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  1. I died at roughly 30-45 seconds in. They didn't respawn at all in 4 minutes, out of 5 minutes. I'd say it's safe to assume that there's no delay at all, just I'm not sure if it's a bug, it's intended etc... Hard to know when the MR tests rules are "hidden": you only know your objective, after all
  2. Hi all. I just tried the MR27 Test, and it failed miserably. Did two practice sessions, all passed in around 2 minutes. Pretty decent times, wide margin of error, so I decided to go for it. Ranked up all points in the map (except for one, found later) and proceeded to go into deposit. Sadly, on my way there I got stunned by an Arsonist's fireball, fell into oblivion and got replaced around a bunch of enemies. Didn't manage to even move, an I was already dead. Slightly pissed, but at this point it's still all normal. Problem is, no points that were taken did actually respawn. Map was empty. Managed to take the last point I didn't take previously, banked it, and that's it. I tried to hunt down Eximus units for their 3 points drop, but the map drops were ALL not respawning. Not one, for 4 minutes straight, not even the point i actually banked AFTER my death. So, considering that in the previous 2 practices I didn't have any problem: is this an expected behavior, I have missed something? Or is this a bug? Considering average answer times, I'll have to stick to wait for 24 hours, but I'd rather NOT waste another try.
  3. 2 out of 3 times (more or less) Kuva Lich invades as immortal. Only shields gets depleted. Life cannot be touched. Also, i suspect Adaptation/Trinity's blessing may be broke. Mobile defense, only impact damage gets damage reduction, while bleeding proc is continuosly being triggered on me. But no slash resistance builds up whatsoever from adaptation. Also, with a full 90% damage reduction from adaptation and 75% from blessing, I should get the total damage income be around 2,5% of the original value. Still, without spamming Blessing couldn't survive for more than 3-4 seconds. Seems weird
  4. Kuva Syphon missions will "void" unidentified items from the vaults. Only drops will be Kuva and rarely Requiem relics. Not sure if it's intended or not Link to reports
  5. Just surpassed rank 60 in the NightWave event. In the "Tune in" menu, the rank is correctly calculated, meanwhile in the reward screen, is currently capped at 60. It is meant to be capped at 60? Or it's just a bug? Link to screenshots
  6. Silent items, such as Simaris scanner or Dart rifle (Conservation), are no more silent. Trying to scan an enemy with Ivara + Prowl will still alert the enemy a splitsecond before completing the scan, thus making stealth scans impossible. Even just proximity (1-2 meters) to an enemy will randomly alert them to your presence, without any contact. Other than that, enemies "alerted" by the scan will home on the position from which the scan was made. The alert extends to the enemies in the area, not only the one scanned. Wherether the subject was an enemy, a loot box or a plant, they can still get alerted. Extremely long range scans can sometimes NOT alert them. Putting the enemies to sleep before scanning them will award the stealth bonus.
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