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  1. Im ok with letting a particular frame be excellent at a specific task, even trivialize it. It happens with almost every content. What I'm not ok with is kneejerk nerfs to said frames staple abilities for the sake of increasing grind content time. I don't want a repeat scenario of Limbo and Scarlet Spear where his 4 was nerfed, but every other CC ability was left untouched, just because he was the meta. If they must do anything just move the multiplier in the formula to be at the same place as Roar for instance. Leave Banshee alone, becuase even if you touch her, someone else will step in her place.
  2. By having Iron Skin- Halo is just a 90% DR ability that is not tied to duration, it's nothing like Iron Skin. OP is right tho. Depending on how you cast it it has different limitations to the tp.
  3. Do you even realize how absolutly trash exalted weapons are compared to pseudo exalted ones? For energy try Rubble Heap, Dethcube, Panzer Vulpa or Specrtosyphon. You should have Rage on your builds at the very least.
  4. I thought it was Nekros Prime earily on purpose.
  5. Send them Corinth Primes. The Sentients mustve latched on the Grid. The day we all hoped would never come is here!
  6. I see it in relation to the base variant. Do you think it would be too powerful if it has the same damage stats as the normal Grattler? I have the same feelings about the Kuva Hek and Scattered Justice. It still is better than the normal Hek in both stats and the element addition, but there is no reason to not add the augment to a grindy later game content weapon because it would invalidate a mr 4 gun you bought for credits. It's why I dislike different riven disposition across diferent weapon variants too.
  7. You misunderstood me. Before the hotfix Kuva Grattler did 100 damage on impact and 155 AOE. The AOE was already nerfed per se while the shot damage was the same as the normal Grattler. Now we got both lower AOE and lower shot. My hope was that it was gonna get 100 shot and 205 AOE so it was gonna be 60% better overall not 7-25% depending on how it hit the nemey.
  8. It means you really really really like the Grattler. And I know that but i feel like it's missing the points im trying to make.
  9. There are no weapons that cant kill, only people that cant mod/prime. Also do notice that you are only required to get the last hit with the weapon. You can soften or prime enemies all you want and then finish them off with your weapon of choice. Then they just keep getting stronger and then keep the kill count on their own if you werent able to do it previously. What sucks with the Galvanized and Aranes is that there's like 8 different timers you have to keep track of if you use them all. -There should be just 3 arcanes that work on both primary and secondary like it works with Kitguns. -The on kill should count for both guns or all kills in general. Alternatively there should be three conditions : On Gun kill, On Melee kill, On Ability kill. -All Galvanized mods should pool from the same "combo counter". Normalized buff and number of max stacks. -Exilus slots should give mod capacity. Or something else should idk. Im tired of using upwards of 5 forma to fit everything. -There should be utility guns mods like there are utility melee mods. I can heal with melee but not with guns.
  10. I appreciate you 'simping' for the Grattler this hard, I get it, its one of my favorite weapons. And I get it that you're getting out of your way to prove that it's better. But there are two points I've made over and over in this thread that keep getting ignored overlooked : 1. The new variant may need plat or a lot of grind to make it better damage wise than the original, and the increase is pretty small all things considered. 2. The nerf is completely unjistified since we're talking about a not best in class weapon in a not best in class weapon type. They couldve at least left it how it was before with same shot damage but nerfed AOE so it was at least much better for Profit Taker where an archgun is required to complete the fight. Now the quality of life additions are nice and all but it ends up being a mixed bag. Adding magazine size to the original (from a riven for instance) you end up enjoying higher fire rate and the usage in space is pretty much the same since have double the magazine with the same recharge rate so you wanna shoot at 20 or 30 magazine to keep going. It's pretty underwhelming as a Kuva variant and what feels like was a straight upgrade before the fix has now gone to a sidegrade. I'm still gonna use it because i like the feel and visuals of it, but I never used it for the stats and it seems its gonna keep being this way.
  11. I agree with what you said and I have some more gripes with the current gun system but I'd think we'd diverge too much from what I originally intended. For now I'd be content with some more status love, but I'm hoping they take a better look at things moving forward.
  12. Good point I hadnt thought of that! Pretty bad take considering the variety of guns, their damage and mod types compared to Melee.
  13. The latest update introduced both buffed Critical Chance corrupted mods and the headshot Galvanized mods (but no shotguns of course) to give some parity with Melee weapons using Blood Rush. The Galvanized status mods also serve as a counterpart to Condition Overload, but there's nothing akin to Weeping Wounds to greatly increase status chance. As a result ive been feeling kinda forced to lean on Critcal builds even on status weapons since most weapons now have some passable CC with the new additions while status chance is basically the same. Can we have something similiar to Weeping Wounds as a Galvanized Mod or Arcane bonus? At least for shotguns since they're historically been status focused weapons. Personally i'd replace the Galvanized Acceleration with it since I see shotguns as heavy damage up-close weapons not something to snipe across the room with, but thats just me.
  14. It seems like exalted meleee weapons that can be moded, (Exalted Blade, Valkyr's Claws etc) can proc Dexterity arcanes while those that are based on your melee weapon's mods do not (Landslide, Khora's Whip etc.). I understand the differences between the two and I know that code wise they might not be the same at all, but in practice they're basically melee weapons and they are based on melee weapons mods while also counting as melee kills in the mission end stats. It would be nice to have the bonus working for these frames instead of just slotting Merciless, since switching to melee for the kill would break the flow.
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