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  1. Multiple controller binding issues: Issue #1 - Filepath name instead of actual name One of the inputs is shown as a filepath instead of the normal name, which should be Switch Primary. Issue #2 - Move Down/Dodge/Blink input is stuck to Ordnance input, and bugged empty binding By default, the Ordnance input is bound to Move Down/Dodge/Blink. Trying to move Ordnance or trying to swap it with another input results in this strange error. By unknown means, I managed to separate Ordnance, but now there's a blank input that can't be replaced or removed which completely renders that button nonfunctional. It's currently stuck to my Left Bumper and the (A) Button, as the visible inputs are slightly lower than usual: Resetting to Defaults does NOT fix this. Issue #3 - Nonfunctional Ability Menu input and missing Tactical Menu input One of the input options for Railjack controls is an Ability Menu, which is only for Warframes/Archwings and is useless while piloting a Railjack. Pressing the Ability Menu input causes to game to try and access your Warframe abilities, but nothing is shown and nothing can be used. This causes a mild softlock and some inputs are completely disabled, but can be exited by pausing/unpausing. At the same time, the Tactical Menu input seems to be missing for controller rebindings.
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