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  1. Likewise. I'm still of the opinion that new frames are pretty much mandatory for DE since they drive sales even tho personally I'm more for getting reworks/fixes. What I fear tho is the monkey's paw effect as I mentioned earlier.
  2. I found Magus Lockdown to be real damn good at "distracting" pretty much anything, Arbie drones and their posse included.
  3. I don't know enough of the actual inner workings at DE to really add anything here.
  4. Id say the same logic apllies. Pablos exact quote is "if youre working on something, youre not working on something else". So they deffinitely are playing a 0 sum game there.
  5. Well apart from the reasons given above, I dont think it's much of a problem if youre gonna kill them since thralls will keep turning new ones once there's room for more. So while the cap exists you can get ne thralls basically for free while you kill old ones.
  6. Didn't Pablo basically say thats the case in the latest Tennocon? "If Im working on a rework I'm not wokring on smth new" Not exact quote but found the video : https://youtu.be/Ql_W9_2-18M?t=1674 (question asked at 27:54)
  7. @(PSN)Reaper330011 You should probably delete any mention of Soulsborne in your OP if you really didnt want everyone fixating only on that and fussing about it for multiple pages.
  8. Hindsight is 20/20. But I really do question their decisions sometime. Removing self damage in favor of self stun just made everyone run AOE weapons and Prime Sure Footed.
  9. My personal belief is that drop chances should be vastly increased across the board in exchange for longer engagin missions. If I can crack 5 relics at a time in a 10 minute defense mission with actual stakes I'd take it over runing the same brainless capture mission 5 times in a row.
  10. Deimos bounties drop quite a lot for that stage of the game. You also get access to Mechs there which make them quite easier to do.
  11. Corrupted mods are the most powerful ones. You also get acess to Equilibrium and Panzer to make it easier to get energy. Kitguns are easy to farm for too. The open world bounties also like to drop early game useful mods like Intensify and Streamline. At that point its just a game of unlocking specialized frames to make certain missions more efficient, but not really "make them doable"
  12. In vaccum, yes. But it's clear there is difficulty beyond that in certain games. Knowing how to beat a boss or how to get an item is not the only requiremnt if you still have to be skilled and cant cheese it to get it done. I don't really wanna get into Dark Souls territory because I think it's the outlier in terms of difficulty. Indeed not having a 6-digit dmg dealing aoe weapon wont make the game as trivial but I'd argue that in the context of Warframe itself the star chart doesnt really provide a lot of difficulty. In the first planets most basic weapons will one or two shot most enemies anyway. Excalibur, Rhino, Wukong and Nezha can become compeltely OP with just the mods from Deimos as I've said. There you get Panzer and Equilibrium and all you need is the Synth mods from fortuna to make energy a lot less of an issue. So that comes into the "knowing where to get the good stuff" territory again. In your example in particular the problem with the spin attack comes from your own skill, not your gear or powers. Those attacks are trivial once you realize that the closer you are to them the easier they are to dodge. You can basically walk faster then they can reach you.
  13. Sorry but not what I was talking about. I wasnt talking about the reason, I was talking about the solution given by the user I quoted. "Nerf" yourself is not really anything enticing for people who want a challenge. If you wanna compare end vs early game then the real "challenge" is not knowing things. If I restarted the game now I'd unlock Rhino ASAP and then do Deimos and I'd remove 99% of the difficulty of the game with only 4 planets unlocked.
  14. Those type of players will uninstall the game before doing that. If the only way to get difficulty out of a game is to intentionally nerf yourself then there's no appeal to it from a "challenge" prespective. E: It would also make most of the grind pointless and the grind is Warframe's main content.
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