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  1. Will we get a showcase during Prime Home Time since there is no devstream? That armor looks good.
  2. *laughs at the concept of those being a challenge* Do you also piss your pants when the Stalker says you have no escape?
  3. Thanks man, I really think I can reach 2 with TSP.
  4. No wonder you also think Inaros has higher EHP. im in tears
  5. How do Leeches affect your Iron Skin lol. Also fallin in holes...lmao. Have you tried...not jumping into them? Normal nullies are a cake walk, but in the extreme rare cases where you get insta nullified by some mobs, you can always and recast since shield gating became a thing. Nullifying is such an overblown issue by Inaros players to feel better about the pile of garbage sand that they like to play. Like I got nullified twice by Jad Teran in my last Prodman run and I still ended with 0% damage taken. Nullification is not a problem as long as you're skilled and aware of your surroundings. But Inaros players play him exactly beacuse they dont wanna do that. They wanna turn off their brain and just follow the objective marker. Which is fine and all, but he needs some more oomph for the rest of us,
  6. By share his immortality you mean his 2? I run negative efficiency Rhino and I can attest that you don't know what you're talking about in regards to him. Even if he would somehow have no way to regain his energy to spam, at his worse, he would be Inaros. Also Inaros is not the best tank. Far from it.
  7. But any other tank can do that, so what's the point? Frames ARE their abilities, otherwise there's is no point in having 40+ of them when you're relying on gear. Take Rhino. Mod for efficiency and piercing roar and equip Ack and Brunt and those mods. He can achieve higher EHP than Inaros, then spam 3 for CC, reducing enemy damage via procs AND boost team damage. Inaros can only do one of those things and do it worse. So why would anyone pick him in that case? Nullifiers? Dont make me laugh. Those have stopped being an issue since anyone built a basic Viper.
  8. Have too many of those so its a non issue.
  9. The end result is the same as the dash so whatever.
  10. Oh they are. Reason why people dont use them its either because they dont have the 100x bp yet, dont know about them, or arbitrary reasons like stated above. Barring outliers. Energizing dash is popular because it was easy energy for the longest time. Thats it. Same reason Inaros is popular for tanking. Doesnt mean its the best and outshines everything else. Pads make using Zenurik just for the dash redundant at this point. You want every school to have energy regen, but the pads already do that. If people wobt switch now, then they wont switch with your suggestion either.
  11. Because pads allow you to use any focus schoom with them, while Zenurik doesnt. They became easy to mass produce only recently. Poor comparison. There were not other universal alternatives to Vacuum. Cant say the same for energy regen. Oh please, just because you dont like it cause it throws your argument in the trash doesnt mean its off topic.
  12. I dont use something because i have something else already that is just as good. You two dont use it because you dont feel like it Learn the difference.
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