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  1. It's all well and good but can you guys rotate the gift like if one person gets one glyph he will not get that one in the next... Cuz I watched all the streams everyday but I got 3 same glyph and 3 forma bp.... I was hoping to get one basmu bp. Thanks in advance
  2. Hey DE... I am very happy with the new helminth upgrade and all but I am facing a new type of glitch in Railjack mission's. When I try to access FA or Side cannons... I kind of glitched out of the RJ... And I can't get back inside.. am stuck outside the RJ with my archwing and even after the mission is ended the mission can't fully end untill I get back inside the ship... And as am stuck with no key function I have to abort the game, resulting all resources lost 😫.I don't know if anyone has entered the same problem in anywhere. But can you fix this glitch..it's really annoying. and sorry I was
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