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  1. On top of those bugs here are some I encountered: 1. Having both of the players go into a downed state and the end of the boss causes you to be stuck in the part of the map where the boss fight took place, not the end scene where extraction is. 2. Playing as Excaliber Umbra and switching to Operator mode while being shot by the Ropalolyst's laser then switching back caused me to return to an invisible, invincible, and gravity defying Excalibur Umbra that couldn't use abilities or Transference only move, melee, and slam attack, he could not jump. I then proceeded to go in a constant state of falling off the map which only ended after my teammate finished the mission and I had to spam E in the direction of the extraction. Will write more as I find them.
  2. This, but on top of this, I believe they should make it so both the three random Saturn Six Fugitives and the Wolf and his three Saturn Six Fugitives can't both spawn at the same time. Those molotovs are heavy hitting and the Fugitives throw them like they were all pro pitchers of the the Grineer Major League Baseball team. For fugitives they sure seem to have an infinite supply of molotovs, except they're not really molotovs, it's more like one of the Fugitives found out that you could just use Napalm instead of Gasoline in a Molotov and decided that it'd be make for a pretty humorous Firewalking challenge.
  3. Interesting thought regarding the MOA, I had assumed that it was filtered out due to '@#&$' in 'Cockatrice' rather than the 'rice'. I'm currently in Japan and I haven't really noticed rice thing as racist though I can see where some may find it offensive as not ALL Asian races eat/enjoy rice. I also looked up the matter on the first case to see if 'Skadoosh' was a curse word but that yielded alot of scenes from Kung Fu Panda. EDIT: The chat filter censored the word I was trying to say but it's the first 4 letters in 'Cockatrice'
  4. So I finally earned the ability to gild my Kitguns in Fortuna, so I decided to name my catchmoon 'Skadoosh' (A quote from the movie Kung Fu Panda that is said by the main character when he uses a powerful move) however upon attempting to name it, the following happened: My dad who was sitting next to me at the time, told me the filter likely tripped on the 'doosh' part of the name, and then told me to write 'skadouche' instead, which had the following happen as a result: So yeah, the 'profanity' filter is a little bit odd here. (Yes I did end up naming the weapon 'Skadouche' despite it's crass nature as either way it would still sound the same as 'Skadoosh' if this ever gets fixed I'll rename it) On a side note the game also denied me to name my MOA 'Cockatrice' so that makes me sad too.
  5. During a part in the Uranus Sabotage mission requiring me to flood a room with water I encounter three enemies, two Darek Dragas and a single Sikula, normally underwater enemies above ground, they had the same physics as if they were underwater and floated in the ceiling when killed. Below are some screenshots I took: Darek Draga 1 of 2: Darek Draga 2 of 2: Sikula 1 of 1:I forgot about the new feature of F6 so I was unable to get any metadata, sorry about that.
  6. On top of the aforementioned method there are also pairs of Dargyns that spawn unpiloted on the ground of the Plains of Eidolon, there'll be two Dargyn Pilots that are near them and they will jump into Dargyns if they spot you, although if you manage to kill one before they get in the Dargyn you can then steal it.
  7. I've noticed a few things in regard to this, one is that it usually occurs whenever you hack a terminal to turn off the first stage of alarms, and two, that it affects not only Amalthea but many long doors on the Corpus Gas City Tileset for example the first door to Alad V's chamber and the room with several elevators and a few storage rooms.
  8. It may be that they're spawning and something causes them to run away, such as nearby enemies. On top of this you may just believe they are not spawning because they can spawn quite a bit aways from the calling point, you should also take into account that they tend to get stuck on terrain sometimes. I find it's best to aim down the Tranq rifle in the direction of the animal calling noises and making sure they arent stuck on terrain or are still heading toward you.
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