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  1. Clan Name: Clockworks

    Tier: Storm

    Platform: Switch

    Role: Founding Warlord



    Main Hub

    Recently been remodeled for the 3rd time. The centerpiece is supposed to be shaped like an hourglass with the waterfalls representing the "sands". 



    Ascension Hall

    This one's my favorite projects as it marks my actual "first" attempt on making some sort of statue piece which is an owl. I wanted to make a bird of some kind at first before but it turned out into some sort of abomination... I decided to start over and build what you see now since I've gained experience.



    Hangout Spot

    One of the first rooms that I remodeled to better reflect my decorating experience. There's a spiral staircase that leads up to second floor which is where the theater (2nd image) and arcade rooms are at. I didn't show off the arcade cause it wasn't as impressive as the theater.



    Orbital Clocktower/Outer Haven Point

    The first of soon to be many "Clocktowers" throughout the dojo. This one's the first of its kind. There's nothing much going on outside of this image... Well there's like a waterfall tunnel in front of the clocktower (behind those trees) but I kinda forgot to take a screenshot of that shot.


    Pendulum Courtroom

    This project was inspired by the Ace Attorney series (more specifically The Great Ace Attorney where there were seats for the jury in front of the judge's desk). Above is a cuckoo clock with an owl perching upfront where it simply watches the court session unfold, more importantly it's looking directly at the witness to judge whenever or not the person is lying. Either that or just intimidating the witness to always tell the truth. The cuckoo clock is also technically the 3rd "clocktower" but I might as well say it's the 3rd clock design throughout the dojo.


    Chrono Fortress

    A fortress of some kind that not only houses the members of Clockworks but also houses the 2nd "Clocktower". The design theming was sort of supposed to start out to be like a federal japan castle with a streampunk style, but I guess it was lost throughout the process.




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  2. 16 hours ago, [DE]Helen said:

    Star Chart All Stars Category

    Clan Tier does not apply to this category. All Dojos compete based on designs alone. By submitting a Dojo that has been on the Star Chart in the past, your submission is automatically included in both the Star Chart Ascendant category and the Star Chart All Stars category.

    Wait, does that mean I don't need to submit my entry for this contest if my Dojo was featured in the past?

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  3. 4 hours ago, (NSW)Belaptir said:

    Guys, please, solve the Switch bug on dojo decorations! It's been months already. We can't see the decoration thumbnails in the menu so to see how a decoration looks like, we must place it. Decorating on Switch right now is impossible!

    Saying that it's "impossible" to decorate is bit of an overexaggeration but yes, some of the thumbnails don't load in.

    Also if you haven't already, you should just make a post about it in the bug section.

  4. On 2021-04-04 at 5:27 AM, (PSN)jwortiz84 said:

    Why the hell do keep forcing railjack down our throats every other mass update gets forgotten why can't this already. Bad enough when railjack first dropped you guy's said this isn't for new players so nerfing costs slapping everyone how actually grinded it out and now got plat here's a railjack. I know times are hard but this update has me considering deleting but hey there's never been any consideration for veteran players why should i expect that to ever change 

    Willy Wonka Reaction GIF

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  5. 17 hours ago, (XBOX)FRAGSLAYER said:

    Tbh honest i could care less until you release the "next gen" patch or simply put turn up simple settings on Xbox. I spent tons on my PS account went to Xbox for many reasons and now ive spent even more,there is NO REASON PS should have it and Xbox dont. I have no interest in playing Warframe on my PS5 i want to continue here on XBSX with the same courtesy as PS just up the settings and push the update already don't blame stuff that's completely irrelevant. I never complain i cant believe you got me on here doing this I just know it isnt a difficult task PS had it damn near at launch treat everyone the same man your a F2P game who relies on players like me to spend. Everyone else might be cool with it i for one am not.


  6. 10 hours ago, (NSW)Revanent said:

    Please Nintendo I'm begging you do not make this update a switch specific delay. 

    I think both you and I would know that it will totally happen cause Nintendo will just surely point out a "problem" and come up with their typical Switch internal memory issue like last time (Old Blood).

    Either that or Nintendo's cert team isn't up to par with Microsoft's and Sony's as they seem to get the updates first. It's always the Switch that gets the update last just cause Nintendo.

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  7. Can we also have like a jukebox deco that can play music in our dojos as well please? Sometimes the default ambient music gets a bit eerie for me especially when I'm walking around my dojo alone.

    It would lighten up the mood a bit and I know that already exists but to a certain married couples' dojo. Isn't it about time you give that to all of us?

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  8. I have an idea that I kept forgetting all these times but can you remove the collision on the origin point of a decoration whenever you're in decorator mode? Like make it so that a deco can clip through an object/wall/floor all the way cleanly as said origin point goes through as well.

    There were plenty of times that I had where I wanted to clip in a deco in a certain way but the origin point was in the way of that and it's a bit frustrating not having not having a deco exactly the way you want it to be.

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  9. 2 minutes ago, (NSW)Gamer-Steve said:

    Speaking of that Shawzin, can it be recolored to match Octavia Prime's chosen color scheme? I think it would be nice to coordinate it with the frame playing it, if it's possible.

    Only the Mimica Shawzin copies your Warframe's colors.

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  10. On 2021-01-16 at 1:18 PM, MollAgdeduba said:

    -) Dojo to Dojo copy room layout: you enter in a room inside a random dojo you really like? No problem, save the layout and paste to your dojo. (In the code of the room will be saved the dojo who first build that room, to avoid people copy-paste nice room and then do contest)

    How bout no?

    It kinda ruins the point on decorating a dojo as your own. Sure the Devs could see said code but to everyone else, it's just a room.

    It's basically just cheating if you were to enter a dojo contest with said copy-pasted rooms. Dojos are usually judged based on photos/videos in their entry so it would be pretty easy to get away with that if that's the case.

    Unless of course they check each and EVERY ROOM per entry which just adds more work on the judging process.

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  11. It was fine on how Devstreams were handled back then, why change that?

    But at least now you're giving us a clear date on those now. Although, wouldn't that also mean that you're giving yourselves like a deadline to present something for each and every end of the month now?

    What about Gift of the Lotus alerts now? Does it mean that we'll get one per month or are you shifting them up a bit?

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