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  1. Ok ... bad and sad news... necramech xp on fortuna plains all time bugged :( when someone leave group
  2. Hello just for say in the event, if you use your necramech for upgrade it, and someone leave group, you lose all xp winning.. and that all the times ... I'm at the 6th upgrade to 38 on voidig, and with this bug my voidig is always .. 15 ....
  3. Hello, on fortuna we make xp, but at end mission we could see our necramech win nothing.... i pass level 30 to 38 in mission and after i come back town.. My necramech is 30 ... The alarm on garuda system mission is bugged we can t use it also all time mission fail. In plains, many times we don t see all necramech texture .. only the central corpse.
  4. A bit Trouble Kitguns are bugged .... I have mastered all of them but not in my profil :(
  5. More-L I make that to, same trouble ...
  6. Hello, i have a trouble my Arquebex is level 27, after many misisons, he get is level 30... but when i look it in arsenal is level 27, i upgrade it again.. and again it fall down level 27 .... How can we do for upgrade it to 30 ?? At the beginning... After some missions At the End ..... If you could explain me :)
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