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  1. O man... The beach days are finally here... It's been a bad year so far... But the beach is finally the time to killllll
  2. Exactly... Can you please check and remove the amp self-stagger, It's pretty annoying. And the NW aircraft is still in the default colour. We can't change it's colour from the orbitar section.
  3. Thanks for the updates. Just a small thing, in the NW when we get the nightwave craft, even though we changed it colours, still while on mission start or when in the orbitar.. we can't see the changed colour. It's always the default colour. Please check these problem. Thanks in advance
  4. DE.. please check the game matchmaking section.we are having trouble in matchmaking.the player is online but whenever we try to invite we get a msg saying the player seems to be offline,whereas the player is online and infact he/sje is facing the same problem himself/herself.sometime when we try to join someone we get a msg saying the host is unreachable.this is too much hampering our game. and also we are facing some problem during Zanith GC void,where the time cubes doesn't appear, doesn't show the enemies kill,and also in some survival we get mission fail flag because we are in the void and the timer doesn't stop. we love the game and the new update,so thank you in advance for the update.
  5. There are some minor problem with match making and sometimes when a player tries to join host even though there is place player can't join with a message showing squad full.. which is not. And another thing is when in match you can't open menu section pressing esc. Button on pc platform.please look into these problems.thank you
  6. Health-300 Armour-400 Shield-0 Energy-200 1. Symbiotic - can latch onto the enemy and control them(in the 3rd level you can control 5 enemy) 2. Consume - eat an enemy to give buff onto itself and squad in a radius. Aerial enemy gives energy/sec. Land enemy(human like) gives damage buff. Land enemy(robotic ) gives defence buff. 3. Metamorphosis - engulf the equipped weapon melee/primary/secondary and combine it with the part of its own body to give itself a damage buff and any random type (radiation/corrosive/gas/blast)of damage for 30sec. 4. Knull - covered with symbiotic ball,when enemy is near the ball no matter how many,the ball piercing heart of all the enemy and make them your ally for 30sec and then die,but you can't move in this state Passive - has the ability to melee damage 10% I didn't include any energy requirements... The team can work that out.. Thank you for this opportunity.
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