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  1. Necro bump. I just ran an ESO where I was levelling a Pyrana Prime from unranked. The host left at wave 5, causing a migration. I still needed about half a level for it to reach 30, so I proceeded to wave 6. Afterwards, absolutely all affinity was lost - the Pyrana Prime is still unranked.
  2. Adding a pittance of Holokeys to Sisters is nice if you haven't already farmed dozens of them and acquired all the weapons and ephemera. There is a sense of DE 'punishing' early adopters by improving systems after the dedicated have finished with them. Some sort of retroactive reimbursement would surely be doable. But no, if you engaged early you miss out.
  3. Oh, okay, thank you for clarifying. It would be great if Crossfire Spy was somehow labelled as Spy.
  4. Today there was a Neo Crossfire - Corpus mission advertised on Valac (Europa). Queueing into it loaded a Spy mission. There were 50 minutes remaining on the timer.
  5. You need to consider drop chance against enemy density. The problem here is that it's a super low drop chance with an enemy you only get a few of per mission, in specific missions.
  6. Yes, can confirm I've encountered this a couple of times. Are they vulnerable to melee? I just tried shooting them a few times, then got bored and moved on.
  7. I've noticed that MOAs appear able to see and attack me when I'm invisible. They aren't just reacting to gunfire either - they're obviously able to track and target me as if I'm completely visible.
  8. I feel like you might enjoy Five Nights At Freddy's.
  9. RNG for a Void Storm on a decent mission. RNG for Holokeys to drop at all (but most likely more bloody useless Sevagoth parts). RNG vendor for element and stats (seems weighted towards low values too). Shop items bad? Come back in a few days for more disappointment. Just increasing the drop quantity fundamentally misses what is so frustrating with this drawn out, unrewarding game loop.
  10. That's a horrifying possibility if that's true. It seems to happen when I do point-blank blasts, so I'm not sure if that's a different interaction or related to what you're saying.
  11. I've noticed that sometimes certain channels are muted / washed out sometimes. It's such a shame, 'cause I'd like to use the specific colour I've picked.
  12. After a Railjack mission, the loot displays individually in a large pop-up in the middle of the screen. This obscures a large part of the screen whilst you wait for it to slowly show you each item, usually things that are neither particularly rare or interesting. This is annoying. Could it instead please display everything in a single pop-up that can then be easily reviewed and dismissed?
  13. I must be lucky - I haven't encountered any leeches at all. I've had a couple of new players who didn't understand / need to get points to buy the BP, but of course that doesn't bother me.
  14. I think there's a bug where explosive weapons can still do self-damage. I've been experiencing this too. I get killed by the mysterious 'SHOCK' thing. Ghoul Augers are also a frequent offender.
  15. Prime Access should have had an option to gag Konzu. Sales would go through the roof.
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