larvling beeing extracted. Multiple times. I gave up and rolled with Cassini. First attempt, as soon as i got messege there was marker, larvling killed, Lich spawned. I tried it NOW when spawning the second larvling. Again, only Cassini works... Shame
  7. Somewhere between Europa and Ceres. Played for some time now but any interesting game or story aspect have not been introduced yet. Game literally hides everything that is actually fun content behind second dream and war within. I'm not saying its bad but fact is: without help its long way before game is actually fun. With help it doesn't feel like player acomplished anything really. For me it was Natah when it began to be interesting.
  8. Stop using rigged maxxed mods. No matter what weapon it is, if you throw maxxed mods on it oneshots way up to sortie levels. Get new frame, equip new weapons on it and use S#&$ or half maxxed mods only. Also pay attention to lore in each missions (disruption on Jupiter is best example). There you go. Listen to bounty comments aswell, surprising ammount of references there.
  9. You get prime frames by opening relics with needed parts. Actually its way easier to get prime frames than regular ones as low level. Atlas and Mesa beeing best examples.
  10. Zdecydowanie zły dział, jak wspomniał decado. Bursy spawnują się w większości (nie jestem pewien czy na początkowych planetach jak Venus także) misji z Corpus jeżeli uruchomisz alarm i go nie wyłączysz przez dłuższy czas. Długie misje obrony i survivalu też je spawnują, tyle, że nie od razu. Najlepsze miejsce to event Razorback armada, jest ich tam mnóstwo, ale wnioskując, że pytasz o to na forum nie grasz za długo i nie masz dostępu. Moim zdaniem najlepiej otwierać relikwie na obronie corpus i zostać dłużej. Wpadają i primy i bursy na jednym ogniu.
  11. People yell at Limbos and this is a fact. But honestly, is there better frame for very long index or kuva runs? Also i don't agree with black energy, rift is the one ability which you simply must know where and when its working precisely.
  12. My brother was doing it literally 2 days ago. I was dying of laughter seeing him struggling. I love spy missions and i got it on second attemp. For anyone struggling: first part is easy, second part is simple if you go middle then right then the rest. Last part you should go to left, clear upper platform and deal with the lasting 3 when they spread. Just memorize their movement. Use Titania, Nezha, Valkyr, Ivara or Mirage, their passives help. Nezha is the easiest. Edit: Someone mentioned wisp, this is great idea actually, free invisibility. Edit2: Practice with Simaris first, right??
  13. You don't need to spend any money or plat. If you are collector type of guy like i am then slots are worth spending plat on. 1 full colour pallete aswell. Nothing more. If you feel like supporting devs there is plenty of stuff to waste plat on. Skins, prime parts on market, rivens ect. Buying primes is really dumb move tho, in time ull get them all anyway. See tenno planner. Infinite formas and rare materials as you do relics. Reactors, catalysts and adapters are tempting too... but you get a lot of those from events and invasions. Ps: Ivara and Harrow are the only frames i ever considered to buy with plat, you just need luck to get them. Edit: Nidus is tricky too but i enjoy salvage a lot, even solo so i got him in no time. It all depends on you, if you value your time more than some kash or want support devs then pay for stuff. This game only grew bcoz people payed. On the other hand plat is very easy to farm (only level stuff on infinite relic missions - look loki prices) or buyable with common 75% coupons. Stuff I farmed myself is more satisfying to play for me tho.
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