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  1. When playing as a client, if my ping is high-ish (~200ms), the entire Minelayer ability of Vauban starts to simply not work. He throws the "grenade projectile" of the ability on the ground, but the projectile simply doesn't appear, and the ability isn't properly cast. Some times, after about ~30 seconds of casting the abilities (and they not spawning), all the Minelayer grenades I've cast spawn all at once, wherever I'm at.
  2. If you find farming Wisp difficult, you're in for a blast when you farm for Harrow, Khora and Nidus.
  3. Oh my, Sevagoth's body looks so better without the "shawl" thingies over his shoulders. Totally agree that they should be a toggleable Auxiliary.
  4. Question: what happened to modular Archwing? As asked by another player.
  5. Oh. Wow. Thanks for the clarification! (and thanks to DE for making her Prime anyways lolz).
  6. Honest question from a not-so-ancient (~3 years) player: what is there to be triggered about Nova Prime?
  7. As far as I understood, this change will go live on the Gara Prime Access update (tomorrow). Thank god for that, her fashion will be much better when this change go live.
  8. I prefer Nidus so I can decide if I'm going to get his Technocyst skin or if I'll just use the Prime skin. I'd hate to buy a tennogen that gets outshined by the Prime skin (happened to a friend of mine over Octavia when her Prime came out).
  9. Still looks a lot better than the blade codpiece on 'normal' Gara.
  10. Doesn't Gara Prime come out on the 25th? One would think that DE would make a devstream to "showcase" her before her Prime Access would be available. No Devstream announcement tho?
  11. Tested on missions, and affinity gained while in Sevagoth's Shadow form don't contribute at all to the chosen syndicate sigil equipped on the warframe. The Shadow can't equip any sigils, so I suspect that may be the cause. Anyways, affinity gained while in Shadow form should contribute to the syndicate whose sigil is equipped on the warframe. P.S.: only used "matchmaking" tag because using a tag is obligatory here.
  12. Here's another idea: a kick button available to hosts. I'd so love to kick some AoE randos sometimes...
  13. Are there plans for cinematic quests in the same scope of The Second Dream / The War Within / The Sacrifice on the near or not-so-near future?
  14. Gotta say, Ember Deluxe looks much better in this photo than I thought it would based on the concept art presented some months ago.
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