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  1. Yeah, I only decided to post it now because after seeing multiple people mention it on Reddit/in-game I thought it'd get fixed with the next big title update. As it wasn't, I figured a video of it may help.
  2. I've had an issue occurring since the beginning of May from the PoE update. I've only seen this occur in PoE. Basically, enemies that have an armored (purple) health bar, I see no progress on that bar. On hit, I can see the hits and the bar does briefly show a change-- but not permanently. I.E. On Eidolons, I can't see which Synovia is/has taken damage. On Thumper, I can't see him take damage whosoever - my indicator is his leg panels becoming inactive. Below is a short video of the Eidolon error on the Teralyst.
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