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  1. 1. Tombfinger's AoE does not go through terrain and requires Line-of-Sight. 2. Tombfinger's AoE damage does not bypass enemy shield gating. Direct hits will do health damage as normal. 3. Primary Tombfinger's AoE range is not affected by Amalgam Furax Body Count. This oddity is shared with a number of other AoE weapons, including Kuva Chakkurr, Kuva Bramma, and Stahlta Alt Fire; all of which can use and benefit from Firestorm.
  2. A follow-up on this: I did a 20-round Endless Bounty run and the rewards stopped at Round 20, Stage 1.
  3. Unsure if this is a bug, or the game telling me to go home, but bounty stage rewards stop once you reach Round 15. No reward shows up in the UI. I went on to Round 16 to see if it was just a one time issue, but all stages in Round 15 and 16 gave no reward. Also, the bonus objectives in each stage have no effect. No bonus reward is given no matter how many times the requirements are met.
  4. The Necramech Syndicate is (inadvertently?) locked behind MR11, as the first rank-up requires a Zymos Blueprint. However, the Zymos Blueprint is only purchasable if you're Mastery Rank 11. Basically, if you're below Mastery Rank 11, you cannot access Necramechs at all. To add to this, the second and third Necraloid ranks require Sepulcrum and Trumna blueprints, respectively, which are Mastery 14 and 13.
  5. This thread may be hibernating, but I couldn't help but share this monstrosity masterpiece: DARVOGRE IS LOVE. DARVOGRE IS LIFE.
  6. Had a quick search, a Kusarigama is probably the thing you're looking for. The translation is pretty much chain-scythe, but it's more like a Kama than a full length scythe.
  7. Y'know, now that the end tip is only being held by energy, maybe one of it's combos could involve simultaneously swinging and throwing the blade (Like Silva/Aegis' shield throw) then the tip being pulled back by the energy. Check out this crude diagram: Course, this would only apply to the Blooming Lotus Stance. As for the one handed stance, Withering Lotus, perhaps a thrust/shash could be performed, and small explosion would occur at the hilt, launching the tip out for a short distance. Crude diagram #2:
  8. You know, since the Underwater tileset is being discussed, maybe the Derelicts will get an small expansion to include our "little" friend?
  9. No you guys, you're doing it again. We don't want this thread to be derailed as well. Keep on topic, and none of this heretic stuff (as humorous as it may be).
  10. No, it's still hyper-reflective. I was hoping it was changed, but I guess not D:
  11. Hey guys, guess what? I just finished messing around with the new Darvo quotes, and let's just say, there are some good ones in there. Including: physical I like you Tenno I owe you for this feeling And also, apparently, Darvo's mother is a gymnast and won't eat something. That "something" was from an insult Ordis sent to him. What that is I have no idea. And Darvo refuses to sell his wares to the Grineer. >:c
  12. That's kinda old, but still interesting nonetheless. If you look at the end of the laser trap, you'll see a dead Grineer, along with a bunch of Grineer-related machinery/boxes. Perhaps the Grineer opened the Cryopods and removed the dormant Tenno?
  13. The LotusxFrohd ship is now sailing. Don't be sad Salad, you have the J3 Golem and your profits to keep yourself company.
  14. I apologize everyone... during the quest with Darvo, I had to... let him get downed a few times. Just for the quotes! I'm not a sadist or anything! Promise!
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