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  1. So much agree with this one. Just because we have 40+ warframes at the moment, doesn't mean we shouldn't have more of them. For every warframe that comes out there is the possibility of another approach for us players on how to play and interact with the game. A new warframe doesn't have to have a new completely unique and different meta way of playing the game, it just needs to have a different flavour, and some degree of lore/artistic expression. Nezha and Rhino share almost the same kit, Revenant has striking similarities with Nyx, and people were rioting when Gauss was announced on fear that he would overshadow Volt. Turns out that none of these cases was a problem for the game, and we continue to see people using all these warframes because they have their own flavour/way of playing.
  2. It would be great if that completely solved the issue. I've had that bug happening on sessions under 50ms ping. Most of the times it happens on high ping, but not always. Plus, there are times when playing at low ping is just not an option. I frequently queue with hosts on a 200ms+ ping because we are doing a radshare and we just happen to be countries/continents apart.
  3. There are some bugs in the game in which the only way to solve is either getting yourself killed and then respawned, or extracting on the mission. There is one that has been going on for months that depending on the ping you will get stuck on your warframe and not be able to use abilities, weapons, interact with objects or use your Operator. The ONLY way to solve this bug in a non open world mission is by dying; "/unstuck" will not solve the issue, nor falling off the map. Problem is, if you are running a tanky frame with Arcane Grace and/or someone in the squad is running Rejuvenation you WILL NOT be able to die at low levels. The enemies will not have enough firepower to chip away at your HP faster than those methods can replenish it. Same happens if you are using a Shield frame with Adaptation and Arcane Barrier/Aegis (like Hildryn). I had to extract way earlier than I wanted in Endless relic runs because of this bug, ruining the experience for both me and my squadmates. Since apparently that bug will not be fixed anytime soon, let us have either a button or an in-chat command to auto-kill our warframes and be able to fully respawn (and not just be relocated like with "/unstuck", since it does not solve the problem). It sucks to lose some Affinity and a Revive, but it's way better than having to extract earlier because you as a player is totlaly trapped on the bug and have no way to fix it.
  4. As a fellow Brazilian, I'd kill the Lotus three times over to have a Sister with that name roaming about in my Railjack.
  5. Oh my, someone else who likes Defection? Love them too, when the Grineer AI doesn't get stuck in the map. Wish it had better rewards tho.
  6. Thank god, no more flashbanging myself/teammates when using those weapons.
  7. Yo, they have auras around their bodies. Some even have effects around them, like energy waves or curved energy lines. Yellow colors for Arson Eximus, green colors for Toxin Eximus, etc. At least, they do on PC. No idea if they don't in consoles for some reason. I highly agree with most of those, though. Toxin Eximus are the reason I dread Arbitrations envolving Infested, they one-shot you if you are using a non "health-tank" frame.
  8. This Hildryn Deluxe gives me some serious Skyrim Dwemer Tech vibes. Love it.
  9. Came here to say that. A single lvl 40-50 bounty can give you 12.000 guaranteed Standing (120+ Mother tokens, each worth 100 standing), more if you can complete the bonus requirements, and even more if you can trade then with Grandmother for Grandmother Tokens (they give us a +50% standing bonus when compared to their requirement counterparts). No other open world comes even close to be this rewarding this quick.
  10. Don't make personal assumptions and apply them to everyone. I, for once, would like the player level in this game to be nerfed to the ground. Both warframe abilities and weapons, hard nerfs. I don't enjoy this Dinasty Warriors feeling that the game has right now. It is not how the game is advertised.
  11. Didn't get a notification for this one, so I only saw it today when I entered the thread manually. So, sorry for the delay. Rumblers's damage scale horribly (or not at all) in high levels though. At best they are aggro takers, so at least there's that. And I get what you're going for, but the usefullness of Tectonics, for me, is not protecting Atlas himself, but protecting objectives. Take away Tectonics and he can't protect objectives. Now that would be cool as hell! If I'm not mistaken, Gara's Shattered Lash has 0% crit chance and 1.0 crit multiplier (no multiplier, then?). Tbh Atlas's Landslide doesn't feel too bad because Arcane Avenger exists, and the fact that it hits like a truck. I would, however, prefer for it to be a full exalted ability, with an exalted weapon for us to mod. It would be a nerf of course, because of the No Rivens "rule" for exalted weapons, but I hate the concept of stat sticks even more. I can't take melees that I truly like into the mission because if I want to properly use his 1 I have to bring a melee that I never use only because it has a good riven/augment. I see where you're coming from, but think of it this way: why go through the trouble of charging an ability for 5 seconds when a player can just press an instant button to petrify a bunch of enemies and then just nuke them with a single shot from a Bramma? The Bramma will even have more damage, probably, because of the insane Mod multipliers we have access to. The only advantage of the meteor nuke is the rubble, but with instant petrify I don't think that's too much of an issue. Your concept is very cool, but the damage numbers should be pumped up and the charging time should be tuned down. Either that or just make the "meteor cannon" an exalted weapon so we can mod it properly, otherwise it will have no chance competing against a Bramma/Zarr/etc.
  12. In theory, it could be a nice idea. In practice, almost everybody would use the same meta build with the same 3x subsumed abilities on a popular frame. The same way everyone and their kitties run Gloom nowadays. Not great for build diversity.
  13. Yo, take away Tectonics and Atlas will have no defensive abilities whatsoever. I use Tectonics (with it's augment Tectonic Fracture) a lot in Mobile Defense / Defense / Kuva Survival / Excavation to protect stuff. Taking it away severely nerfs Atlas's utility, imo. This sounds like a nerf with extra steps. By making it a channeled ability you won't let Atlas gain energy via Zenurik's Void Dash, and is basically making the ability go from instant petrifying to slow petrifying. I'm failing to see the advantages of this change here, it sounds like a plain nerf. You are aware that 5 seconds in game time charging an ability will feel like a thousand years, right? About the damage, 3000 base damage is going to get kinda "meh" real quick and won't even tickle high level grineer and their ridiculous dmg reduction armor unless this becomes an exalted weapon and can get it's own mods, or it can use mods from some weapon (the same way Landslide uses melee mods on your melee).
  14. Though I gotta say OP, you're not going to get many "yes" responses by asking this in the Forums, where a huge percentage of the people who will see your post already play the game in either a PC or a console. I suspect the mobile audience for Warframe are potential players who either don't own or don't care to own a gaming PC or a console and are fine playing just mobile games. Those people exist by the numbers but they aren't in the Forums and they won't see your post.
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