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  1. Just go into lith missions and farm the hell out of them. I personally prefer endless void fissure missions (disruption, Excavation, etc.) because I don't like having to constantly go back in, but if you really are looking for speed, go capture or exterminate.
  2. Bursas appear more frequently on higher end Corpus planets like Neptune and Pluto, especially in exterminate and capture missions in my experience. I also find them everywhere on the crossfire exterminate on Lua, if you can handle the sentients on your own.
  3. I would say PC. We get all of the content first, and, as a result, I would assume we get most of the players (though I can't imagine that XBox and PS4 are that far behind).
  4. Gara by far has my most play time and is my favorite to play as, but I also often play with Limbo and Octavia depending on the mission. Ivara too for any mission requiring stealth.
  5. Volt Prime is currently vaulted. Therefore, you can't acquire new relics with his parts, but you still have the chance to farm him through others who have his vaulted relics on hand still.
  6. I just did a solo exterminate on Saturn and ran into a lot of seekers. Try there, maybe.
  7. The Helminth Cyst grows on every new warframe you get. It's a little pink zit-like thing that grows on the left side of the neck for about a week until it fully matures (aka has a little tentacle poking out and wriggling around), and then you can either cure it in the infested room in your oribiter or you can drain it on an incubating kubrow to get a Helminth Charger. Draining it allows it to grow back, but curing it prevents that warframe from ever getting the cyst again. It's really hard to see on Umbra because of his scarf. I'm pretty sure the screenshot doesn't have anything to do with the cyst, though. From what I gathered while playing The Sacrifice, Excalibur Umbra is an infested 'frame to begin with, so that could be why he has that little blue mark. Don't quote me on that, though.
  8. Aim gliding makes it much harder to be hit. Once you take one enemy out, bolt off to regenerate health.
  9. You have to do The War Within first.
  10. You can practice the mastery tests by visiting Cephalon Simaris in any relay and going to a hallway on the right. Use this to help with trying to get past tests. Once you're confident in the practice runs, you can advance to the actual test. I've done this many times and it's saved me.
  11. A good frame I've enjoyed since I started about 8 months ago has been Gara, gotten through Cetus. She's powerful and fantastic for any kind of defense mission, as well as easy to get in the beginning. She, by far, has the most play time for me. The farthest you actually need to get for farming for her is Ceres for Orokin Cells. As for weapons, the Tetra and Braton are good starter weapons, as well as the Lex and Cronus. I very much enjoy the Sybaris as well.
  12. Try doing the same thing I said above: Go into the mission's codex file, and it should fix itself. My friend who recently got into the game had the same exact problem, and that's how she fixed it. It also fixed the issue with the OP.
  13. My friend had the same issue. She fixed it by going into the mission's codex file, and it fixed itself that way. From what I've heard, though, this is a common bug.
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